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'Celebrity Big Brother': Dina Lohan's Ex-Husband Threatens Legal Action for Money She Earns from the Show

Updated on August 22, 2019
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.

When contestants go on Celebrity Big Brother, they get a sign-up fee and a stipend each week they stay on the show. Dina Lohan is not predicted to win the $250,000 grand prize. She has never won any competitions to become Head of Household (HOH) or to get the Power of Veto (POV). However, she is expected to get a reasonable payday since she has stayed in the house up until now. She is one of five people left with only two more episodes to air.

Lindsay Lohan's mother has done a lot of talking on the show about her financial situation. She said she did not pay her bills before she left home, and now she is three months behind on her car payment and other monthly bills. Millions of people have listened to her and heard her conversations about her private life.

One person, in particular, has listened closely and is threatening to have producers garnish her pay based on an agreement that was made before she went into the Big Brother house.

Dina Lohan
Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan's Ex-Husband Wants Her Pay Garnished

Dina's ex-husband Michael Lohan is threatening legal action against her for bad mouthing him on Celebrity Big Brother. Dina has been very open about discussing her private family business. Michael Lohan has been paying close attention to what she has been saying especially about him.

He said they had an agreement that she would not talk about him and make him out to be a bad guy in front of millions of people. Once inside the house, Dina forgot about the agreement and had made Michael the subject of some of her conversations. Needless to say, this has made her ex-husband furious to the point that he has vowed to do something about it.

Michael said he was rooting for his ex-wife at first, but when she started talking about him and making herself look like a victim, he changed his mind. Now he is willing to have producers garnish her earnings so she can pay him back the $100,000 she owes him.

Dina Lohan
Dina Lohan | Source

What Michael is especially upset about is that Dina is telling the other houseguests and all America about her marriage to him and how he left her in a financial bind. Michael says that's not true because he left her the house so she and their four children would have a place to stay.

Michael also said that he and Dina have been on very good terms over the past few years and she calls him whenever there is a problem. In fact, he claims that while Dina is on Celebrity Big Brother, he is actually taking care of construction that is going on at her house.

Michael says he would prefer that Dina not discuss him at all. If she does bring him up in a conversation, he wishes that she would be honest instead of making others think she was a victim.

Legal Action

Michael is threatening legal action if Dina continues to bring him up more allegations or tell more lies about him. Dina's ex-husband says she shouldn't be saying anything negative about him because she is the one who has a $100,000 judgment against her for money she owes him. Michael says he hasn't followed up with the judgment because he knows she is broke.

After Celebrity Big Brother is over, the momager will get money to catch up on the bills. In the meantime, Michael Lohan says if Dina doesn't stop talking about him, he is willing to call the network and production company and request that he gets Dina's pay instead.

Several Interesting Things

Several things are interesting about Michael's threat. First of all, he has brought attention to what Dina might have said. Most of the private conversations are on the Live Feeds which most people have not seen. Now Michael himself has brought it to the public's attention.

Another interesting thing is that Michael says he doesn't want the money for himself. Instead, he is going to try to get Dina's money to donate to a charity for addiction.

It is also interesting that this concern is coming up now that Dina has announced that she is going to marry someone she has never seen even though they have been talking on the phone almost every day for five years.

Michael is concerned that Dina is being taken advantage of by this person she has never met or seen him. Some of the other houseguests think she is being "catfished." Everybody knows how those stories go with women sending money to someone they claim to be in love with.

The Lohans

Dina and Michael married in 1985. They separated briefly in 1988, but they later reunited. Dina filed for divorce in 2005, and their divorce was finalized in 2007. They are the parents of four children: actress Lindsay, 32, Michael Jr., 31, Aliana, 25, and Dakota, 22. Michael fathered another child named Ashley during the brief time he was separated from Dina.

Michael Lohan is also a television personality. The 58-year-old remarried and has two sons by Kate Major. However, Dina never remarried.

In a conversation, Tamar Braxton and Ricky Williams were discussing the catfish situation behind Dina's back. Ricky asked Tamar if she thought Dina would ever find a man and get married again. Tamar said in her Tamar Braxton's voice, 'Yeah! My mother is 71 years old and my sisters and I are trying to set her up with something." It was an odd question for Ricky to ask because even though Dina might act older than she really is, she is only 56 years old.


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