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Casey Anthony Bankruptcy Hearing is Today

Updated on March 4, 2013

According to Orlando Sentinel, Casey Anthony will be in Tampa March 4, 2013. She will be answering questions about her Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This will be her first time coming out of her hiding spot since her trail ended.

Anthony is required to attend a meeting at the Sam M. Gibbons Courthouse. There she will be asked numerous questions about her financial status.

She claims that she has been unemployed since her trial back in 2011. A great question that will more than likely be brought up to say is who is supporting her financially then? Another question experts thinking that she could be asked in today’s meeting, if she is planning on selling her story.

Anthony's creditors include numerous people associated with her murder case, including her former attorney Jose Baez and her parents, George and Cindy Anthony. It's unclear how long today's creditors' meeting will last.

Anthony’s creditors are numerous people that were associated with her high-profile murder case, which were her former attorney Jose Baez and both of her parents. It is unknown how long the meeting today will last, but anyone can tell this meeting is sure to hold publicity.


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