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Cars: Movie Night and Family Fun Follow-up Activities

Updated on March 24, 2016
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HH4u began as a side project while Tatiana was completing her Master's degree in Education as an outlet for turning learning into fun!

Disney and Pixar's Cars Gets Our Engines Racing for Family Fun!

Cars | Source

THEME: Slow Down and Spend Time with Your Team!

Don’t let life speed past you. You can’t be a winner without a great “pit crew”! So, spend some quality time creating lasting memories and family history with these fun activities.

CRAFT TIME: Radiator Springs Pit Stop

Supplies: black and orange construction paper, white crayons, tape, scissors and a package of toy cars (available at most Dollar stores).

Prepare the dinner table first. Dinner won’t take long to make. Have the kids tape black construction paper until it is as long as your kitchen table. Place it like a runner going down the middle of the table. Use white crayons to draw the road stripes through “town”. Next, the kids may need some help curling the orange construction paper into cones. Tape them into the right shape. Use scissors to cut a small hole for the cars to park in. Use the cones for place settings and park a car in the cone. Now you’re ready to make a speedy dinner.

Piston Cups make any dinner drink a winner!

Use yellow cups and construction paper
Use yellow cups and construction paper | Source

DINNER TIME: Carburetor County Pit Stop


Luigi’s Leaning Tower of Tires: bagels, cream cheese, ham, provolone, black olives

Piston Cups: paper cups and construction paper

Car Cake – Kachow!: Pound cake, raspberry jam, yellow icing in a tube, Oreo cookies

  • Luigi’s Leaning Tower of Tires are ham and cheese bagels! Toast a bunch of bagels. Pile them high and set them on the table “town”. Kids spread cream cheese (or other favored condiments) on their “white-walled tires”. Top with pre-packaged ham slices and round slices of provolone (or other white) cheese on the tires. Top with sliced black olives for “road grime”! Microwave the individual servings for 30 seconds if the kids want melted “flat tires”.
  • Serve juice in “Piston Cups” made with small yellow wings the kids cut out of construction paper and tape to the top sides of tall cups.
  • Car Cake – Kachow!Prepare this dessert ahead of time so you can park the “car” in town during dinner. This dessert can be made the day before, but do not cover it with plastic wrap. Defrost a frozen pound cake at least 3 hours before preparation.
    • Stir a few drops of water into a jar of warmed raspberry or strawberry jam until it is thin enough to spread, but thick enough to stick to the cake. The jam is easily warmed on the stove top by older kids or microwaved in a plastic bowl for 1 minute before stirring.
    • Cut off about a 3 inch chunk off the end of the pound cake. Use a turkey basting brush or large spoon to spread a dollop of jam on the top of the pound cake. Center the 3-inch chunk of pound cake lengthwise on top of this dollop. This is the basic car shape for Lightning McQueen. A grown up will need to shave a little extra cake off at an angle from this top piece. This will make it look aerodynamic, while letting you sample the cake!
    • Put four Oreo cookie wheels on and let kids “paint” the car red with the baster or the back of large spoons. Use a tube of yellow icing for the kids to draw headlights, windshield, license plate and a lightning strike on the side. Lightning’s number is 95. If it comes out crooked, just say the car is on its way to the body shop!

Lightning McQueen showing off on the turntable - in case the kids need some design inspiration for the cake!

GAME TIME “Ka-chow or Ka-chiga” Card Game

Supplies: White construction paper or index cards, scissors, and a big box of crayons.

This is a game played like Memory. Memory is a traditional kid’s game where two cards have the same picture and teams have to find the matching card. After making the cards, spread them on the floor in rows with the faces down. Players get to turn over two cards at each turn. Remember what you see turned over because you need to find the match for your team to win a point and take the cards. If you don’t make a match, turn the cards back over to see if the other team remembers what they saw. The team with the most matched cards wins.

First, cut the paper into cards that your kids can handle (index card size for young ones). Next, create your cards depending on the abilities of your kids. Toddlers can match colors. Grade school kids can draw a car shape in the appropriate colors and/or write the name of the movie character. If your team has a mix of ages, team up.

While you make these, you can talk about your favorite cars in the movie and why. If you were on Lightning McQueen’s pit crew, which character would you be? Who is Sheriff; the person in charge? Do you have a Mater in your family that keeps everyone laughing? Do you have a sweet Sally that always tries to make things fair? What color would you want your paint job to be? Let the kids drive the conversation. When the young ones drive, you never know where you’ll end up, but you’ll have a good time getting there.

The Crew Chief says you’ll need this information:

Car (Color)

  • Lightning McQueen (Red)
  • Doc Hudson (Navy Blue)
  • Mater (Brown)
  • Sally (Light Blue/Silver)
  • Flo (Light Green)
  • Ramone (Purple, Green, or Yellow) He gets 3 paint jobs in the movie!
  • Luigi (Yellow)
  • Guido (Light Blue)
  • Lizzy (Black/gray)
  • Sheriff (Black and White, red dot)
  • Sarge (Green)
  • Fillmore (Rainbow)
  • Chick Hicks (Bright Green)
  • The King (Sky Blue)

It’s time to play. Every time a player turns over two cards they say, “Ka-chow!” like Lightning McQueen if they make a match. Otherwise, “they say “Ka-chiga,” like Chick Hicks. Remember that you are your child’s greatest fan, so cheer either way and cheer often! If you want an extra challenge, play a speed round! Ka-cha-cha-chow!

Cars Theme Song: Life is a Highway!

GAME TIME: Life is a Highway

Supplies: Cardboard boxes, plain white paper, black crayons

Here are a few ideas to continue the fun:

  • Make cars out of cardboard boxes and have a drive-in in the living room on your next movie night.
  • Save the table runner and have car races with your toy cars.
  • Make flags for the living room car races or family road trips. Green means go, yellow is caution and checkerboard is the finish. Use construction paper and tape them to paper towel rolls.
  • Plan a family road trip to one of the many car shows in our area! Listen to oldies in the car. These songs are happy with easy chorus lyrics for kids to learn and sing along with.
  • Have kids read signs when you are driving around. Talk about why the lines on the road change from dotted to solid. There are many subtle ways that the world communicates that children may not notice until you point them out.
  • Have kids draw maps of the town with landmarks they know. Older kids can research where they would like to go on a family trip.
  • Create your own car Bingo cards. On the Road: Fun Travel Games and Activities by George Shea shares great ideas for making those road trips memorable without the words, “Are we there, yet?”
  • Park your “race cars” in bed with a great bedtime story.


Support and visit your local library! Your local librarian will be happy to help you find children’s books about cars, traveling, and the history of Route 66. Pick up Travel Games by S. Seddon for your next road trip. My Car by Byron Barton and Cars! Cars! Cars! By Grace Maccarone are easy readers. Ed and Me by David McPhail, The Relatives Came by Cynthia Ryland, and Rattletrap Car by Phyllis Root are some of my favorite read-aloud stories. For grown-ups and older teenagers, read Route 66, the Mother Road by Michael Wallis. This is the book that inspired the movie. Michael Wallis plays the voice of “Sheriff” in the movie!

Keep your home “town” always “open for business” with lots of love and Family Fun!

Route 66 The Mother Road: The book that inspired the movie!

Route 66 The Mother Road
Route 66 The Mother Road | Source

© 2016 Tatiana Resetnikov


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