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Celebrities: Life and Fashion part 3

Updated on August 10, 2010

Edition 3

Welcome to the third edition of Celebrities: Life and Fashion. If you have not read the other two editions please feel free to do so, the links to each are at the bottom of the page :)

In this edition we will be discussing Katy Perry and Enrigue Iglesias. Hope you enjoy reading this and if you have any comments or queries please feel free to contact us.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry

Katy Perry

When Katy Perry burst onto the music scene in 2008 after releasing the lead single 'I kissed a Girl' from her album 'One of the Boys,' she was a pick and mix of quirky, cute and eccentric outfits but with the occasional sophisticated yet sexy creation. Lately it seems that these sexy and sophsisticated are becoming more of a staple in Perry's wardrobe. Here we are going to take a peek at some of Katy's most creative, sexy and unique outfits.

EMA's 2008
EMA's 2008

Carnival Creativity

Definitely not one for the more reserved among us. To the right is just one of the incredible outfits worn by Perry when she hosted the 2008 EMA's. Although not the comfiest looking outfit, this piece certainly does make a statement. The vivid colours are eye catching and who could miss the amazing carousel design skirt. Making a dress like this will have taken skill and many hours of hard work, for example look at the detail of the tiny flags.

Although not something that most of us would wear everyday, Perry certainly does pull it off and makes it look incredible. Looking every bit like a character from a children's story with the bright colours, vivid patterns and fairytale like carousel skirt.

Brit Awards 2009
Brit Awards 2009

Hello Katy

This is definitely one for the Hello Kitty fans among you. Although not a huge fan myself I quite like how Perry has managed to mix a more 'rock' look with a cute character and detailing. The harsh bob and sharp fringe paired with dark smokey eyeliner is offset by the quirky, girly Hello Kitty detail perfectly. The detail in the top is hard not to admire; the beads, studs and diamantes (and of course the huge Hello Kitty head) make this quirky look what it is. Teamed with the leather leggings this look has been put together perfectly.

Like I previously said, although I am not really a fan of Hello Kitty I do think that Katy Perry wears this very well.

Grrr leopardy
Grrr leopardy

Lovely Leopard

This has got to be one of my personal favourite Katy Perry outfits. In my opinion the look is both sexy and feminine without being overtly provocative. The beige/sand coloured long fan style skirt is definitely the grown up, sophisticated element to the outfit with the leopard bustier style top adding the perfect amount of fun and sexiness to it. The brown belt around the middle just ties the two pieces together perfectly, with the necklace being a nice accessory but not too much that it clashes with or draws attention away from the amazing leopard print top.

With her hair in loose curls, feminine 1950's style headband in place and make up creating a subtle but flawless effect, Katy looks amazing in this outfit.

EMA's 2009
EMA's 2009

Pretty in Pink

There is no doubt that Katy Perry looks absolutely amazing in the floor-length gown. The detail on the pink dress creates a fitted and sexy shape while the fishtail style bottom creates a floaty, ethereal look. With the added detail of the black lace roses creating a short sleeved effect there is an additional quirk that Perry is known for.

With her hair in a classy up-do, make up kept to a minimal yet still enough to attract attention and accessories pretty much non-existent apart from one single bangle; the look is elegant, sexy and pretty all at the same time. Once again this is by far one of my personal favourite Katy Perry outfits and one that I am envious of. Let's hope we see more of this and her usual quirky outfits in the future.

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

With his dad being a hit singer, it made sense that Enrique would follow suit and now after the release of his latest single 'I like it,' I thought I'd give you the low down on the Spanish singer.

The singer begun to hit the Spanish charts in 1995 when he released his first, self titled, solo album which sold half a million copies in it's first week. This was a very rare accomplishment at he time as the album was entirely in Spanish and not English. However the album proved to be a massive success and earned the singer a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Performance.

By 1999 Iglesias has successfully begun to crossover his career into the English language music market. This crossover was aided by other Latin acts such as Ricky Martin becoming more well known in the mainstream. After contributing to the Will Smith movie 'Wild Wild West,' Iglesias song 'Balaimos' became a number one hit in the US prompting several record labels to offer to sign him. However, it was Interscope records that won the battle and Enrique signed the contract, recorded and released his first album in English 'Enrique.'

Despite 'Enrique' being a huge selling album, his next album 'Escape' released in 2001 surpassed it. The albums very first single 'Hero' became a number one in the UK and even today is still an incredibly popular song. Later in 2007, Iglesias released 'Insomniac' (named so as the album was mainly recorded at night) with the first single 'Do you know? (The Ping Pong Song') being an instant hit.

And now in 2010 Enrique is back and releasing another album, 'Euphoria.' The album will be unique as it has been recorded, and will be released, with a mixture of both Spanish and English songs, bringing together the two languages. The first single from the album, 'I like it,' features American rapper Pitbull and reached number 4 in the UK charts. There is no doubt that the album will be huge and greatly received by fans all over the world.

Additionally, on a UK morning breakfast show, Enrique said that if Spain (his home country) won the 2010 Fifa Football World Cup he would water ski naked. It seems that Iglesias has not stuck to his words just yet...A few days after initially writing this Hub I was made aware of some footage which apparently showed Enrique keeping his promise. Although the footage is blurry and filmed at night, sources say that Iglesias was in Miami at the time so the footage does fit in with his schedule. Whether it's the man himself or not, you'll have to watch the video to decide for yourself.

With catchy upbeat songs, meaningful ballads, good looks and charm, it seems that Enrique will be staying on the music scene for a long time yet. Below is the video for his single 'I like it.'

'I like it'

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