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Celebrity Apprentice -- John vs. Marlee

Updated on July 3, 2011

The Donald decides who this years Celebrity Apprentice will be

Did the right Celeb win?

I'm not sure if I would choose Marlee as the strongest player from the women's team. She was one of the least offensive. I actually thought Lil Jon and John Rich should have been up against each other. I just thought Lil Jon was stronger than Marlee.

The final challenge was to create some retro design for 7-Up and to create an event and commercial. Both John and Marlee had problems with both their celebrities, but it all worked out in the end. 

In regards to the commercials, I thought John's was better. Most of Marlee's commercial made me cringe. The only thing that save it was Geoffrey Holder. Having him in it was a stroke of genius.

Let me take a moment out to gush over one of my all-time favorite actors. I've loved this man since he played Baron Samedi: the man who cannot die, in Live and Let Die. That's my only favorite James Bond movie. It's the only one I have on DVD and the only one I want on DVD. It's the only way I can enjoy that movie. The last time it was played on TV the censors hacked it to pieces. They even cut off the end, which is the best part, where Baron Samedi is sitting on the back of the train doing GH's trademark laugh as Paul McCarthney's Live and Let Die starts playing. Don't even get me started about how they cut off the end of movie credits which drives me crazy.

There is not a thing I don't love about this movie. It wasn't just Geoffrey Holder I became a fan of. Jane Seymour, Clifton James and Yappet Kotto. The first time I saw GH in a 7-UP commercial when I was a kid I started squealing, "It's the guy from Live and Let Die!" And every time I see Jane Seymour, I'm always thinking there's Solitaire. I even still remember some of the lines.

Jane Seymour: A man comes. He travels over water. He will bring violence and destruction.

Roger Moore: My  name is Bond...James Bond.

Yappet Kott: Names are for tombstones, baby. Take this honky and waste him. 

That line got butchered because it has the H word.

Okay, back to the subject at hand. Can design-wise I thought it was a tie. In regards to the events, I think Marlee beat John. John announced Def Leopard too early and he had to wing it by playing opening act until they got there. And the execs mentioned that they were greeted at Marllee's event, but not at John's. 

It may have come down to the issue of money. John mentioned how much he raised, but the task wasn't a fundraising event. Marlee tried to counter with she raised the most in one episode. The Donald decides John Rich was the winner. I think the right person won. John consistently was a good player.

My favorite John moment has to be when he confronted Gary Busey and called him a saboteur. That he thought Gary was putting on an act and sabotaging people to win the game.

Speaking of Gary. He was back. He was still talking about the kite story from Omaha Steaks. He claimed Omaha Steaks used his idea and had created a kite in honor of his story. 

The Donald, trying to be Jeff Probst, tried to bring up the controversy between Meatloaf and Gary. Now that the game is over, The Loaf is fine with Gary and they even hugged it out to prove it.

Someone who is holding a grudge is David Cassidy. I missed the first episode, so I have no clue what went on between David and Richard Hack, but David was gloating about Richard Hack being thrown into the clink.

Nene and Star were another two players that weren't going to hug it out. Star tried playing the race card. claiming Nene targeted only successful black women. Does that really work when the person you're accusing being a racist is black? Dionne Warwick and Star were vile and repulsive and Latoya was a bad player. I'll defend Latoya when she was fired, because she got fired for being a weak player, but she wasn't the person responsible for the task's failure. That was Star who should have been fired. 

And that The Donald is why you should get any ideas out of your head of running for president. Anyone who has watched this show knows you have different rules for different people. Gary was a weak player and none of his team members could tolerate him, but since you liked Gary you made the men have to put up with Gary. But when Princess Star messed up you fired someone else instead of her and when she whined about not being able to work with Nene you booted Nene off the woman's team to appease the overbearing diva. 

I can't recall if Dionne returned for the reunion. I may have blocked it out. She was also one of my childhood favorites. Not anymore. The woman was so vile, I'm not sure I can even stand to listen to her music anymore, which I once loved.

Anyway, another Celebrity Apprentice has come to an end and ultimately I think the right person won. I wish I could always say that for all the other reality shows I watch.


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