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Cary Grant v. George Clooney

Updated on March 25, 2013

When I was growing up in the 1950's my favorite actor was Cary Grant. He was funny and cool, suave and sophisticated. Cary Grant performed in both comedies and serious movies. I watched these movies in black and white on television. I enjoyed his slapstick antics with his co-star Ginger Rogers, in the comedy Monkey Business. A very beautiful Marilyn Monroe had a small role in that film. Cary Grant made a great action hero in the 1930's film classic Gunga Din. In the 1950's my parents took me to the movies to see Cary Grant in an Alfred Hitchcock movie North by Northwest. The character played by Grant takes the 20th Century Limited train from Grand Central Station in New York City to Chicago. The train in the film travels north to Lake Erie and goes through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago. I always wanted to take that train trip. The closest train I could find was the Amtrak "Lake Shore Limited" from Penn Station in New York City to Union Station in Chicago. On the train in my small, first class room, I watched George Clooney in The Perfect Storm. I enjoyed the film so much that when I arrived home, I rented the video and watched it on a larger screen television.

George Clooney is the modern day Cary Grant. Clooney's stylish humour comes through in his films. A favorite Clooney comedy is O Brother, Where Art Thou? The hillbilly soundtrack is classic. A tongue in cheek, violent, vampire movie, with George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino is the Robert Rodriguez film, From Dusk Till Dawn. Watching From Dusk Till Dawn is great fun. One of George Clooney's more recent movies is a serious film The American. The action is slowly paced with minimum dialogue. The women who co-star in the movie with Clooney are very beautiful. The American was filmed in Italy in Sulmona and Castel del Monte. If I ever get back to Italy, I shall visit those towns.


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