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Celebrities in the Media

Updated on May 11, 2011

Tiger's Woes

The talking heads and media outlets are agog with excitement over the first anxiously awaited public appearance of Tiger Woods in weeks. Not only is Tiger using this widely publicized media event to render a public apology for his philandering ways; he is expecting this to be the beginning of an effort to rehabilitate his public image, kick off his return to golf, and hopefully reclaim the Tiger brand.

Quite a lot of people agree, People feel that Tiger should use the opportunity that this conference announcement presents to “come totally clean,” or “exorcise his demons,” or “honestly tell the whole unpalatable, salacious truth.” The thinking here being that only by publicly disavowing what he had done in a genuine, contriteful way would he endear himself to the world again.

Others have even called for him to simply bury his head in shame and retire from professional golf altogether! That he had crossed a line that very few ever really recover from. That he would simply be reduced to an object to be tossed around and bandied about for exploitation by any one with the most modicum gumption regarding how to make a quick buck!

I happen to be one of many who, on the contrary, are convinced that beyond the fact that Tiger is a preeminent celebrity (the first $1 billion athlete), which ordinarily causes any sliver of information about him to be in the public domain and therefore of unusual public interest, his behavior as it relates to the choice to cheat on his wife is a personal matter; one that should rightfully remain between just the two of them to sort out.

The thing that I find really intriguing, though, is Tiger’s preference for white women, especially those from lower socio-economic cadres (nannies, bartenders, waitresses and the like). Because this bizarre obsession seems so brazen, one is left wondering how much of it is reflective of that certain kind of complex.

Now, this might sound a bit uppity to some, but how does one truly reconcile Tiger’s background---a billionaire athlete, Stanford graduate---with his line of relationship interests?

Then there is this other claim that Tiger completed a rehab program for sex addicts. Rehab for sex addiction? Come on! This is the lamest cop-out for rich folks once busted. Sex addiction isn’t even a recognized diagnosable psychological condition!

All that said, my advice to Tiger is that he should call off this conference immediately, privately sort things out with his wife in a way that recognizes what’s best for both of them and their children, shut up and simply play golf! He’s a golfer, not a priest!


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