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Celebrities Weight Attacked

Updated on June 11, 2011

I created this article sometime back after reading about political figures(women) getting their weight attacked and did a little research and found there were celebrities going through harassment due to weight gain, etc. So I wrote this article to let everyone know that a healthy weight doesn't mean being skinny as a popsicle stick. Unfortunately, celebrities have to retain their popsickle figures to get jobs. There are only a few celebs that can by with not being stick skinny and Queen Latifah is one of those women. I admire her desire to be herself and not be pressured to get in line with whatever fad is being pushed. She eats and she doesn't feel bad about it and doesn't let anyone make her feel bad about it.

Young women and girls need to understand these stick skinny women retain their bodies by not eating and doing hours a day of obsessive exercise which is not healthy. Exercise is good but when it crosses to obsession it is no longer healthy. Eating is healthy as long as you eat good food and don't overeat.

It's not just people in the political arena like Meghan McCain who is capturing the limelight due to weight. Not that I can see a size 8 or 10 garnering any attention for being overweight or a plus size. But they are.

I recently read an article about Kelly Clarkson receiving comments about her weight. I saw an article in a magazine that she is a size 12 now. Not so bad.

I've seen articles about Beyonce Knowles weight gain. Personally, I think she looks good.

People have their own personal style. Unless the weight is a big problem, extremely overweight or has definite health consequences such as heart attack or stroke then weight isn't the biggest hurdle. Of course for health benefit everyone should try to maintain a healthy weight and eat well balanced, nutritious, low fat diet and that's just good common sense.

But to knock someone for being a few pounds overweight or just because they don't fit the societal role of what is a good weight is just pathetic and ridiculous and people should be aware of how making fun of someone can hurt their self esteem. We should just be kinder and less judgmental.

We all have the ability to be judged by someone and sometime in our life we may be facing it whether we like or not or deserve it. People can be cruel and some people don't care. Each and everyone of us should be more aware and taken into consideration people's feelings.

Concentrate on being healthy, not what society thinks we should look like.


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    • My Stories profile image

      My Stories 

      7 years ago

      I just loved what you had to say about weight in society. It is a shame that society only sees skinny as beautiful. When I see runway shows and those models, they are way too skinny. I hate how when a celebrity gains weight it is a big deal. Not everyone can be skinny. If you have some meat on your bones, so be it.


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