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Celebrities: Life and Fashion part 2

Updated on August 10, 2010

Welcome to the second edition of Celebrities: Life and Fashion, we hope you enjoyed reading the first edition; if you have not yet seen it please check it out. In this edition we will of course be bringing you even more celebrity gossip; this time focusing on the career, life and style of Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole
'3 Words' album cover
'3 Words' album cover

Cheryl Cole


After bursting onto our TV screens in 2002 as part of reality TV show Popstars: The Rivals, Cheryl Cole (nee Tweedy) quickly rose to stardom and became the nations favourite member of girl band Girls Aloud. After earning a place in the band in 2002 the bands very first singe 'Sound of the Underground' shot to UK number one, earning the band the record for the shortest time between formation and reaching the much aclaimed spot at the top of the charts. From this moment on the bands' fame has rose to astronomical levels.

Since 2003 Girls Aloud have released twenty additional singles with nineteen of those reaching the UK top ten and 3 of them-'I'll stand by you,' 'Walk this way' and 'The Promise,' reaching number 1. Along with a highly successful music career Girls Aloud have taken part in several high rated reality TV shows, such as Girls Aloud: Off the Record and Girls Aloud: Home Truths. Through all of this, Cheryl Cole came out on top as the nations favourite member of Girls Aloud and it was obvious to see why. Her good looks and charm had women wanting to steal her style and be her best friend while men wanted to be seen with her.

Owing to her success in the band, Cole was offered to take over as judge from Sharon Osbourne on The X Factor in 2008. This gave Cole the perfect opportunity to promote herself as a brand and let the public see the 'real' Cheryl without the other members of the band. Because of this success and warm reception from the public, Cole started her solo career in 2009.

Her first taste of a solo career came in 2008 when Cole starred in Will.I.Am's single 'Heartbreaker,' where she was picked to appear in the video after taking part in street dancing lessons as part of ITV's 'The Passion of Girls Aloud' show. After getting the part as dancer in the video, Cole was also asked to provide female vocals. From then on Cole forged her own career and in October 2009 her debut solo album, '3 words,' was released. After creating a working relationship with Will.I.Am during 2008, the male rapper played a key role in the album, providing collaborations and producing the entire album. The release of the first single, 'Fight for this Love' saw the nation wowed by Cole's singing and dancing, ensuring that the single easily reached number one and become the forth highest selling single in the whole of 2009. Addtionally, the album definately did not disappoint, securing the number one spot for two weeks and seeing the release of her next two singles, '3 words' and 'Parachutes.' Her second solo album is due for release in October 2010 but may be put on hold owing to illness.

Along with her music career, Cheryl is frequently on our TV screens. In addition to The X Factor, Cole has had her own one off TV show hosted by Holly Willoughby, 'Cheryl Coles' Night In' which aired in December 2009. The show included interviews and live performances from Cole herself and some of her own favourite artists, including Rhianna, Alexandra Burke and Will.I.Am. Within shows such as this, the public have been able to view Cheryl as a down to Earth, friendly, funny and stylish individual; boosting her popularity greatly.

Finally, Cole has been involved in several books; the first being a Girls Aloud autobiography which was released in October 2008. The book gave fans the chance to see previously unseen rare photos of the girls along with insight into the girls' lives and their own style tips. It has since been reported (in April 2009) that Cole had signed a deal to write five romantic novels for HarperCollins. With her first official book, 'My World,' being set for publish in September 2010 it is highly likely that Cheryl Cole will be in the public eye for a very long time.

Cheryl with fellow Girls Aloud members: Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts
Cheryl with fellow Girls Aloud members: Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts
Cheryl and Ashley Coles' wedding in 2006
Cheryl and Ashley Coles' wedding in 2006

Personal Life

Like any public figure, Cole has not been able to avoid the media invasion into her life and the scandal that follows. The first 'scandal' that grabbed the media's attention occurred very quickly into Cole's career, when, in January 2003, Cole was involved in an altercation with a nightclub toilet attendant. She was later found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and sentenced to 120 hours of community service along with paying £300 to the victim and an additional £3000 prosecution costs.

However, Cole quickly won back over the heart of the public and managed to avoid major scandal until 2004 when she began dating footballer Ashley Cole. After marrying in 2006, two years later a hairdresser claimed that she had engaged in extramarital sex with the footballer in a kiss-and-tell story within a British newspaper. After another girl came forward claiming that she too had had sexual relations with Ashley Cole, the promotion for the Girls Aloud single 'Can't speak French' was put on hold and Cheryl was seen in public without her wedding ring. Despite reconciling their marriage, in early February 2010 news broke that Ashley had cheated on her with five more women. As a result in May 2010, Cheryl revealed that she would indeed by filing for divorce, citing 'unreasonable behaviour' on the part of her husband as the reason.

The latest news on Cheryl's personal life if that after visiting Tanzania she was diagnosed with acute malaria. Friends, family and fellow celebrities all sent their well wishes to Cheryl, fearing that her hectic work schedule had finally taken its toll on the petite star. However after receiving treatment in a London hospital, Cheryl is now recovering well in LA.

Girls Aloud when they first formed
Girls Aloud when they first formed


When she first caught the attention of the public in 2002, Cheryl was an unlikely fashion icon but fast forward 8 years and that is exactly what she has become. Gone are the days of crop tops and velour tracksuit bottoms making way for sophisticated yet extremely sexy outfits.

Becoming a judge of The X Factor enabled Cheryl to show off a brand new outfit every week and it quickly became clear that her style was going to be envied by girls all over the country. It is rare that a week goes by without Cheryl being featured in a fashion magazine, usually with high street replicas at the side of the article ensuring that fans can get the style at a fraction of the cost.

No matter where she is or what she is doing, Cheryl always looks amazing and it is because of this that she will probably be a style icon for years to come.

Below are some of her amazing outfits:

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