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Castle TV Series

Updated on December 28, 2014


Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) a beloved writer who is struggling to find his next big hit. Instead of writing he goes out and gets drunk and arrested (not going to tell you what actually happened). Anyway there is a murder involved and this is where he meets Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) from then on Richard knows exactly what his next book series should be about. Basing his new book on a female detective known as Nicky Heat he needs research and after worming his way into the team (by contacting the mayor who is a poker buddy) he is allowed to accompany the detective team on their investigations.



When Castle first started I wasn't sure what to make of it. From the adverts it looked like a stuck up drunk writer was hitting on a detective who was pretty but had no life to her what so ever. How WRONG could I be! Just proves that you can't always judge an ad / trailer.

Ok I'm a major murder mystery fan. So much so I love the old classics like Agitha Christies Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot. But every now and again another Tv series will catch my eye. This time its Castle.

It turns out that Richard Castle is an adventurous writer who just wants to make the best stories possible and is a big softy at heart, though at times he does seem to have a spilt personality going from big kid to posh professional. He turns ever murder he attends into its own story and sometimes misses the facts because he is just lets his imagination run wild. For example when aliens, supernatural or monsters are involved. Whereas Kate Becket the main Homicide detective on the cases is a strong and bold woman who treats each victim with respect and tries to bring them peace by solving their crime.

With her mother killed when she was 14, Beckett has taken it a pone herself to find her mothers killer and finally give her mum justice. Its the backbone of Beckett which the TV series does explore and for me are some of the best episodes. She tries so hard not to like Castle but we soon find that even though she feels like he stepped all over her private life and humiliated her with his book and write ups that he is always there for her when she needs him. But just when they both seems to have the courage to actually say something there is always someone else in the way of things.


However there are other amazing characters in this series who are all individual and have their own lives and personalities but treat everyone as an equal family member. It's the other reason I watch and I love each and every one of them. I could quite easily rant on about each one of them but I'm not going to spoil it, you will have to see for yourselves who you prefer.

I will admit I don't always watch for the story. Some of the cases are thrilling and leave me sitting on the edge of the sofa screaming hoping that they make it out alive. Specially if the stories are linked with Kate mothers death. But then there are others which feel flat or rushed and pointless and you know that they are there purely to fill in the gap between the big numbers. I do seem to get bored of these stories quickly wanting them to pass over the murder story parts so they can focus on the character parts which really is wrong for a Tv series. You need a good blend of characters and story because the whole point of a murder mystery is the murder part, yet if that's boring it's not long before the murder becomes pointless. But when the stories are good they really shine though. Some of the ones I was watching the other day almosy had me in tears of sadness and joy. So its worth sometimes watching the weaker stories to keep up and then get this massive impact of story hit you at once.

However even the weak stories can have some of the best side stories with the detectives or Castle's family which is what I purely watch the episode for in this case. I sit contently waiting for them desperate to catch up and see how they are doing and even rewind sections to make sure I heard everything clearly so not to miss a thing.


The music on Castle I always enjoy and the drum bit I always have a little ocd moment where I have to drum along with the beat and slash the pen into place which then settles me in for the rest of the show. But what I didn’t realise is how this apparently is also representative of how Castle is feeling or the situation that they are in. Which is fascinating that they would put this level of detail into the title sequence. But I do love the fact the music fits well and for me really can push the thrill to a situation specially on the weaker stories this for me is important.

One of the other things about Castle is that I like fact that the set up is not too gory. Ok sounds wrong for a murder mystery series but unlike CSI Vegas which can be so gory its impossible to watch, Castle makes it point that yes some murders are bad and can be more graphic than other crime scenes but its watchable.

I do find that CSI can be too graphic so much so that you feel sick and unsettled or that characters are sick. That for me puts me off straight away. As yes it's a nasty shock and an understandable reaction for some but for me that can all be done off scene for characters so your focusing on the murder itself. If you can't watch and have to look away you can miss critical piece of evidence which you wont always see with just sound alone.

There are episodes where Castle has stepped away and others where he can't get enough of the crime scene but I know that it will be rare there will be something I am too unsettled to watch and I can just watch without worry about gore or someone being sick or me feeling sick.


The other part I really like is the humour, the interaction between the characters as well as the movie references. There is a little bit in this program for everyone if you look carefully. Normally an episode will have a line or a mention from a film off Castle or another member of his team. There is then some very quick witted lines normally from Beckett as she shoots down Castle and his comments and then there is the interaction between the characters. Them all intertwined somewhere along the way and supporting one another as friends, family and work mates.

So ok the series is good but does have its weak side with the stories. It does have a brilliant character list and its well worth watching for that. But if your after mystery but with little to medium gore this is the place to come. But if your after massive big stories all the time don’t expect big thrills from this.

My rating 8 out of 10

Castle and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

Castle Trailer Season 1


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    • Paradise7 profile image


      3 years ago from Upstate New York

      Thank you, it gives me something new to watch and sounds quite interesting to me. I've been a big murder mystery fan from way, way back, reading all the Sherlock Holmes stories as a child. I'm gonna see is this series is on Netflix. Fingers crossed!


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