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Photographing Cars and Women

Updated on July 23, 2017
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I enjoy photography and have been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years.

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In order to understand the appeal of this particular project one must understand how most of the major manufactures who produce products that appeal to large portions of the consumers, view their market and who makes it up.

A large portion of males form the majority of the consumers who buy cars, are interested in them and can spend copious amounts of money upgrading them and tinkering with them. Take into account that a large portion of males will always look at any image of a beautiful woman.

Put the two together and the manufacturer is assured that at the very least a large portion of males will look at the advertisement. Therefore for quite a long time advertisers have been combining images of both in order to gather views. Same thing when it comes to liquor.

The purpose is to capture the look first with the girl and keep the look focused with the product; the car, which may lead to a sale latter. Similar when you look at an add of a tasty looking hamburger, which by the way takes hours to set up and never looks the same in real life. The intention and appeal is the same.

Although a lot of women enjoy a good drink, the vast majority of other liquors such as beer and whiskey are bought by men. Again, major producers have been combining images of a pretty lady with their products, once again ensuring that a large portion of males will at least look at the ad.

This project is meant to showcase techniques used in some product marketing campaigns. Although you can use any product, it is easier to combine a beautiful girl next to a car with no special equipment need like for other product photography.

It does not have to be a racy image, nor does it have to be vulgar since it does not take than much for a man to look at and ad featuring either of these two subjects. The idea is to encourage you as a photographer to explore how the minds of manufactures work, thus how savvy advertisers think.

Try to capture images of a nice car that is primed for photography such as having been freshly washed and waxed. Then have a beautiful model pose next to it with a seductive pose.

Decide before you start the project which subject will be the main one; the girl or the car and focus more on your choice.

You can alternatively have the model attired in scantily looking outfits but be careful not to go over board with showing too much skin as then the image can quickly be categorized as something else.

You can add a variation to the theme and turn the tables as it were and have a male model pose with the car instead.

Do the same for liquors. Have fun with the theme and evaluate how much appeal your final images have. It is always good to show them to friends and others and have them evaluate the technique, the appeal and the overall effectiveness of the scene in assuring that people will look at the photographs if they were to be used in an advertising campaign.

Do capture images during the day and during the nigh as both have an appeal and allows you to practice working during both time frames. Do silhouettes too that clearly delineate the lines of the car and of the model. Rainy days photos also tend to add a good photographic element to the scene so practice with them too.

Be creative. Don't make shots that are like every other shot featuring a ca and a good looking lady. Be creative and imaginative. Allow the models to ad their input as they can often be more creative and imaginative than the photographer.

Do close ups featuring various parts of the vehicle alongside the model. Do full frame shots that show both subjects in their entirety. Use flash if you need to but remember that most car surfaces are very reflective especially if they have been waxed so use light that has been reflected as this provides a softer shine.

Try to avoid capturing images that look too alike the rest. Do images of girls washing the car, inside the car, looking under the hood, on top of the hood and so on. Add a touch of "spice".

One especially good technique preferred by a lot of professional photographers is to use a reflector that reflects ambient light back towards their subjects and is not as harsh as that from a direct flash output.

Jakob Montrasio
Jakob Montrasio | Source
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CC0 Public Domain | Source
(CC BY 2.0
(CC BY 2.0 | Source
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Sample circa 1960 CC BY 2.0
Sample circa 1960 CC BY 2.0 | Source

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