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Celebrity Apprentice -- Trump Hotel Collection Task

Updated on April 25, 2011

Would You Vote For Me For President?

The Donald mentions he might be running for president and asks each contestant if they'd vote for him. Like they're not going to say yes and risk you taking it out on them and firing them. For the record, Donald, no, I wouldn't vote for you.

Since the men are down to three members, I was surprised The Donald didn't have one of the women go over to Backbone to even things out a bit. The task was to design a four-page ad for the Trump Hotel Collection.

John agrees to be project manager even though he doesn't have a clue how to go about doing this task, and Starr, who feels this task is right up her alley, is project manager for the women.

Meatloaf seems to be the new Gary as he comes up with a Gary-esque idea of looking into the mirror and seeing the future. John is left wondering what that has to do with the task at hand. The Loaf also messes up the photos of the butler their using, as he doesn't have one shot of the guy smiling, so the men have to cut the guy's head off in the picture. 

Backbone's brochure is pretty blah. It has too many words and too many twenty-syllable words that make it seem too pretentious. They also go through the brochure to spell check it, but still manage to misspell some words.

Latoya hates the concept Starr comes up with. Doesn't believe it's what The Donald said they were looking for. They wanted something different. Starr has Hope in a tub with rose petals and the girls decked out in Ivanka's jewelry collection eating a meal together. Hope's picture has problems as you can see she's wearing a towel in the tub and the bottle of champagne she's supposed to be drinking out of isn't even opened.

Nene is still upset that Latoya dissed her in the boardroom by saying she wouldn't call her. Starr gets them to talk it out and they reach a new understanding. In short, they hug it out.

The men give a good presentation of Jim and James, the execs they need to impress. If they had used some of the stuff their saying in the presentation in their brochure they would have had a better product. The women's presentation is a mess with each woman saying a prentious word describing the Trump Hotel Collection. One of the J's thinks the women's ad layout looks sleazy.

J&J tell The Donald there wasn't a winner, just a loser. That both ads were bad. After putting the men and women through their paces in the boardroom The Donald reveals the men won based solely on their presentation, as they didn't even have a phone number or website to contact the Trump Hotel chain.

Not that Gary is gone, the men have stopped being catty about one team member. The women, however, had their claws out. Nene said she thought Hope and Marlee were crawling up Starr's butt. Latoya says she thought Starr was to blame for all their losses to the men. And Starr said Latoya was the weakest link. 

Starr brings Latoya and Nene back. Nene feels she's being set up by Starr. Nene ultimately agrees with Starr that Latoya is the weakest link. The Donald fires Latoya because he thinks she'll be a detriment to the women beating the men. And that in a nutshell is why I would never vote for The Donald for president. He has a total double standard.

Where was this type of decision when Gary was a detriment to the men beating the women? He could see how the men felt about Gary, and yet he fired the strong player and kept the weak one. What about the disadvantage the men had going against the women when they only had three members and they had five? Yet because Latoya would be a detriment to the women beating the men she gets fired. Latoya isn't a tenth of a detriment as Gary was.The guy is totally bogus.

It wasn't even Latoya's fault they lost the task, it was Starr's, and she's the one who should have been fired, not Latoya.

Latoya hugs Nene before she leaves, but wants nothing to do with Starr. It was ironic that Starr got Nene and Latoya to hug it out, then she used Nene against Latoya to save her own hide.

As they head back to the suite, Nene tries to tell Starr they need to be a real team and Starr needs to stop being so forceful, since she could be stopping Hope and Marlee from speaking up with their own ideas.


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    • Carolyn2008 profile image

      Carolyn Gibson 6 years ago from Boston

      If Nene and LaToya had backed each other up, they could have gotten rid of Star Jones. I give LaToya credit for holding her ground against Star. As the Project Manager, she in fact made all of the decisions. She should have been fired. But when Nene decided to go against someone she thought she could get rid of, she threw LaToya under the bus.

      I believe Nene will regret her decision. Nene was too afraid to stand up against Star, in case she went against Star and she ended up not getting fired.

      As a reality show, Donald Trump's main purpose is to keep audiences worked up and tuning in each week. He is the master of manipulation, and that's why it's his show.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 6 years ago

      I wouldn't vote for Donald either. So far he has shown me nothing but the ability to spout a lot of nonsense with no factual basis. His foreign policy ideas are a joke.

      voted up