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Carry on up the Jungle Film Review

Updated on August 23, 2019
Frankie Howerd
Professor Inigo Tinkle
Charles Hawtrey
Walter Bagley/King Tonka
Joan Sims
Evelyn Bagley
Terry Scott
Ugg/Cecil Bagley
Sid James
Bill Boosey
Kenneth Connor
Claude Chumley
Bernard Bresslaw
Jackie Piper

About the film

Released: 1970

Producer: Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas

Running time: 1 hr 29 mins

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Budget: £210,000

Distributed by: Rank Organisation

The Film

The film begins with Professor Tinkle giving a talk about an expedition he was on in Africa where he was in search of a bird called the Oozlum. It is apparently on the endangered list, but it has been seen, even though it is quite elusive.

So, as the trip to Africa has been arranged, Lady Bagley, who is financing the trip tells the rest of the team she is out there to find her long lost son, Cecil. The team is lead by Bill Boosey. Upsidasi is his somewhat dim witted guide. Also on the expedition is Professor Tinkle, his assistant Claude Chumley and June, who is Lady Bagley's maid servant.

As the team go on search of the elusive bird, there are lots of antics and fun and games along the way. Walter Bagley, Evelyn's husband, is now King Tonka. He tells her he was taken by a tribe called the Nosha's some years ago. Their son, Cecil, who is now called Ugg, is a Tarzan like man who can't speak English and is very prehistoric in his attitude and mannerisms. The team also encounter a witch doctor and the Lubby-Dubby Tribe, a group of women who capture some of the males in the team. The Lubby-Dubby Tribe rule the men and need them for pro-creation.

Whether the team actually find the bird they're looking for remains to be seen. But there are lots of crazy things that happen along the way. And, of course, there is also the smaller storyline between Evelyn, Walter and Cecil.

My Thoughts

As is common with the Carry On series of films, there is plenty of laughter in the film. The film is pure madness. Much of the cast, like William Hawtrey, Joan Sims and Sid James make an appearance in the film. Kenneth Williams, who stars in many of the Carry On films, is not in this film though. Saying that though, the film was in top form when it comes to the Carry On series of films. There is plenty of slap stick gags and jokes which will make you laugh. Sid James, with his famous laugh, once again knows how to make the viewers laugh with his naughty antics. William Hawtrey has always been my personal favourite, and he doesn't let me down. He is such a great actor and he really shines through.

Yes, the story line is as daft as a bat, and the crew on this dangerous and hairy expedition are even dafter. But Carry On Up The Jungle is a hilarious and amusing film. There were 31 Carry On films made between 1958 and 1992. This film was the 19th film to be made. Many of the Carry On films are still re-played on TV and are still enjoyed by people. They typical British sense of humour really comes through in the gags, and it still makes me laugh all these years later.

© 2018 Louise Powles


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