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Celebrating Bobbi Kristina's Life

Updated on August 8, 2015

Celebrating Krissy's Life-(Whitney Houston)

Celebrating Bobbi Kristina Life

It seems that some of us want to focus on the prize, instead of God. When God’s word says I press toward the mark of the highest calling, many people believe that a race is getting ready to take place and one must win the prize. Please understand that every competition, one should run to win, but when we are speaking in spiritual terms, our mission is to finish the race. As the Bible says, “The race is not given to the swift, but to them who endured until the end” is not a literal foot race, it is our life span. As of Sunday, we learned that Ms. Bobbi Kristina passed away. Upon her passing, the media and national headlines displayed pictures, quotes from celebrities and gave readers an emotional account of how Ms. Kristina’s passing would affect people all over the world. In this life, we will see people who start a race and the finish line seem so close, while others finish line seem so far away. When God sees that his children are tired, He stops them at their finish line and says, “It is finished.”

The media has hyped up the fact of a turbulent life of the late 22 year old Ms. Bobbi Kristina, but who has not experienced brutal storms in this life-time? Although many people are aware of some pains and struggles of BK, no one really knows about her victories because most of the concentration was on the challenges. We can read in the media about situations and people that BK encountered (favorable or unfavorable) in her life or the postings on social media and even seek out the different interviews online, but we have to celebrate victories as well. The purpose of the article is to celebrate Krissy’s victories that she won while on earth that will help others. There are some favorable things that happened in her life before her passing that saved her and allowed her to be raptured out of the hands of Satan and given unto the hands of God. I want to reflect a little on the Houston’s life and then make my way to the late Ms. Bobbi Kristina. I would like for people to know that yes contrary to popular belief, Bobbi Kristina had some victories she won on earth.

The answer to the soul searching questions of who Bobbi Kristina was and what type of life she lived can only be speculated. At this hour, we want to remember her life as one that was of favor and grace. While growing up, I listened to all the late Whitney Houston’s song and heard that she wanted to dance with somebody, and so did I. The late Whitney Houston believed the children were the future and should be taught well and lead the way, that sounds familiar to my beliefs and I wanted to know more. Whitney had a song, “The Greatest Love of all", with the lyrics, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all" and I still believe in that thought. As a young kid, I heard to know thyself is the best thing that one should do in this life time. In this short time span of music, the late legendary Whitney had earned points in my book for being one of my favorite artists just because I could relate to her music. When I was getting comfortable listening to her upbeat songs, I heard a song that asked the question, “Where do broken hearts go?” I had not thought about the question of where do broken hearts go, because I was way too young to have a broken heart, but I definitely wondered who was going to put their broken hearts back together. I was a little skeptical about a broken heart being put together again because I had heard of the rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” not being able to be put back together again. Although I could not find the answer concerning mending broken hearts, I still heard the song, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” With the lyrics that Whitney had on her song concerning dancing , It really did not matter who I danced with, I just wanted to dance. Being young, I am not sure if I was speaking of dancing for God or if I wanted to cut a rug, but I knew I wanted to dance with somebody. A little time had expired and I heard of the late Whitney Houston again who would star in the movie, “Bodyguard.” As a reviewer, the "Bodyguard" earned a top rating and I knew Whitney was on her way to becoming a great actress, an already established singer and songwriter right before my eyes.

Being an avid music fan, I knew of Ms. Houston, her family and legends in the industry and felt like an honorary member and in my mind welcomed in their new circle of musicians. Whitney appeared to find a great right hand in the industry. The gentleman standing alongside Whitney was Mr. Bobby Brown who was a member of one of my favorite groups, New Edition. Since I made a connection with New Edition, I knew Bobby Brown. I begin listening to his music and found that he had a song called, “Tender Roni"and I was not sure who Bobby was referring to, but the late Whitney Houston was definitely on his radar and I later heard of their marriage. Within a year, I heard that Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown had a daughter in March of 1993 named Bobbi Kristina. So here we are with Ms. Bobbi Kristina, born into favor and grace to two stars; Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and not to mention her kinship to great legends like Ms. Sissy Houston and Ms. Dionne Warwick to name a few. Bobbi Kristina has a circle of family members who are walking Bibles. While on stage as a young kid, I remember seeing little Bobbi Kristina with such an innocent face. No one but God at this point knew what this bundle of joy would experience in her life-time, nor did Bobby Brown ever imagine that he would lose two of the closest ladies within his life in the same manner.

Here we are in 1993 when “Hammer pants” were in style, Afro puffs were the thing and the world was not too bad to live in. Bobbi Kristina entered the world that March and bright lights were already upon her because of the lineage in which she came of legendary singers such as Ms. Sissy Houston and the late Whitney Houston and present Bobby Brown. At the moment Bobbi was born, she did not have to walk in the light, the cameras were already set and she was a stranger to darkness. Upon her arrival in this world, the late Whitney Houston said, “Having Bobbi Kristina, I could never do anything that could top that. There’s been nothing more incredible in my life than having her.” Before Bobbi could speak, she had already touched one life, and that was her mother. In 1993, Bobbi Kristina did the unthinkable and was a guest with her parents on the televised Barbara Walters show up close live and in person. In 1994 Bobbi Kristina was headed to the stage with her mother as the late Whitney Houston received the American Music Award—talking about favor! Thinking back, little Bobbi was taking all of this attention in and maybe dreamed of one day receiving her award. In 1995, little Bobbi was another invited guest with her mother to the 71st Annual Academy Awards. Wow, how time flies, we are in 1996, a year before I graduated high school and little Bobbi Kristina had the pleasure of attending “The Preacher’s Wife Premiere in which we all had to wait until the movie hit the big screen. My graduation year of 1997 had finally arrived and I was still keeping up with the Houston and Brown family, just in case they answered the question of where do broken hearts go? In 1997, which I coin, “The Year,” Bobbi Kristina was on the stage with her mother in Washington, DC and was quoted as saying to little innocent Bobbi, “Mommy loves you girl, you don’t have to worry about a thing, cause I’m standing right by your side,” as little Bobbi wraps her arms around her mother’s leg. The year was 1998 as I was just getting comfortable with college life, little Bobbi was becoming familiar with International Achievement in Arts Awards in Beverly Hills, California. She was in the midst of all types of influential people who made it and those who were going to make in life. In 1999, the late Whitney Houston said something so loving about her daughter,”My daughter is my greatest inspiration.”Also during the year of 1999 in Germany, Bobbi Kristina received one of her big breaks and was able to sing, “My Love is Your Love,” with the legendary Whitney Houston. How many children or people are able to travel to a concert in Germany, get on stage and sing with a legend?

In the year 2000, Bobbi Kristina was a semi star because she had the opportunity to appear in the reality TV show, “Being Bobby Brown.” The reality television show debuted on Bravo and lasted approximately 6 months. It was the year of 2001, one year left to graduate for me; Bobbi Kristina was a little older and was hitting the BET stage as her mother received the life time achievement award. Finally, I will never forget 2002 as a new college graduate watching Bobbi Kristina once again at the VH1 Divas Live Show in Las Vegas. In 2002, Bobbi was a little short of becoming a teenager and was among some of the biggest entertainers in the world sporting her very own VIP pass! Go Bobbi! Bobbi knew she was an important person and we would later discover why. Back in 2003, I was on the road traveling to school, but still watched to see what the Houstons' and Browns were up to. Here it is, 2003 and Bobbi was moving forward singing duets with her mother and even appeared on Whitney’s 2003 album. A much older Bobbi Kristina in 2004 could be spotted at various music awards and many resorts—living the good life. My how time flies, we are now in 2005 and Bobbi Kristina is now on the set of Being Bobby Brown on Bravo. The reality series (Being Bobby Brown) shows the late Whitney and her husband live and in action, with Bobbi Kristina playing her role well. In 2006, I was preparing to enter college once again and still followed the Houstons’, In 2006, little Bobbi Kristina was a growing teen and reports have it that she was a middle school cheerleader. Although Bobbi Kristina was in the spotlight because of her parent’s fame and served as their motivator, she was hyping up crowds as a cheerleader in middle school. Wow, it seems that little Bobbi Kristina is now grown and we are currently in the year of 2007. During 2007, Bobbi Kristina had a big role to play in being a great comforter for her legendary mother (Whitney Houston) who was going through brutal storms in life. At the time of Bobbi serving as a comforter, she had no idea that she was heading for the largest storm of her life as a young lady. Bobbi Kristina continued to hold it together as she weathered her own storms in 2008. Although Bobbi attempted suicide, she was unsuccessful and received another victory because life won over death. Wow, 2009, I was finally ready to graduate college again and still followed the Houstons’ and Browns. In 2009, Bobbi Kristina was getting her groove back as she hit the stage as a young teen singing a duet with her mother called, “My Love is your Love.” Whitney and Bobbi appeared happy and had conquered some of the storms they had encountered. The year is currently 2010 and Bobbi Kristina is now in Italy touring with her mother. Wow, what a way to bring in the month of May and take an early vacation before summer. Bobbi Kristina as one can see was Whitney’s number 1 fan and was more than likely the motivation that allowed Whitney to continue to sing, rather than focus on the storms. Bobbi Kristina appeared to always be on the go. In reading some of her greatest accomplishments, Bobbi Kristina attended the Pre Gala and Salute to Industry Icons honoring David Geffen at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2011. Not only did Bobbi come to support her mother, but once again, she shared the spotlight with one of the greatest legendary singers (Whitney Houston). Fast forward one year and we have landed in 2012. At some point during the 2012 period, many events happened to Bobbi Kristina. The first victory to celebrate is Bobbi Kristina did graduate from high school. Secondly, Bobbi Kristina had to experience the sudden loss of her mother. Although she went through her state of loneliness, she lived three years after her storm with the help of God. Whitney Houston was such an icon that Bobbi Kristina now grown and her aunt Pat, who accompanied her, had the honor of getting on stage to accept an award on behalf of the late Whitney Houston. During the year 2012, the reality series, “The Houstons’: On Our Own” debut for almost a year and Bobbi Kristina was able to take part in the project and fans were able to know the Houstons’ on a more personal level. During 2012 Bobbi Kristina was offered a role in one of the famous Tyler Perry shows. Bobbi Kristina also had the opportunity to see the premier of Sparkles and walk the red carpet. I would say 2012 was Bobbi’s season! The years seem to all be mixed together as we close 2012 and open 2013 as it is around the corner. I strongly believe in Health and wellness and if one really study Bobbi Kristina’s life, she participated in some health concepts such as running which was another victory. It appears that Bobbi Kristina was running into 2013 with great momentum as she was able to interview with the Queen of Television, “Oprah Winfrey!” Allowing Ms. Bobbi Kristina to interview with Ms. Oprah Winfrey gave fans a perspective of how Bobbi was feeling. Within the interview we sensed that Bobbi Kristina really loved her mother, missed her mother and most of all was a young lady trying to find her place in this world. Some people may suggest that it should have been easy for someone to find his or her place in the world with the spotlight always shinning, but it may have been hard to find because the biggest light was now shinning in heaven. Interviews, stage appearances, life and now it is 2014 and Bobbi is still going amid storms, victories and defeats. Bobbi Kristina took to social media in 2014 to remember her mother’s birthday in August. Just a year before she would say goodbye to the world, she and her father Mr. Bobby Brown repaired their relationship and had dinner together. The race was finished in 2015 on earth, now she must be reunited with God in Heaven.

In conclusion, “The race is not given unto the swift, or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all”(Ecclesiastes 9:11). At no time did a year pass that something great did not happen in Bobbi Kristina’s life. Each person on earth has some good and God always looks for the best within us. When I heard of Ms. Bobbi’s passing, I like you were lost for words. God reminded me that we are all running for a chance to seek his face and the race is not given unto the runner with speed, it is given unto the runner with great power from God. The most impressive aspect of this article was the fact that Ms. Bobbi repaired her relationship with her father last year and this year she is going to be with her mother. It is very important that we run each day with all that we have and know that the race is only given unto those who can finish.

I pray for the families of Bobbi Kristina, her friends and each person she touched. The family is close to my heart and I know that God is going to take real good care of all of his children. Many things about life will go unanswered, but it is one thing that I know for sure and that is there is sunshine after the rain. Stay encouraged and lifted and makes a joyful noise unto the Lord because your best days are yet to come! Whitney had a song that said, “Give me one moment in time.” As the days draw near to lay her body to rest, make sure that things around the world are peaceful and give Bobbi Kristina this one final earthly moment to shine!

Writer-Dr. Alfreda Love


Writer-Dr. AEL

America’s best friend in resilient living, Dr. Alfreda Love continues to speak on platforms relating to facing the giants in education, health and religion. As an award-winning playwright and international radio host, Dr. Love is a strategist whose perspective of giants equates to the concept of, “United We Stand and Divided We Fall.”

Born and raised in the state of Texas, Dr. Love believes in education and champions educators and leaders who use resiliency to solve conflicts within social systems and communities. Likewise, while working the sports world as a coach and instructor, Love embraced the concept of, “Becoming Healthier through resilient thinking.” Within the training, Love presents an electrifying and high energy reflection of how one must manifest resiliency through what which we input within our minds. Religion is another area that Love believes one must have resiliency and that truth is the highest level of success that Love describes in her message of being resilient in the time of a storm.

Dr. Love graduated from La Vega High School, Baylor University, Texas A&M University and Prairie View A&M University; served in the United States military; and performed certification work at Dallas Baptist University with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction. Currently, Dr. Love has published a book called, “A Spiritual Guide on the Go.” Dr. Love can be heard on her international radio ministry and is currently a member of the Bellmead City Council.

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