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Casey Anthony: An America Murder Mystery Recap 'Shallow Grave'

Updated on April 12, 2017

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery On ID


In the second part of the Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery special, ID continues its coverage of the discovery of Caylee Anthony. Next, the trial follows and we're given an exclusive look into the arguments of the prosecution and defense.


On December 11th 2008, skeletal remains were found in a wooden area a few miles away from the Anthony residence. The bones scattered by animals were suspect to be that of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. The dryness of the bones suspect that they had been there for a long time. Once the bones are tested, it confirms what everyone's been dreading.

The positioning of Caylee's body shows how she might've been killed. Experts believe that the duck tape found near the body came from the mouse and nose area. It is theorized that Caylee died as a result of suffocation. But, George Anthony offers up his own theory. He believes Casey rendered Caylee unconscious with chloroform. Then, put duck tape over her nose and mouth. She died in her sleep and was wrapped in a laundry bag. Put inside of the trunk and then placed in the woods. After the remains of Caylee are found, the police can now confidently charge her for murder and begin the trial process.


Defense Attorney Jose Baez, in his opening statement to the court, recounts what happened the day Caylee Anthony went missing. Supposedly, she died inside the swimming pool by accidental means. George Anthony found out and helped conceal the death. The narrative Mr. Baez spins stuns everyone in the courtroom.

And as for those lies, Mr. Baez has an explanation for that as well. Allegedly, Casey Anthony was sexually molested by her father as a little girl. The molestations taught Casey how to lie and be deceitful. Mr. Baez goes on to explain, that the reason Casey continued to lie about her daughter's disappearance is because she was raised tell untruths. George in his interview denie all allegations and says that he was forewarned by his attorney about the defense's plan. Moreover, evidence of George and Casey's prison interview refutes that George was anything but a loving father.


The prosecution argued that Casey Anthony never wanted to be a mother. A tape is played with a friend of Casey's explaining that her parents wouldn't allow Casey to give Caylee up for adoption. The prosecutor's concludes is that she wanted to live a child free live. And that she simply didn't want to be a mother.

In addition, the evidence for the prosecution was extensive. The stench in the vehicle was only the beginning. The child-sized stain in the trunk was tested. So were the hairs as well. The DNA of the hair proves that it could be only be Caylee's. The hairs show high amounts of chloroform present in the air of the trunk. Now, it's suggested that Casey used the chloroform to put her daughter to sleep. Forensics find internet searches on the creation of the chemical in the home. What turns out no less indicates that this was a premeditated murder.

In what is almost overkill for the prosecution, they call their witness Tony (the boyfriend) onto the stand. The boyfriend confirms the lack of urgency or worry during Caylee's disappearance. During the 31 days Caylee was missing, Casey is seen in photos partying at different nightclubs. She even gets a tattoo on the back of her shoulder which says "Bella Vita." Proclaiming her now good and happy life.

As if the heinous nature of the crime wasn't terrible enough, the case itself became a spectacle. Special seats were reserved for family and the media. However, the rest of the seats were sold in a lottery to the "lucky few." The case became a show and even worse, entertainment. Chaos ensued outside the court house as people would begin to line up until at 2 in the morning. It was madness as people would literally get into fist fights over their placing in line.


On the next part of Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery, ID focuses more on the defense's argument and the acquittal. Plus, more information on the behind the scenes relationship between Jose and Casey. The special will air on Investigation Discovery (check your local channel listings) on April 10th (10p.m. eastern). At this point in the special, the narrative extremely favors the prosecution. Rightfully so, since the defense doesn't seem to have anything concrete or truthful to say. But, what are your thoughts? Comment below.


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