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Casio Calculator Watch Review

Updated on March 26, 2014

The Casio CA53W-1 calculator wristwatch is the timepiece of choice for the discerning, demanding, and economical person of any age (provided your motor skills, finger dexterity, eyesight and patience are akin to those of a healthy Shaolin Monk). The multifunction CA53W-1 wristwatch embodies the most advanced technology of the year 1983, right now, in 2012. The highly contemporary features include: 8-digit calculator, water resistance, dual time, daily alarm, 1/100 second stopwatch, hourly time signal, auto calendar, and an approximate battery life of 5 years. In addition to its incredible, virtually alien-like technological features, the Casio CA53W-1 is also lightweight, stylish, comfortable, durable, and for the cost of around twenty dollars, probably the best deal this side of Uranus.

Unarguably the CA53W-1’s most attractive feature is the built-in 8-digit calculator. Casio has programmed all four basic functions into the design to include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Imagine this scenario: You’ve just met a gorgeous, funny, smart, kind and interesting person with whom you have successfully coerced into a first date (probably thanks to your Casio). You’ve just finished dinner and the check has arrived. You politely yet firmly request to “take care of this”. You take the tab and thanks to your parents smoking so many reefers while you were growing up, you struggle to discern the soultion to 15% of $67. Your surreptitious colleague, the Casio CA53W-1, carefully speeds to action and within mere seconds you have spared the embarrassment of asking your date to help with this paltry dilemma thereby increasing your chances of a future date. So ask yourself this: Was the Casio’s twenty dollar price tag a solid sacrifice for another wonderful evening, a slice of pie and a sausage platter next Friday night? Probably.

Additionally, the CA53W-1 is water resistant. According to the user’s manual, the CA53W-1 has a water resistance rating of level II. Level II water resistance involves superficial contact with water.The CA53W-1 will withstand rain, raucous tea parties, and passing out on your neighbor’s back lawn in a chilly spring morn’s dew. Of course, water resistance would seem to be a staple feature of even the most inexpensive wristwatch and many cheaper models prey on this assumption. Not all wristwatches can withstand those inevitable diaper changing mishaps. The CA53W-1 can.

A dual time function is also included in the CA53W-1’s arsenal. In today’s information age, it is not uncommon for a person to have contact with other persons around the world. These contacted person’s more than likely live in different time zones. Casio comes through with another home-run and with the press of a button; the owner of a CA53W-1 will instantly realize the best time to call his family members and loved ones who may be far across the earth. The CA53W-1 can even keep time from other dimensions, like Utah.

When were you supposed to pick up your neighbor from AA: when was Uncle Ted arriving at the airport? Oh yes, the CA53W-1 will remind you with a daily alarm feature. The alarm can also be turned on or off with the press of a single button for one time use. The robust alarm, like the shrill screech of a half-dead crow, provides the perfect metaphor as you hesitantly engage the task any sane person would have forgotten in a sub-conscious act of self-preservation. With the CA53W-1’s daily alarm, you will no longer have an excuse not to be insane.

Casio’s stopwatch feature is just another page in the sacred codex that is the CA53W-1. In these recent Summer Olympics an American golden boy sought to win more gold medals than anyone, ever. Michael Phelps won his 7th of 12 gold medals by 1/100th of a second. Inevitably, in many homes this Olympics as in many past, armchair timekeepers formed the last line of defense against mediocre and/or maliciously unfair timekeeping by those so-called “officials”. The Casio CA53W-1 can keep time to 1/100th of a second and undoubtedly was worn on many a wrist of these proud sofa-seat warriors. Plus, you know you can shotgun a beer at least 37/100ths of a second faster than Keith Bookwalter, even though he won’t admit it. The Casio CA53W-1 can prove it.

Additionally, the Casio CA53W-1 provides the option of an hourly time signal. Casio can alert the user to the passing of every single hour as if your life wasn’t mundane enough. The CA53W-1 politely reminds you that another hour has passed since anything remotely interesting has happened in your lousy farce of an existence. Used in tandem with the calculator feature, you can add together each hour that passes and try to attain new personal records such as: hours passed since you hadn’t thought seriously about smashing your head against the wall, hours passed since your creepy neighbor looked through his/her window into yours in an attempt to catch you changing again, hours upon days upon years since you felt the slightest glimmer of hope that you won’t end up a 60 year-old , never married, miserable goat of a woman like Aunt Gertie.

Casio’s auto-calendar attribute is designed for easy stress-free use. Once the date has been correctly set, the owner will never have to reset the date to account for leap-year. The CA53W-1 is programmed with correct calendar dates until the year 2079. Scientists are working around the clock 24/7 to re-write all the programming codes for every Casio watch ever made. By getting a jump on things now, the world will not have to worry about melting down into a chaotic melee of fire and brimstone. Even though nothing happened with that Y2K deal, it’s what might have been that’s the real issue. Nobody really knows what might happen in 71 years but if you still have your CA53W-1, Casio will replace it with a brand new calculator-watch nerve-stem chip at reduced cost.

In addition to all the included features, the Casio CA53W-1 is stylish and comfortable. The soft plastic band is quite pleasing to touch and is slightly elastic which can prevent chafing and scraping. The case style is much the same as when Casio first introduced this style of watch in the 1980’s. The watch is very geek chic and obviously enjoys at least a cult appreciation since it is still in production.

To conclude, Casio is the only real serious player left in the calculator-watch world and that alone should prove that it is the best clock design for twenty dollars. One could say, Casio does it so well why even bother to compete? There are others to be sure but to get anything resembling quality, Casio is the ticket. The least expensive calculator wristwatch on the market today is the Kenko KK-1081 or KKK, rounding out rock bottom at $5.46 with free shipping, from China?!? Doesn’t it cost five bucks to mail an eyelash from China? Another competitor of the CA53W-1 is Xinjia’s X-628, aka XXX, at $6.50 free shipping from China.Both competitors offer a fraction of the features and since they are basically paying you to take the watch, it may just explode in your face.


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