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Carrie (2013): Movie Review

Updated on August 31, 2018
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Carrie (2013) is a supernatural horror movie based on the book by Stephen King. This remake tells the story of Carrie White, a shy high school girl outcast by her classmates and religious and abusive mother. Carrie realizes she has telekinetic powers and uses them to exact revenge on her peers after a cruel senior prank at the prom.

The film was released on October 18, 2013. The movie got mixed reviews from critics who called it ''unnecessary'' and said the movie wasn't even all that scary. However, the film did gross at least $85 million at the box office.

Carrie (2013) Movie Poster
Carrie (2013) Movie Poster | Source

The movie starts out with Margret White having a baby which is of course Carrie. Margret is played by Julianne Moore. Margret decides to kill Carrie at first but then changes her mind and raises her instead. The film then cuts to present day and Carrie is a high school senior at Ewen High School. She and her mother live in Maine. One day in gym class Carrie experiences her first period.

Now this part tells me that Stephen King doesn't know anything about periods. I got my first period when I was like 11 or 12. Carrie is a senior in high school which means she has to be 17-18 years old. She should have already gotten her period by now but I guess every woman's body is different. Carrie sees the blood and thinks she's bleeding to death.

She runs over to the other girls and asks them to help her. They laugh at her and throw tampons at her. The typical popular mean girl Chris Hargenson films the whole thing and uploads it to Youtube. This part made me realize how long ago the original Carrie came out which was in 1976. Boy times have really changed. In 1976 Youtube didn't even exist. This is definitely an updated version.


Oh I forgot to mention Carrie is played by the beautiful Chloe Grace Moretz. After the gym fiasco, Carrie is sent home. Margret thinks that being on your period is a sin. She orders Carrie not to shower with the others. Carrie refuses so she hits her with a bible and locks her into the prayer closet.

Back at school the gym teacher, Miss Desjardin informs the girls that they will go through boot camp style detention for bullying Carrie. Chris of course refuses to do this because she's a bitch. Excuse my language but I can not stand a bully. I hate bullies with a passion. Miss Desjardin tells her she's suspended and banned from attending the prom.

Chris declares that she will get revenge on Carrie. Meanwhile Carrie learns that she has telekinesis which is the power to control things with your mind. She goes to the school library to check out books on telekinesis so she can learn how to use them. Sue Snell, one of the girls who bullied Carrie at gym class, feels bad about it afterwards so she asks her boyfriend Tommy Ross to take Carrie to the prom to make up for it.

I like Sue. Even though she bullied Carrie at first I like her because she realized that what she did was wrong and wanted to make it up to her. That tells me that Sue is a good person with a good heart. I always liked her character. Sue isn't a total bitch like her friend Chris. I also like Tommy. He's a sweetheart. Sue and Tommy are probably my top two favorite characters in this film next to Carrie.


After a lot of persuasion from Tommy, Carrie finally believes he's not trying to trick her and accepts his invitation. She picks out some fabric from a shop in town and makes her prom dress at home. The dress was really pretty by the way. I think she had real talent to become a fashion designer one day. Margret is a seamstress so she probably taught Carrie how to sew when she was younger.

When Carrie tells Margret that she's going to the prom, she forbids her to go. Carrie starts using her telekinesis which makes Margret think that the telekinesis comes from the devil and that its a sin. This lady really had issues I tell you. Meanwhile, Chris and her boyfriend Billy set their revenge plan in motion. They arrive to a farm, kill a pig, and then drain its blood into a bucket which I think is disgusting.

What did the pig or Carrie ever do to them? Back at Carrie's house Margret is still trying to convince Carrie not to go. Finally having enough, Carrie uses her powers to lock her mother into the prayer closet. She then jets off to prom with Tommy in a limo. Once they get there Carrie is shy and nervous but Tommy helps her relax.

Tina Blake, Chris’ friend, puts fake ballots into the voting box so Carrie and Tommy win King and Queen. Tina is a bitch too. She was in on the prank on Carrie at the prom. I was so glad when she died.


Sue is at home chilling when she gets a text message from Chris telling her about the prank she's planning on Carrie. Sue leaves the house and heads to the school to warn Carrie. By the time she arrives Tommy and Carrie are getting ready to be crowned prom king and queen. Miss Desjardin kicks Sue out because she thinks that she's in on it with Chris and Billy. So Sue is locked out.

Side note, I really liked Miss Desjardin. She was so nice to Carrie and she was kind of like a mother figure for her. Maybe if Miss Desjardin was Carrie's mom, Carrie would have had a happier life. She would have been able to dress like the other girls and wear makeup like them. That's all Carrie ever wanted. She just wanted to be a normal teenage girl.

Tommy and Carrie are crowned and everything is fine until Chris dumps the bucket of pigs blood onto Carrie and Tommy. The video of Carrie getting bullied in the girls locker room at the beginning of the film plays on the screen in front of everybody. People start to laugh. The bucket falls on Tommy's head killing him. Carrie is devastated and so was I. Tommy didn't deserve to die. He never bullied Carrie. He stood up for her all through the movie. I hate that he died.

Becoming enraged, Carrie uses her telekinesis power to get revenge on all of her tormentors. Now this part of the movie not only horrified me but also made me satisfied because they got what they deserved.


This was the best scene of the whole entire movie. Students were crushed to death by bleachers. A boy who was filming Carrie got a table thrown at him. His dead body hit the floor like a ton of bricks. Two girls got trampled to death. It was horrifying to watch but the whole scene was amazing.

Tina got set on fire and burned to death which made me so happy. She deserved it. The whole entire gym was set on fire. Luckily Miss Desjardin didn't die. Carrie spared her. As the gym burns to the ground, Carrie leaves and spots Chris and Billy in their car. Chris tells Billy to run Carrie over. When he tries to hit Carrie she uses her powers to flip it into a nearby gas station and sets the car on fire killing Billy and Chris which I also enjoyed. They deserved it.

Carrie returns home and Margret tells her about what happened on the night of her contraception. Margret then begins to attack her. In self-defense, Carrie kills her mother with some sharp tools. Carrie starts getting hysterical and loses control of her powers. Sue arrives at the house.

Carrie picks up Sue with her powers but senses there is something inside Sue. She tells her that she is pregnant with a baby girl. She then throws Sue out of the house so she won't get crushed by the house which is falling down. The whole thing collapses on Carrie killing her as Sue watches in horror. Later, Sue goes to court and gives a testimony about what happened at prom.

She visits Carrie's grave and places a white rose on it. She turns to leave and Carrie's gravestone begins to break. You hear Carrie's angry scream as the movie ends.

Final Thoughts

I liked this movie I really did. I think Chloe Grace Moretz did an awesome job as Carrie. Despite what people have said about her being too pretty to play Carrie. I think she did a pretty good job. The whole entire cast did a good job as well.

The critics said the movie had a lack of scares. I kind of disagree with them. The prom scene scared me but also satisfied me. I was glad and happy those jerks got what they deserved. I was so delighted when Chris and Billy got killed. They deserved it the most.

They should have just left Carrie alone. I think the lesson here is don't be a bully. Do not pick on people who have done nothing to you. As I've said before if you don't like somebody then leave them alone. It's that simple.

I have no sympathy or compassion for bullies when something bad happens to them. Oh and the visuals at the prom were impressive. I loved the special effects. The way Carrie used her telekinesis powers to burn down the gym were great.

I just wished Tommy hadn't died. He was one of the good guys. He actually cared for Carrie. I felt bad for Sue. She was pregnant and she didn't even get to tell Tommy before he died.

That poor child has to grow up without a father. I also wished Carrie hadn't died. I mean yeah she murdered practically everybody in that gym except the nice gym teacher but still. She had a damn good reason. Well that's the review. I hoped you liked it and thanks for reading.


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