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Celebrities: Skincare and Acne Problems Just Like Us!

Updated on July 11, 2012

Even the famous get acne

You’ve seen it before, and it was probably on a 90s sitcom: the dreaded zit on picture day! Nooooo! What to do? Guys, this picture is going to be in the yearbook forever – how will the captain of the football team notice me now!

Take heart, young lusters and fantasizers: it’s going to happen, and it happens to everyone. With acne, you can really only hope to contain it as opposed to stopping it entirely. I wish all of us had access to a magic acne clearing device that got rid of our zit in a second, but skin takes a little time to clear up. So maybe it will help if you heard that there are plenty of celebrities who had skin problems as well:

- Katy Perry. In addition to some of her favorite pastimes of kissing girls and liking it and living in teenage dreams, the former Mrs. Brand shills skincare products on infomercials now because she used to have a massive problem with acne. Of course she could hide under plenty of stage makeup, but still: when you have bad skin, you’ll lack confidence in even the most mundane of situations. Katy Perry is hot, talented and famous – but she still hates going to photo shoots with bad skin.

- Ronald Reagan. Yes, the Gipper himself had a classic case of the pizza face when he was growing up and trying to break into acting. Unfortunately, he could only break out before auditions, nervous, young and stressing out. Luckily for him, films were in black-and-white back then, so maybe on camera he could pass them off as freckles. Somewhere along the line Reagan got his confidence and kept his California cool with him all the way to the White House.

- Tom Brady. Speaking of California cool, this bay-area native and penultimate Captain of the football team is married to a model – now. Way back when, he was just another quarterback struggling for playing time on a talented college football team. He walked not as tall back then, with smaller arms and pimples on his face. Being crammed into a hot helmet every day didn’t help either. Now look at him: a 3-time Super Bowl Champion and 2-time MVP with a beautiful model for a wife and talent that won’t stop.

- John Wilkes Booth. This struggling actor struggled with many issues in his life, including acne. Most known for taking a terrible play and making it even worse, John Wilkes Booth stands as one of the most infamous men in the history of the world and yet was one of its most insecure. Booth’s skin problems kept him from having the confidence he needed to break into Shakespearian greatness – or even the lead in local community theater. He let his acne get him down, and brought everyone else down with him.

- The Pope. Sometime after his Hitler Youth days, Pope Benedict XVI became a priest – one who was no good at giving sermons. Sure, he shined in the confessional booths, only because people couldn’t see him. He dispensed wise advice and lived the Catholic message, but had to overcome his fear of his bad skin to succeed and eventually accede to the top of the Catholic Church.

No matter what walk of life you choose or who you are, you can have skin problems. The best way to stop those problems is to stay confident, stay sane (I’m looking at you, J.W. Booth), and don’t stress out so much. Your skin will get better, and even if it doesn’t, just know that pop stars are feeling the same thing as you.

Celebrity Acne Coverups

Current Celebrities Who Are Endorsing Acne Products

Neutrogena: Current celebrity endorsing Neutrogena is Emma Roberts. Many people wonder what kind of products she uses with the youthful and perfect skin. Google Emma Roberts, you will not find a picture of her with bad acne.

SkinID: SkinID is part of Neutrogena's new line has Hayden Panettiere, who plays a popular character in the television series Heroes, endorsing the product. This product claims to be 2x better and effective than Proactiv.

SensiClear: SensiClear is Proactiv’s main competitor but not many people know this brand. Jessica Simpson is currently the celebrity endorsing this product to have healthy looking skin. The product was previously promoted by Janice Dickinson, a former super model turned reality star.

Proactiv: Proactiv is one of the well known acne products with many celebrities endorsing for them. Some of the current celebrities endorsing for Proactiv are Justin Bieber, Julianne Hough and Melissa Claire Egan.

Clearasil: Jo Jo is currently endorsing Clearasil at the age of 21 years old aiming to help teens and young adults clearing blemishes.

PerfectSkin: The Kardashian sisters is currently endorsing this product and claiming that it has improved their skin with great results. The products are similar to Proactiv with 3 easy steps process for all skin types.

3 Weirdest Celebrities Endorsing Proactiv

1. Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne’s image has always been a punk rock and hard-core chick. She is better off endorsing products like neckties for girls with her unique sense of style.

2. Jenna Fischer – She starred in many funny movies with a targeted audience of teenagers and kids in high school. Jenna Fishcer is better known for her role in “The Office,” but teenagers and kids are probably not interested in the show.

3. Katy Perry – Katy Perry is brave to reveal how she suffers from acne but will people want to trust her personal taste. She married Russell Brand, an English comedian and actor, who is best known from the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Justin Beiber's Proactiv Commercial

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