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Cassidy Vs Freeway Freestyle Battle Full Cassidy Lyrics With Video

Updated on January 17, 2018


Nigga I show you how the biscuit taste

thrash bags sticky tape man pick a lake

I'm getting cake on the corner usually

and I put you to sleep like a boring movie

I'm tired of hearing niggaz scream they drove a dot 6 range

well I need 6 o's dot pocket change

Imma stay in the shop chopping the cane

till it look like niggaz play hockey on my chain

I run in your spot with a stocking on my face

cocked in pop by mistake I'm sloppy with the 8

listen man I'll have you tied to your bed

you play dumb dumb till sum inside of your head

off the side of the bridge on some Nino shit(Nino Brown New Jack City movie opening)

I hold dice and pull medal on some casino shit

niggaz gamble with their life on some hero shit

and get a fucking scared face on some pacino shit

now I might not know it all but B known this

when it's war yall crumble like dorito chips

I pass your strip everyday I don't see no bricks

Man imma pit you a pussy so we don't mix

Go ahead spit about your jewels I love that they froze up

You gonna do the same thing when Cass put them 4's up

Take them all off and race off like I drove a

This year's raw 16's nigga no cut.

Yo when I get hard with rhymes I shine like lip gloss

you pissed off cuz your dick small so the condom slips off

I stick thick whores and hit walls until they clict sore

and then get scared until my dick fall imma sick boy

throw a couple rocks in the watch so it could gliss more

if you knew you rhymes was aliver than mines then what you spit for

I do like jewels ice cubes circle the wrist

Yall packs selling cats jealous we working with bricks

watch your mouth cuz you about to be the person I hit

you supposed to be rich you can't even purchase a whip

I'm a boss so I floss in a covertable 6

and get sucked by them sluts you get personal with

its B-Cass known for chrome and the ski mask

I'm so dope I should get thrown in a rehab

I need cash bottom line

ever since I signed the dotted line I been outta my mind

man my eyes on the dollar signs and more coke

you guys just trying to shine so yall broke

we all smoke breathin the ganja

and I don't pop criss I need somethin stronger

I drink that 151 and can't drive

I call god like come get me 1

tipsy off rum I palm my gun

you like Wyclef somebody call 911 when that 1 come

my chick take pipe for me

all night for me take flights for me

yall gettin it first this my life story

its like I get actual ghost to write for me

if I'm starvin I'm in your apartment you a dead man

Clap turn your sixers hat into a headband

you gotta scared hand fumble your coke

you cuffed up then butt fucked fumble the soap

you huggin the post crack and a gun in your coat all winter

but then all summer you broke

if I front you some dope the pack gone

or get a gun like that long

to you back dog your back gone

I watch you holla on the pavement

next day his family put flowers on the pavement

dog holla at my agent my schedule is tuff

I'm in the benz while shiz getting head in the truck

my presi-dential bezzy heavy as fucked

I aim for your neck and catch you in your head if you duck

my eyes red from the ducth I get raw on an album

everybody hearing me be like Hey yo shorty a problem

When the truck leaves what the (hare???)stares for

cuz I cut keyz like a hardware store

It's funny but every since I got my money up

I date chicks with fake tits and tummy tucks

They love to fuck and I got lots of condoms

I just go on my block to find them

I wait till they drive past and wave my watch behind them

and they pull over thinking that the cops behind them

cuz the rocks blind them like police car lights

my copt not dying I keep hard pipe

and I creep your wife like hoe holla

and I probably write your album you don't want no problem

I had 4 dollars and flip that

bought a soda two dutches some chips and a kit kat

got 25 cent back made a phone call

like yo swizz drop the crome off I got easy one

you don't even need to come but dog I need to gun

cuz I rather be in a pen before I be a bum

Is a lot cake out there and I ain't eating none

Guess I gotta take out here to get a piece of some

you dumb niggaz don't question me

cuz I ain't really eating I be just speaking hypotheticly

But come to Long Cold Pipe I'm like a celebrety

and still got one headlight on a celebrity

Yo man I listen I don't got a whip but I got my chicks Z 3 k

no top dropped out like a G.E.D

Rican bitch eating my dick like Ben aqui(spanish for come over)

I'm on the celly watching belly on a dvd

If I get robbed you get 5 in your enyce

be blowing my blow trying to see my P(uncertain of this because Youtube video cut out)

I'm nbc news time blasting 8's

keep your cool before you loose like half your face

Run in your house cover your mouth with masking tapes

let my chick strap on the dick his ass get raped

everybody gotta dolla why procrasinate

you get put in a casket for making thrashy tapes

if I pass you base and you spend my gravy

then I ask for my papes and you pretend you crazy

I put 10 in your avy and pretend you paid me

leave you stuffed in the dumpster like Brenda baby,mother fucka(reference to Tupac's Brenda's got a bay)

Yo I'm just like my dad

when I was young he used to stash guns in my diaper bag

See these pits they'll skit and bite your ass

I'm in a 4.0 S type of jag

yall broke yall coke make the pipers mad

and all eyes on me what yall some type of fags

mad cuz my shit plus dog I like to flash

yall rock the regular clothes where they slice the tags

uh huh and if a nigga come at Cass like he’s sweet

he get the double pipe to eat I like to beef

Still like nightquill put you right to sleep

I’ll break your ankles if I like your sneaks

Put your mouth on the curve make you bite the street

Leave most of yall missin like piper teeth

you flipping twice a week you hustlin or what

stop getting it mixin it cutting it all up

whole quarter Key see he fuckin it all up

you see him BM truckin it all up

you cutting the rolla well I can help ya

you’ll have dimes the size of Alka Seltzers

When I bring it to you, man you can’t be scarred

cuz you gon get served

If I don’t get mine then you gon get churned

I’ll burn each one outta these

your whole head'll crack like sunflower seeds

Yall playboys doing a lot of  hatin

But they see me in the street and be quick to speak like Salamun Alaykum

Good brother I’m in the hood brother

and the hood love us for rappin good butter

and I don’t wanna get on your tracks I’m good brother

you come from a hood of suckers I could see the past

to see the cash I throw ounces in freezer bags

to keep my pockets fat like Trina ass

and believe when Cass slay these whores

They get the type of dick they should pay me for

But I don’t go in these ladies raw

Cuz then they pop up pregnant claiming that the baby yours

and I don’t get blood took to see

I just wait till its born and I’m gone if it don’t look like me

and it look like B ahead of the rest

Cuz every verse you get pissed on like pregnancy tests

if the pipe your habit

then holla I’ll price and bag it

get powdered every hour like diaper rashes

I need psychiatrics to strap me down

I got a track record ask around

I’ll snatch a clown, pat him down, take his cheese, then leave

and come back around and do it twice

you see me and my back is down I’m shootin dice

and I might cut the cards if the loot is right

but dog I ain't the losing type

you pick the game and I’ll bet

especially on a Sixers game

when I get some change Imma start rebuilding

buy stock, and cop some apartment buildings

niggas better start chillin fore shit get crucial

my guns like my dick bigger than usual

and screw you cats that’s in the rap business

keep my name out your mouth for you get smacked in it


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    • profile image

      snipah 5 years ago

      Da only 1 i d put up gainst funeral fab! & maybe da old canibus!!

    • profile image

      Onem1c 5 years ago

      Yeoo cas said I'm on the celly watchin belly on DVD yoo I watch that on my phone alllll day lol the hustla ! ( why did freeway wanna start betting after he realized he got merked like at least do it before )

    • profile image

      el*maggz* 5 years ago

      CASS...dope..buh dis shit aint battl.... its just street cred braggz.... still feelin doh

    • profile image

      dewayne 5 years ago

      aye matt light stfu cassidy spit striaght raw no beat this wasn't no verse on no song freeway on a 76ers hat and in the video he rapped about the hat damn pay attention this shit is straight raw freestyling a rap battle ever see fight kulb that's why it say freestyle battle not beat battle smfh

    • profile image

      ozone king 6 years ago

      Its Cassidy let's celebrate I'm selling weight and got hella cake.

    • profile image

      beatmakerpaxe 6 years ago

      He can spit, but he aint my favrate so far

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      gud cass

    • onrea profile image

      onrea 6 years ago from Rochester, NY

      Cassidy went all the way in!!!!!! He won hands won IMO. Great battle though. One for hip hop history!!!

    • profile image

      Mike Light 6 years ago

      I laugh everytime someone calls this a battle. A battle is when to emcees throw punchlines relevant to the person their battling. Not two guys spitting bragging verses about how street they are. Not one insult was thrown, both of their verses could have have easily been over a beat on a mixtape an people wouldn't have even thought it was a diss. That's why freeway said "put a beat on" cause this wasn't a battle it was a cypher!!!

    • profile image

      rell 7 years ago

      put a beat on

    • profile image

      Da Silencer 187 7 years ago

      Straight RAAAAWW!!

    • profile image

      J-RoC 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Cody 7 years ago

      A ton of your lyrics are wrong...but Cass is a probbbbbbbblem.

    • profile image

      misfitmarx 7 years ago

      Dam Cassidy is surely one of the four fathers of this rap battling sub-culture that exists now a days i wonder if he can stand it in a rap battle now

    • profile image

      jonathan 8 years ago

      yo that nigga can spit, no in the biz for sure

    • profile image

      jonathan 8 years ago

      yo that nigga can spit, no in the biz for sure