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Celebrity Apprentice – Week Ten: Piers Morgan Slaughters Omarosa

Updated on August 17, 2017

The teams meet at Donald Trump’s apartment, where he also informs them that Celebrity Apprentice has made $630,000 for charity so far. For the challenge this week, they will choose an artist and sell his or her work at the Moti Hasson Gallery in New York.

Piers Morgan and Omarosa Battle Head to Head

Trump asks the groups to choose their project managers right on the spot. Piers Morgan volunteers for Hydra and Omarosa steps up for Empresario. After last week’s loss (where Omarosa originally volunteered to lead and then changed her mind), she needed to prove her leadership ability. Additionally, in her previous experience on The Apprentice, the art gallery challenge was the one that got Omarosa fired from the show.

The Teams Meet With Gallery Owner Moti Hasson

In meeting with Moti Hasson, Omarosa glosses over the artwork and instead asks about the secret to displaying art. Hasson tells her to “follow your heart” because that’s what works for him. Empresario decided on David Kramer’s artwork priced between $2,000-$5,000.

Conversely, when Hydra meets with Hasson, they discover that one artist, Shirley Shor, has multiple copies of her new media art. That means they can sell several pieces a few times over, essentially providing them with more chances to make money.

Omarosa Fails to Learn From Her Mistakes

In the very first challenge, Omarosa lost because she refused to let her celebrity teammates call their contacts for donations. Rather than learning from this mistake, she repeats it. When Baldwin begins calling his contacts, she once again pulls him off that task in favor of “learning about the artwork” instead.

On the opposite side, Morgan spends the day calling his personal contacts and asking them for money. Morgan is determined to win the challenge and beat Omarosa, telling his teammates, “This is personal.”

A Battle Over Gallery Placement

At the gallery, Hydra got the least desirable room located in the back. Patrons would have to walk through Empresario’s gallery before they could get to Hydra’s. Omarosa tries to take advantage of this by standing at the front entrance in an effort to funnel people into her gallery.

Empresario seemed to get the bulk of patrons in their area, but few of them bought pieces. As an added insult, when one of Baldwin’s contacts arrived he bought a piece from Carol Alt rather than from Baldwin and his team. Conversely, several of Morgan’s contacts showed up and purchased several pieces.

The Worst Slaughter in Apprentice History

Morgan was on a personal mission to defeat Omarosa, and he succeeded. Omarosa and her team sold only three of sixteen paintings for a total of $7,000. Morgan’s team sold fourteen of twenty pieces for $164,000. Trump called it a “slaughter” and the worst defeat in Apprentice history.

As a result of his win, Morgan received an additional $51,300 for his charity, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Hydra, elated with their victory, laughed on the way out of the boardroom.

Omarosa Attacks Piers Morgan

During her previous stint on The Apprentice, Omarosa complained that she couldn’t sell paintings because she had a higher price point. Trump focused on her, asking why she couldn’t sell more paintings since this time she had the lower price point. Rather than defend herself, Omarosa focused on Morgan. She said she “knew things” about Morgan and that she thought he “was in the closet.”

Trump asked if Morgan, who was watching the boardroom antics from the comfort of the war room, wanted to come back to defend himself. Morgan agreed, marching up to Omarosa and Trace Adkins. At first it looked as if Morgan might hit Omarosa, but instead he told Adkins “you’re a beautiful cowboy” and kissed him on the cheek. Morgan walked out of the room laughing. His response was evident: Omarosa and her claims mean nothing to him.

Omarosa told Trump she had “stepped up as a leader” but Ivanka Trump reminded her that she was a three-time losing project manager. There was nothing left for Omarosa to say, and she was fired.


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