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Celebrity Inspiration For Bright Hair

Updated on July 20, 2014

Bright hair is not just a look that you can see on the street. Not only has the trend spilled over into catwalk, but also to many popular celebrities that have helped to make the look more mainstream. With a wide range of colours cropping up on celebrities, we now have extra souces of inspiration when it comes to dying our own hair crazy colours. Whether you're looking for celebs with bright hues or pastel shades, there's famous people rocking a variety of different hair colours at the moment meaning that you only have to switch to your favourite music channel or glance at a magazine rack in order to gain inspiration for your own bright hair endeavours.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry has showcased both blue and pink hair, being a trendsetter for both bright hair shades, as well as pastel ones. If you're looking to dye your hair a pastel blue or pink, like Katy Perry, then add conditioner to a bright dye of the colour that you want. Play around with the denominations until you find the shade that fits you perfectly!


Lady Gaga

Can we even count all of the shades that Gaga has had in her hair? Like many people, she seems to have fun with changing colour a lot. If you want to do a Gaga & keep switching your colour, buy a semi-permanent rather than a demi-permanent & use Head & Shoulders shampoo to try to wash the dregs out when you're ready to change. Alternatively, you could use a dye removal product or even grow your wig collection!



Rihanna's rocked the red hair a few times, varying in vividness but always looking immaculate. No matter what cut or style her hair is, she pulls this colour off fantastically. If you like Rihanna's look but aren't sure what shade of red to go for, try mixing more than one dye together until you get the exact colour that you want for your locks.


Gerard Way

Way, from the popular band My Chemical Romance, is another who sports the red hair look. Bright hair colours are usually very popular within the rock scene, and Gerard's red do is no different. Often looking tousled, you can copy this look by back-combing your roots slightly to gain some extra volume, or use products designed for creating a more rugged look.


Kelly Osbourne

In her younger days, we may remember Kelly with bright pink or red hair, but recently she's been showing off her fantastic lavender hair. A very versatile hair shade, you can achieve lavender by lightening your hair to white & then mixing a purple hair dye with conditioner.


Paris Hilton

Similarly to Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton has also had the lavender hair look in the past. She has also used pink more than once. Here, we see her with pink streaks. To dye streaks into your own hair, use tinfoil in order to separate the sections that you want to dye the bright colour & then wrap the hair up in it once you are done applying the hair colour to ensure that it does not mingle with the rest of your hair.


Kim Kardashian

Kim has had a few different bright hair colours, also. Here, we can see how she has incorporated colour into her fringe. There are many innovative ways of doing this, meaning that many people only add bright shades to their fringe - this is a fantastic look and can be easy to do. With Kim's shade of hair, however, bleaching would have to be done first in order to achieve such bright shades over dark hair.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been spotted with these bright coontails, which are an interesting addition to her otherwise plain hair. You can find a wide variety of these in the form of extensions meaning that you do not have to commit to these bright streaks. This is ideal for anybody who has school or work commitments which disallow them from having bright hair, since you can simply take them out and then pop them back in before a party, meeting with friends or whenever you want to show them off.


Avril Lavigne

Avril has used dyed streaks to liven up her hair many times over the years. This can be a fantastic look, especially this one where the two bright shades compliment each other. If you are looking to use more than one colour in your hair but are not sure of whether they will go together well, try strand testing your hair with the colours alongside each other; this will not only show how they will look in partnership but will also allow for you to see how the turnout will be.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has had many bright hair colours, including some wacky designs that I wouldn't suggest trying at home! This simple dip dye, however, is a wonderful effect and is relatively easy to re-create. A simple way of dip-dying is to plait your hair and then just dip the end of the plait into the dye that you want you use - and voilĂ !

There are many more celebrities that use bright colours in their hair, but this list would become extremely long if I were to list them all! With a wide range of shades and styles in the public eye, there is always bright hair inspiration that we can take from the stars. Whether you are looking for very bold ideas or more run-of-the-mill designs for your bright locks, it seems that you can't avoid finding inspiration any more than you can celebrity gossip!


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