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Celebrity Deathmatch: More Bloody Fights

Updated on March 13, 2015

Familiar Faces

In the article Celebrity Deathmatch: Memories I talked about how Celebrity Deathmatch was a show that made celebrities made out of clay try to beat each other to death. The fights were treated like a legitimate wrestling match, all of the fights involved different celebrities both living and deceased, and all of the deaths were surreal with in the methods that were utilized. And since Celebrity Deathmatch ended in 2007, this meant that there were some fights that could get very bloody and very hilarious. One fight between the founder of KFC, Colonel Harlan Sanders, and the founder of Wendy's, Dave Thomas, was surreal because it involved the use of a makeshift time machine to make a fight that was also surreal in that one of the fighters ended up dying in a very ironic fashion. One interesting fight, involving the silent film actors Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, was framed to resemble the black-and-white televised media of the 1920s, which meant that the fight by itself was mostly silent, but still capable of showing the brutality of a typical Celebrity Deathmatch fight. And during special moments in the series, wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin made a cameo, the fight had two formerly married couples fight against each other. This fight involved Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman fighting against Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. This particular fight ended quite differently compared to the previous two fights. Celebrity Deathmatch went on as long as it did because it showcased different fights that were unique for its time, most of the fights had interesting context included, and they were all generally fun to watch.

Seeing the owner of a Fast Food franchise attempt to kill his old boss. Only in Celebrity Deathmatch.
Seeing the owner of a Fast Food franchise attempt to kill his old boss. Only in Celebrity Deathmatch. | Source

Colonel Sanders vs. Dave Thomas

This fight was interesting because one of the fighters was already dead. It was also interesting because both fighters used to work with each other. In a match between Colonel Harlan Sanders and Dave Thomas, this idea came up because Dave Thomas used to work with Colonel Sanders before creating Wendy's. Humorously, Celebrity Deathmatch got around the fact that Colonel Sanders was dead at the time of this fight by utilizing a time machine. Which succeeded in bringing Colonel Sanders back to life. An interesting aesthetic choice about this match was that the fighting area was filled with overgrown fast food equipment like a salad bar, overgrown bowls filled with condiments, grills, and even a giant deep fryer. During the actual match Colonel Sanders extended his hand in friendship towards Dave Thomas, but it turned out to be a bluff and Dave Thomas suffered a head injury via cane. Then another hit got Dave in the groin, which was quickly followed-up with a hit that made him land on the grill. Hilariously, Dave Thomas as an animated character apparently smelled like bacon when grilled. For payback Dave put Colonel Sanders in a headlock and dragged him towards the salad bar and started bashing Colonel Sanders's face against the sneeze guard. Then Dave started force feeding Harlan the vegetables from the salad bar. Colonel Sanders managed to spit out the food that he was being forced to eat and used a pair of tongs to amputate both of Dave's arms. Ironically, Cave Thomas won this match by using an angry chicken to decapitate Colonel Sanders, cover his flailing body in condiments, and landing inside the deep fryer and turning into some crispy fried human.

Given his style of comedy, this guy could take a licking.
Given his style of comedy, this guy could take a licking. | Source

Buster Keaton vs. Charlie Chaplin

Both Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin starred in silent films that had acts of physical violence as its form of comedy. Which basically meant that them fighting each other would be featured in a violent cartoon like Celebrity Deathmatch. What was unique about this fight was that the hosts Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond were not technically the hosts of this fight. This fight was hosted by past incarnations of Johnny and Nick and it was animated to have the fashion and animation styles of the 1920s. There was even a reference to The Great Depression. For the fight itself, it played out like an actual silent film. None of the characters who were involved in the actual fight talked, when there was supposed to be talking the screen transitioned into a title card with the words written on the screen, and everything had more slapstick added into it. In the beginning of this fight had Charlie Chaplin attempt to punch Buster Keaton in the face, but Buster dodged and headbutted Charlie as a counterattack. Hilariously, one of the running gags in this fight was that Charlie Chaplin would get a "brilliant" idea to beat Buster Keaton, but each idea ended up backfiring. Such ideas included throwing a pie to Buster Keaton's face, putting a banana peel on the floor, and using Mills Lane as a human shield. All these ideas resulted in Charlie Chaplin getting his face burned, his body beaten up, and his pride steadily getting destroyed. Buster Keaton ultimately won this match by running over Charlie Chaplin with a train until he was completely flattened. But still alive for some reason.

An actual wrestler who voiced and hosted Celebrity Deathmatch fights. Seriously.
An actual wrestler who voiced and hosted Celebrity Deathmatch fights. Seriously. | Source

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman vs. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Sometimes Celebrity Deathmatch did things differently by having a guest commentator make an appearance. Sometimes Celebrity Deathmatch did things differently by by using more than just two opponents. In the fight between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman versus Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, this fight was unique in that the fame wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin voiced himself as a guest commentator in this fight between two formerly married couples. When the viewer saw the actual fighters Demi Moore was in her G.I. Jane persona training and acting like she could beat up anyone, Bruce Willis was acting strangely relaxed, Nicole Kidman seemed overprotective of Tom Cruise, and Tom Cruise seemed to use his Mission: Impossible experience as training for this fight. Other than the actual fight, this match also had a sub-plot of a lost little girl located somewhere in the ring. As for the main fight, Nicole Kidman used Tom Cruise as a projectile to punch Bruce Willis and start the fight. While Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis were punching each other in the face, Demi Moore managed to tie Nicole Kidman's hair onto one of the ropes encircling the ring and proceeded to ruin Nicole Kidman's face, but Nicole was able to kick Demi in the stomach and then counter with a kick that sent Demi flying. Pretty soon the fight descended into chaos once all four fighters began punching each other on top of Tom Cruise. Soon the fight was temporarily postponed because the little girl that was lost turned up, but was stuck on the roof. Long story short Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise died simultaneously, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin took credit with saving the girl, and the match ended with Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman going out with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Which was a major plot twist for this kind of show.

Interesting Fights

Celebrity Deathmatch was a unique show for MTV in that while it did not contain a lot of music in its content, there were many singers, musicians, and celebrities who could kill each other for entertainment purposes. And it was all so fun to watch.


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    • Jake Peralta profile imageAUTHOR

      Jake Michael Peralta 

      3 years ago from Indio, California

      Believe me, there are more cases of unexpected fights.

    • catfish33 profile image

      Jeffrey Yelton 

      3 years ago from Maryland

      I watched that show a lot, but I never saw the Chaplin/Keaton match. Since I'm a silent movie buff, I really enjoyed it! Especially when Keaton came out on top.

    • Jake Peralta profile imageAUTHOR

      Jake Michael Peralta 

      3 years ago from Indio, California

      One that went on for a surprisingly long time.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Celebrity Death Match, a trip down memory lane.


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