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Carl the Critic: Reviews "Arthur"

Updated on June 11, 2013

Carl the Critic: Reviews "Arthur"

Expectations/ Experience: I love cupcakes! They a simple, small, and delicious. But then again I have a love for all sorts of delicious cupcakes, but some cupcakes are better than others. In order to make a delicious cupcake is to follow the recipe exactly without experimenting with the recipe, because then all you have is a disgusting cupcake. But if I had to describe "Arthur" as a cupcake, it would be a small, simple, and... well not exactly delicious, but it was great movie. Jason Winer made it very well following the recipe of how to make an "Arthur" movie. The reason why I described it as a cupcake is because it was a remake of a 1981 original film that won 2 OscarsTM including Best Actor for John Gielgud. Although I have not seen the original film myself (I just ordered it on Netflex), I had watched the film with a colleague of mine who had seen it and she agreed that this "Arthur" was close and that it was true to the 1981 film. She says that both films have their ups and downs, but both are really good (she felt that the opening for the original film was funnier, where Arthur takes a prostitute to a bar and realizes that she's prostitute and says "You're a hooker?... I just thought I was doing GREAT with you! ). But for my perspective of watching the movie without watching the original was quite enjoyable but I hope that I do see it so I can compare. But now let's talk about "Arthur" the newer film.

Story: It's a classic meandering structured film about an alcoholic millionaire who must choose between true love or material love (money, alcohol, the Batmobile, etc.) You see Arthur is a rich because his mom own runs a multimillion dollar company, but because of Arthur's alcohol problems his mom thinks that his reputation is damaging not only hers, but also the company's as well. So she makes a deal with Arthur, that he marries Susan Johnson, a daughter of another multimillionaire Burt Johnson, or he will not inherit the fortune. So it seems that Arthur doesn't have choice until he meets Naomi, a beautiful girl who Arthur is truly in love with. But now Arthur must either give up the wealth he has or give up his true love.

Critique: Critics seem to not like this film, but I actually felt that it was quite good. You see good actors giving great performances and you see okay actors giving some of the best performances. I can't remember the last Russel Brand film where he was this good, he definitely portrayed Arthur the way I would have expected him to, but gave him more emotion and depth! And I am not a big Jennifer Garner fan, but even she was doing the best I have ever seen in years.

The cinematography was very good as well. The movements were fluid, and angles work to establish the proper mood. The editing had some good cuts and the transitions made sense. The original film had drinking as a major issue and that was covered in this film as well, and it became a motif of the material love he has for his goods.

Unfortunately the film goes from happy and uplifting, to a real downer. Some scenes at the last two thirds of the movie were really sad. One woman in the theater cried so loud and hard, she left the theater, but a man went after her so maybe it was a break up. In any case the very ending of the movie lifts your spirits back up again. The movie was predictable at times, but it was well written, and it didn't matter.

It is a fun film, and I know that I had a fun time but I am not sure if this film was made for everyone. The villains of the film were primarily women, so if you are a feminist you might not like the movie, but I am not so I for one enjoyed it.

Overall: Considering all of these things and knowing how I feel about the film I give this movie an 8.5 out of 10, because I had fun with this and I hope you all do too.

What about you?

If you saw, "Arthur" what did you think?

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