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Cartoons from my Childhood

Updated on January 14, 2009

I have been watching cartoons with my three year old son and wondering how we got from Bugs Bunny to a Square yellow Sea Sponge with an annoying laugh. I was Tickled to death to see a Looney Toons marathon run on New Year's day. Whatever happened to the Pink Panther (before he sold out to sell insulation!) And Dave the blue Aardvark.. that was his name wasn't it?

This is back when Hanna Barbera was as popular and profitable as Pixar Studios or Dreamworks pictures are today.

Back in the day and oh yeas I know I will date myself with this hub, Saturday mornings consisted of the most sugary cereals (Cookie Crisp!) we could find and Captain Caveman, Josie and the pussycats and the Bugaloos.

(If you remember the Bugaloos were a spin off of the popular HR Pufnstuff)

I thought I would put together a list of Saturday morning cartoons and hope you enjoy going down memory lane as much as I do..

Thundercats Ho!

Whether we realize it or not the cartoons we watched are influencing the movies of tomorrow. Did you know in 2010 there will be a Thundercats movie? Yes Lionel, Tigra and Panthro will grace the big screen with Chetarah and Scarf. My son will actually watch the DVD's of the Thundercats. It is interesting to watch them now as an adult. The cartoons were actually pretty high tech for 1985. I have also run across a movie website that indicates the invisible Woman will be making an appearance ( or not..) in theaters in 2010.

I look for a lot more superheros to emerge especially during a rescession. It is a time when we all need somone to look up to.

Have you noticed all the superhero movies that have been coming out? Batman, the Hulk,and The Fantastic Four. Seeing all these superheros on the big screen is surely a sign of the times.. rough times!

Did you forget them?

 Here are some of the cartoon characters you may have forgotten from your childhood.  Heckle and Jeckle were two wise cracking Crows.  How about The Shmoo?  I BARELY remember watching him...Popeye and Q-Bert were popular in the early 80's.  I believe Qbert was an influence form video games.. Just like Donkey Kong who came along a little later.  Laverne and Shirley and the Happy Days gang had there own cartoon series as well, although I believed it was short lived. 

Comic Books were a big influence on cartoons in the 80's The Archies and Sabrina the teenage witch was one of the more successful cartoons.  Ahh but who could forget  Shazam and Mighty Isis on a Saturday morning?  The Super-friends hour was another show I hardly ever missed.

The Smurfs were also an early 80's show but I hardley ever watched it.  I could never understand how there was only on female smurf!


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    • NateSean profile image


      7 years ago from Salem, MA

      I regard the Thundercats movie as an event similar in size and scale as 2012. The people who have sense will run and scream, while the people who will be waiting for such an event will hopefully perish in an entertaining fashion.

      Sorry, I just don't see anything good coming from the Thundercats movie. Fortunately, we're in 2011 now and the movie execs must have done enough Internet forum searches to realize that the audience they'd attract was not quite the demographic they were hoping for.

      Love the Sid and Marty Kroft references though. We need more HR Puffinstuff. I didn't know the Bugaloos was a spinoff though. I figured it was just another stand alone concept tha tonly the Kroft brothers could come up with.

    • profile image

      Andrea street 

      7 years ago

      Love my cartoons

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Are you talking about Bunjee (The Amazing Bunjee Venture)?

    • Ms Chievous profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Wv

      Glad you enjoyed it!! It was fun to write..

      But seriously what was that blue ant eater's name??


    • goldentoad profile image


      9 years ago from Free and running....

      Oh my, I'm six years old again getting up at 5 AM to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I'm in my long john superman pj's with a bowl of captain crunch. Thank you.


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