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Lightening McQueen: He Makes Mistakes but Learns From Them

Updated on August 7, 2019
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Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.


Life is full of mistakes. Some make them and neglect to find that it was a reason for it. Something good comes out of every mistake you make in life. The hard part is seeing it. Sometimes the mistake is focused on too deeply and it blinds us. For example, myself. I had to learn to see the beauty in my own. I was inspired by this fun, magical movie franchise by Pixar. Cars displays just how life is. I tend to look beyond the animation when it comes to these films. It stars a race car named Lightening Mcqueen (Owen Wilson). Like myself, the race car was fast and arrogant but he had to make a mistake to find the discipline he needed to continue his career. It took a while but he learned. He gained friends along the way. Friends and family that loved him without condition. It is quite unique but I really look to these films to teach me the lessons in life that I must learn, So now when I make mistakes I do not dwell on it. I feel bad but also see the beauty in it. Everything happens for a reason. Cars is one of the most significant films in the Pixar family. The animation is great but the message is a lot better.

Radiator Springs

In this first installment, the rookie Lightening McQueen (Owen Wilson) displays that he is surely one of the rising stars. He is an arrogant race car. To me, it is nothing much wrong with one having that feature. It is great to be confident but in this case, he may have been over. He needed a wake up call. Since he was the way that he was, he was reluctant to believe it. Instead, he continued. After proving he was a rising star, he was in route to participate for the Piston Cup in California. So he and his crew were on their way there. During it, they make a wrong turn in a small, abandoned town. He rushed to get out to get to California. Him rushing caused more mistakes.He never was one that let them get to him. He just wanted to move on from them. Before moving on he learned the discipline that he needed. But the most significant one here was a legendary racer. A legend that will become a huge part of his life. The Hudson Hornet (Paul Newman). In the midst of his mistake he became the racer that he knew that he will be one day.


By the second installment in the franchise Lightening has the discipline that he needed. Despite him having that, he still had more to learn. There were more mistakes ahead of him that will help him to learn it. He chose to revive the image of the small town. He was lost there and found there. His fame lifted them to a place they have not been for a long time. He won the Piston Cup but unfortunately, his legendary leadership passed away. Soon after, he hears that another racer is presenting a challenge unto him. A challenge that his best friend Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) sets up. After four piston wins, Lightening and his team wants to rest. He reluctantly agrees and takes his team along for the ride. They went to the World Grand Prix in Rome, Italy. Him accepting the challenge seems great but he soon finds that it was a mistake. A mistake that he seemed to focus on just like he did the first. He rejected his good friend. In addition, he started taking a seemingly safe synthetic oil for cars, allinol. Meanwhile, his friend is sad. Mater offers to leave and be less of a distraction. Before leaving he finds out that McQueen is taking the dangerous oil and decides what he needs to do. He returns and not only saves his friend but a million other cars.


In this installment McQueen finds that he is aging. He is aging but is in denial. He makes another mistake and goes to a specialized factory. The factory had the proper tools that will help him defeat a rising star that goes by the name Jackson Storm (Arnie Hammer). In the midst of him trying he meets Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo). She was his trainer. Mcqueen wanted to train the way he knew how. In the midst, he wanted to be fast like the new racers. He also wanted to receive tips to defeat the new era. While doing so, the signs that he was old became evident. Not thinking it was another one of his mistakes. As time went on he accepted it. Something else grew on him. He also accepted that his trainer was really a racer. Before it, he reluctant to see it. He was still making the mistake of being in denial. In the end, he fully accepted his time was done. He allowed his trainer to finish the race in his place.Cruz was next in line.


As you could see, McQueen is a car of many mistakes just like us in life. Life is full of mistakes. Some choose to learn from it and some do not. Like McQueen, it is hard to see it but it is a must that we all do. Our lessons could help others. In the first installment he helped the abandoned town. In the second he gave his friend the opportunity to save a lot of cars. In the third he realized to help another rise. He did not allow his mistakes to dictate what his life was going to be. When I watch Pixar movies that is what I do. I try to analyze every character. These films have so much messages that adults could take in their normal lives. I am one of them. I am also one of them that thought that these are just children films. I continued watching them all since they came out. Once I started looking deeper I see different things and apply it to my own life. I see something different every time and it helps me. I am sure it helps others. Getting over making mistakes is essential for us all.


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