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Cece and Schmidt: the Best New Girl's Couple?

Updated on August 21, 2016
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The life of three guys and a school teacher, who starts living with them in a loft.
The life of three guys and a school teacher, who starts living with them in a loft.

A School Teacher Changes Her Life

New Girl's main character is Jess, a school teacher who lives with Russell, her boyfriend. Her life is normal and happy, until she discovers Russell is dating another girl. So Jess decides to leave her house and start a new life. A search on Internet leads her to a loft, in which she decides to move. There she meets her new roommates: Schmidt (an incredible playboy who always finds the opportunity to date with a girl and have sex with her), Winston (a basket player) and Nick (a barman). Jess has a particular behaviour, but she starts to enjoy her new friends. There is another important character: Cece. She is a model and she is Jess's best friend.

Cece (Jess's best friend) and Schmidt (one of the roommates)
Cece (Jess's best friend) and Schmidt (one of the roommates)

Cece & Schmidt

Starting from the first episodes, we discover Schmidt is completely attracted by Cece's body. At the first he takes off his shirt (not only because of Cece, but also because he is very proud of his fit body, as he was a fat boy in the past). The first times Cece considers Schmidt an idiot, but this behaviour is going to anticipate something of bigger: in fact she is secretely attracted by him.

Elizabeth & Schmidt
Elizabeth & Schmidt

Elizabeth & Schmidt

When Cece starts to think about marrying with an Indian boy, Schmidt feels very bad and tries everything to convince her to stay with him. At the wedding, Schmidt starts to feel Cece does not want the marriage and so he tries to disrupt it. At the end Cece admits she does not want to marry the Indian boy, and the wedding is ended.This is the part in which Schmidt discovers Cece is really attracted by him. However he started to date his ex-college mate, Elizabeth: she made this in order to come with her at the wedding and make Cece jealous. At the end of the wedding, Schmidt must decide if he wants to stay with Elizabeth or with Cece, but he runs away. In the next episodes, we discover Schmidt secretely dates both Elizabeth and Cece, and when this fact comes out, he will remain alone.

Cece Forgives Schmidt

New Girl is full of betrayals and love triangles, or apparent ones, and they all end with the two guys stopping their relationship: forgiveness does not exist! We see this with Jess, who leaves her first boyfriend forever, and also with Sam, who leaves Jess after having discovered Nick has kissed her (even if it was an incident). And now the same happens with Schmidt, both left by Cece and Elizabeth. But in this case, Cece will forgive Schmidt: apart all physical attractions, this is a true demonstration of how Cece and Schmidt are destined to be a great couple, as only a strong love may allow someone to forgive a betrayal.

A Spoiler about Cece & Schmidt

And you... what do you think about Elizabeth?

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The Elizabeth's Role

Elizabeth stops to appear in New Girl after having broken with Schmidt. This shows she is not an important character: after having been introduced only as a mean for Schmidt to try to conquer Cece, she disappears. But I think also her behaviour has been wrong from the first time she meets again with Schmidt. Elizabeth is a girl obsessed with food, and she used to love Schmidt at the college when he was a fat boy (while other people offended him because of his body, she always loved him because he was fat). When Schmidt loses weight, Elizabeth stops to love him, and after years, when he meets with Elizabeth the days before Cece's wedding, she explicitly admits she "misses the old Schmidt" and that she does not care about the "stranger" in front of her door. After Schmidt eats a pizza, she becomes less rude, and that's the reason Elizabeth and Schmidt start a new relationship, but at the end we can say only one thing: Elizabeth never had real feelings for Schmidt, but only attraction for Schmidt's fat body. So this relationship has always been destined to fail. I also strongly believe Elizabeth's behaviour is bad, as true love does not involve being fat or slim.

QUIZ: How Much do you Know about New Girl?

Are you a New Girl fan? Let's play this game and discover how much do you know about this popular Fox TV series. There are five questions with five possible answers. To play the quiz, just choose one answer for every question. There are no multiple correct answers. After having answered all questions, you will discover your score! Please remember this is not a prize game: it is made only for fun! You can play and share it with your New Girl's fan friends.

Trivial Facts About New Girl

New Girl is set in a loft located in Los Angeles. This is the main place in which most of the guys live and have experiences. The second place in which they often go is Nick's bar. Both the loft and the bar really exist in the real life: the first one is a real loft belonging to Binford's rental company and located in 837 Traction Avenue, while the second one is known as The Prince Restaurant & Bar. In the map you can even explore the two areas of Los Angeles: just zoom one of the two places and use the "yellow little man" icon to navigate the area with Google Street View. And if you go to Los Angeles, you will sure enjoy a real coffee at The Prince!

Binford Loft:
837 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013, Stati Uniti

get directions

The Prince Restaurant & Bar:
3198 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005, Stati Uniti

get directions

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