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Celebrity Big Brother 2011

Updated on October 16, 2011

Just one year ago we all thought Big Brother had ended for good, but now channel 5 have bought it back. This time round there will be no Davina, instead ex Big Brother winner Brian Dowling is presenting the hit reality show. The new house boasts a 5 star gym, a plush swimming pool and a sauna among other things. And given the line up we can expect fake romances and arguments galore for the next three weeks!!

Kerry Katona was first into the big brother house looking fresh faced and wearing a stunning black gown. And after watching her VT which showed Kerry aged 30, talking about her "roller-coaster life" i can't help but think we are going to be subject to endless hours of her boohoo poor me act. We shall see.......

Tara Reid was second in to the house. Tara aged 35, is mostly known for her role in the American Pie films, describes herself as loyal and trusting, she said she just hopes that the British public like her. Tara has only just got married, so how will she handle spending her honeymoon away from her new hubby? Only time will tell.........

Paddy Doherty was third in the house. Paddy aged 55 is known as the King of the Gypsy community, he has appeared on 'Danny Dyers Deadliest Men' where he talked about his life as a bare knuckle fighter, he also appeared in the popular reality show 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'. I am not sure just how Paddy is going to fit in with the other celebs, but i recon he will be one to watch.

Amy Childs was fourth in the house. Amy is known for playing out her own life in the hit reality show 'The Only Way is Essex' which she has recently left to appear in the house. Essex girl Amy aged 21 calls herself Queen of the Vajazzle, and the newly single reality star is sure to spice up the house. Shuuuuuut Uuuuuuup!!

Darryn Lyons was the fifth person to step into the house, Darryn aged 46 is more commonly known as 'Mr Paparazzi' and is used to photographing celebrities for his huge picture agency, he is also known for his wacky colourful hairdo's and didn't disappoint when he walked into the house sporting a bright pink Mohican. Darryn makes a living out of these celebs and says he doesn't suffer people he doesn't like, so how will he handle living under the same roof as them??

Sally Bercow was the sixth in the house, Sally aged 42 is the wife of John Bercow 'speaker at the house of commons'. Sally is known as a loud woman who does what she likes despite what people in her circle think. Sally was famously photographed in just a bed sheet, and confessed to Brian that her hubby didn't even know she was coming into the big brother house. I think Sally will definitely have a few rows in the house.

Lucien Laviscount was the seventh person in the house, Lucien aged 19 is known for being in a handful of TV shows such as Coronation Street and Waterloo Road. Lucien said he was going to a modelling agency and bumped into David Beckham who advised him to become a Actor. It is also worth noting that Lucien is single and looking for a woman who is fun to be with, hmmm i'm feeling a big brother romance coming on.

Pamela Hasselhof is the eighth housemate and looked suspiciously drunk lol, Pamela aged 47 is known for being David Hasselhof's ex wife although she kept his surname. She also used to be in Baywatch. Not really sure why she is in the house, although by the way she was slurring her words, i am not really sure she knows either!!

Bobby Sabel is the ninth housemate. Not really sure who he is but with looks like that, who the hell cares!! Brian Dowling informs us all that 25 year old Bobby is a British model, and will certainly be a hit with the ladies. I'm thinking Amy Childs will take a liking to him, which will make the other woman "well jell".

Jedward was the tenth/eleventh housemates argh!! Jedward aged 20 are known for being the highly annoying twins of x factor, that could not sing or dance and have ridiculous looking hairdos. Jedward are sure to annoy the other housemates with there annoying and childish behaviour. I just hope that they are first out the door!!

After the housemates were revealed, Big brother asked for one housemate to enter the diary room, Kerry Katona decided to go. Once seated, they tell Kerry that she has to throw a big Diva tantrum and act like a big celebrity diva. If her housemates don't pick her as the biggest diva tomorrow then she will be punished. If big brother really want Kerry to throw a diva tantrum, then they should just take away the champagne she has been necking since she walked in the door, either that or take away her ciggs.


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    • profile image

      lostwithinmyself 6 years ago

      I am a big brother fan.. I am glad that paddy won he so reminds me of my own dad. I am a big Kerry kotona fan too and glad she came second :) x