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Celebrities Who Seem Nice But Are Really Jerks

Updated on August 9, 2014

Seem Nice But Just a Scheme

Some celebrities play nice, wholesome, all American characters on TV and seem like they are the best thing since apple pie, but remember they are actors. Many celebrities have let all of their power and money go to their heads and treat other humans darn right bad. Here is a list of some celebrities that are really not that nice and could even be called jerks for lack a better word ending with hole.


Judy Garland

Judy Garland may go down in history as the innocent farm girl from Kansas just trying to find her way home, but that wasn't the real Garland. Garland lived a much different personal life than she showed on the big screen. Garland was addicted to drugs and alcohol and faced many financial troubles throughout her short life. She was married four times and passed away at the young age of 47 from an accidental drug overdose.

Roberts and the boy she beat
Roberts and the boy she beat

Emma Roberts

This young starlet seems so sweet and innocent on the outside, but she's quite temperamental and aggressive on the inside. She is the niece of a list actress Julia Roberts and found fame in her teens. However, don't let her sweet face and gigantic Roberts teethy smile trick you. Emma Roberts was arrested in 2013 for domestic abuse. Roberts beat up her boyfriend Evan Peters, leaving him with a bloody nose and bite marks all over his body. By the grace of god and her boyfriend, Roberts did not face charges because Peters refused to press charges. Roberts is still very young so she has plenty of more time to damage her image. Maybe next time she'll pick on someone her own size.

Lopez mug shot
Lopez mug shot

Jennifer Lopez

Okay... maybe this diva isn't such a surprise star on this list. I mean she did have to write a whole song claiming she's still just Jenny from the Block... sure if you say so Jlo. While Lopes was dating Sean Combs (A.K.A.: P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, or whatever the heck else he decides to go by) the two fled the scene at a club where gun shots were fired. Lopez wasn't sticking around to be an eyewitness instead, she and Diddy scampered out of there with their tails between to their legs only to be arrested later. Lopez was released and Diddy was acquitted but still running just makes you look guilty.

Despite her cowardly acts, she is also known to be quite the diva. She is known for her outrageous backstage demands when she is touring or appearing on shows. I think Jenny from the Block needs to get rid of the entourage for a day or so and try doing things on her own. I wonder if she has someone to wipe her butt, opps, she did but she stopped dating him... what was his name?? some dancer kid. Maybe that's why Lopez messes with younger boy toys so much, because she is able to command them like they are her little minions.


Meg Ryan

Oh my... She was the epitome of America's Sweetheart but it was the leg spread heard world wide when she was caught cheating in 2000 with Russell Crowe. Ryan was still married to Dennis Quaid at the time, which to be honest with you... MUCH HOTTER THAN CROWE... but personal opinions aside... Ryan took a beating in the media. The only thing that was able to distract the media from her cheating was to blow her face up with fillers and injections. Now she isn't know as anything except sad.... People feel bad for Ryan when they see her because her lips unnaturally stick out like a blow fish and her cheeks are the size of softballs. It's like Ryan decided to punish herself for her wrong doings by using her face and the media didn't want to pick on someone who was already down for the count. That would just be mean.


Angelina Jolie

Alright if you have read any of my other material, you know that I am Team Aniston all the way, and that I have a strong dislike for Jolie. So my opinion may be bias but frankly I don't know why anyone like Jolie. She is a terrible actress who for most of her life used her sexuality as a weapon to get what she wanted. For the first five years of her career she was clinically CRAZY in my professional opinion!!! She may have had relations with her own brother from her own admission, wore vials of blood around her neck, and was a home wrecker. Gee what's not to like?? Then all of a sudden someone sprinkled fairy dust on her and instantly she became freaking mother earth. How can someone that out there just all of a sudden be completely normal. Oh that's right SHE'S CRAZY! By the way she did win an Oscar for portraying a crazy person.... I would say that she won an Oscar for portraying herself.

Howard and the ex wife he "allegedly" abused
Howard and the ex wife he "allegedly" abused

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard wins the award for the most self absorbed male actor in Hollywood. He has been quoted in magazines as saying that he prefers to date women that resemble him because to him there is nothing more beautiful than your own reflection. WOW!! Instead of looking for a woman he could just get a portable mirror and his hand to do the same job. Howard also famously threw a tantrum when he was replaced by Don Cheadle in the Iron Man series.

I just don't understand why someone would replace such a mature and upstanding man.

Crowe being arrested
Crowe being arrested

Russell Crowe

Well if I am going to place Meg Ryan on this list I have to place her partner in crime on here too. Crowe was the other man in the cheating scandal heard around the world. However, his debauchery doesn't stop there... No Crowe one upped himself in 2005 when he became angry at a hotel staff member and proceeded to slap the hotel worker in the face with a telephone. Yikes!! I guess real men use telephones for weapons... and to think he was in gladiator.


John Mayer

Alright John Mayer may actually be the only guy that is more annoying than a woman having her monthly cycle with cramps, dealing with idiots all around her. Mayer is the biggest whiner in the world. I feel like someone needs to give him a pacifier so he keeps his darn mouth shut. This is what I hear when someone talks about John Mayer blah blah hooks up with a lot of women blah blah blah whines to TMZ about hooking up with lots of women blah blah blah sings with a constipated look on his face blah blah blah irrelevant. I like the last part. He is irrelevant anymore and he is no longer known for his musicality but instead for his incessant whining and womanizing. I wonder if John ever heard the saying "Don't kiss and tell."


Reese Witherspoon

Why.. Oh Why did Reese have to go to the dark side? She was Elle Woods, Sweet Home Alabama, and she was the American pie of all actresses. Heck she had everyone eating from the palm of her hands when her ex-husband cheated on her and broke her heart. However, she fell from the light in 2013, when her new husband Jim Toth was pulled over for drunk driving. Witherspoon was merely a passenger and was facing no charges, until she started spouting off her mouth which the police officers recorded. Ouch... I believe there is one line where Witherspoon says something such as "Do you know who I am?" referring to her being an oh so important Hollywood starlet who should be above the law. Gag me!

Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken into custody. She later plead guilty, I guess so if the whole world hears your egotistical and bratty rant on YouTube.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth... Gwyneth... she got involved with GOOP and everything went downhill from there. She has put her foot in her mouth more times than anyone can count even with the use of a flowchart. She has insulted mothers, blue collar workers, other celebrities, fat people, heck the list goes on and on. This woman needs a straight shot of real life and needs to be taken out of her pampered super star lifestyle she has lived since she was a child. I don't have much more to say about Ms. Paltrow who recently "uncoupled" from her husband, because quite frankly Gwyneth is destroying her image quite well on her own.

Rimes and her cheating husband and his ex wife
Rimes and her cheating husband and his ex wife

LeAnn Rimes

Wow did this one originally come out of left field from nowhere. She was such a cute little country bumpkin. I adored her. Then suddenly she became blonder and much stupider in a very small amount of time. She cheated on her husband with a married man who had two children. Broke up the family, then started a Twitter war with her lover's ex wife, and inserted herself into two young boys lives by trying to be mommy number 2. All while doing this she became quite thin and the lack of food killed millions of brains cell and now Rimes is simply a flotation device with a reality TV show.

Baldwin attacking man taking photos
Baldwin attacking man taking photos

Alec Baldwin

I was debating whether or not to place Baldwin on this list because honestly I can't remember a time when he wasn't known as a total jerk. He's always been a jerk right?? I think its just become more obvious because of social media and cell phone video cameras. So many of Baldwin's rants and tantrums have been caught on camera and shared all over social media that I don't think I have a lot of explaining to do about including him on this list. Oh yeah, don't forget the lovely phone message he left his teen daughter calling her "A rude, thoughtless little pig. Who didn't have the brains or the decency as a human being to pick up the phone." I have no idea where Ireland may have picked up her bad habits??


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