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Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery Finale Recap '10 Hours, 40 Minutes'

Updated on April 13, 2017


In what Mr. Baez calls a "fantasy of forensics," he discredits the forensics evidence used in the prosecution's case. First, he explains away the odor in the car as a result of a garbage bag in hot Florida weather. Cindy recants her statement and says she was hysterical during the call. Next, Mr. Baez set his sights on the forensic analyst. He points out that it was the first time "this kind of science" was used inside a courtroom. Lastly, he explains that all the evidence the prosecution used was contaminated due to the worker who found it.

Using the same witnesses as the prosecution, Mr. Baez explains that Caylee's death was not a homicide. None of the witnesses said they saw any signs of neglect or abuse. Nothing or no one could flat out say or prove she didn't want to be a mother. For the closing statement, he shows a picture of Caylee by the swimming pool door. He finishes by restating his theory that Caylee opened the door and drowned in the pool by accident.

The power of a mother's love truly know no bounds in this case. The internet searches of chloroform (presumably done by Casey) were taken on by her mother. On one hand, it's not surprising that a mother would want to protect her child. But, Cindy's testimony (even though proven false by timecards) help swayed the jury in the direction of the defense.


After both sides finished presenting their arguments, 10 hours and 40 minutes later the jury came to a decision. Even the judge couldn't believe the verdict. Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all charges including first degree murder, assault, and negligent child abuse. Everyone admits the prosecution's downfall was that they couldn't tell the jury how Casey died. They presented the evidence and left it up for the jury to visualize the murder. The defense raised so much reasonable doubt that the jury was left with no choice but to acquit. The media and the public were outraged. What perfectly sums up this moment is Nancy Grace's comment, "Somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight."

However, Casey did serve jail time for her actions during the case. The times she lied to law enforcement she occurred 4 misdemeanors. For those misdemeanors, she was ordered to serve 4 years in jail. However, since she was incarcerated for 3 of those years and received time off for good behavior, she only did 10 days more.


Although Casey received her acquittal, she did not come from this case unscathed. Zenaida "The Nanny" and Texas Equusearch both sued for irreparable damages to their businesses. Also, Casey's inappropriate conduct with Mr. Baez was revealed. As alleged by a private investigator on the case, Casey paid her legal fees through sexual encounters. Casey and Jose immediately deny the allegations; but the damage was already done.

Fortunately, there is nothing beautiful about Casey's life after the trial. She lives in seclusion due to fear of her own safety. She unsuccessfully tried to start a photography business. And with the popularity of this case, it is fair to say that her life will never be anything but normal. Still the acquittal verdict remains and only she knows what happened to young Caylee Anthony.

George and Cindy

ID brings the investigation to a close by getting the final opinion on what happened to Caylee from the grandparents, George and Cindy. They both have different views on what actually happened. Cindy believes the story Jose told in the courtroom. Caylee drowned in the pool and it was a freak accident. On the other hand, George believes his daughter killed Caylee. He believes she gave her the Xanax in order for her to die in a humanely. What is truly chilling is when the interviewer asks George if he knew what the street name for Xanax is. He and Casey's ex-boyfriend's roommate connect the dots immediately. Xani, the Nanny (which is who Casey would say would babysit her child) is the slang tern for Xanax.

For George and Cindy Anthony, although their views differ, they refuse to let it break up their marriage. After the case, Cindy admits she has a relationship with her daughter. And that she had to forgive her in order to move on. While George has "washed his hands" of her and hopes she makes something of the rest of her life. What's amazing is the strength of their marriage despite sharing separate views of their own daughter.


One can take comfort in knowing that Caylee's death was not in vain. If she'd survived Casey would be 11-years-old. Fortunately, the laws of Florida have changed after the Casey Anthony case. Now, anyone who is found to be guilty of neglect or has a child missing and doesn't report it face felony charges with a conviction of up to 20 years. If this law had been in place before, Casey would be in jail at this very moment.


With this episode, comes the conclusion of the Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery special. I wasn't sure what to think about this case in the beginning. I wanted to keep an unbiased mindset throughout the case. However, I just couldn't help but be appalled at Casey's behavior. Her apathetic and neglectful behavior is not only disturbing but mind-boggling. In the eyes of the law, Casey is not guilty for murder. But, for anyone who's familiar with this case. From start to finish, she is a murderer. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she's responsible for her child's death.

Finally, what are your thoughts on this whole case? If any, please comment below. Thank you for reading.


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