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Celebrity Meltdowns

Updated on March 3, 2012
The inside look at the rich and famous
The inside look at the rich and famous

The Rich and Famous

Celebrities also known as the rich and famous have had over the past decade a string of meltdowns that have been very public. Some of which have ended tragically. So why are all these celebrities who have the luxuries of the best of the best having such hard public meltdowns? This is designed to out a few stars who had the worst meltdowns. I'm not doing this to put certain celebrities in a bad spot light, i'm just using a few for examples and exploring the possibilities of why and what they could have sort for help. Then i'm going to compare them to the average American. With any luck this will help you, the reader, realize that celebrities as amazing as they are, they are human beings just like us. To be admired their talent but not to be taken to extremes. :)

R.I.P. to Amy W.
R.I.P. to Amy W.
Britney Spears goes bald 2007!
Britney Spears goes bald 2007!

Britney & Amy

Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse both in my opinion had two of the worse public meltdowns of the 2000-2010 era. Let's start with Britney Spears, her music has touched the everyday person time after time. She has won many awards, and is a fashion icon. She has two beautiful boys. So what went wrong? Well lets start with her rather quick marriage to Kevin Federline. His name wasn't a household name by any means like Britney's was before their marriage. Slowly after that we saw Britney get pregnant, have marriage problems, get pregnant again shortly after she gave birth to her first son, and then go through a divorce. All of which she was having major episodes of what can be called depression. I think she needed a team of people who loved her enough to nurse her back to health. Instead she had what i call a team of money seeking people willing to throw her into the first available program. I think she needed a best friend or a sister to really talk to HER. Instead she had very public meltdown that went as far as her shaving her head! As the media was very cruel to her, i think she was crying out for someone who loved her. The bottom line in Britney's case she was seeking to be loved. Now onto Amy Winehouse, she was beautiful, had lots of hit songs, style, and was known for being a unique fashion icon. Her tragic story ended sadly as she lost the battle to hard drugs. I had asked myself how could someone with so much to give constantly go back to a serious drug addiction? Why didn't anyone step in and help her? The sad part is even with all of her serious public drug related meltdowns she didn't get the help she needed. I think that a lot of the average people who have used those kind of drugs before can tell you that it was a snowball of emotions and behaviors that made it possible for them to use again. I personally think that Amy who had a lot, didn't have what she needed, people around her that would not let her go back to drugs. Heartbreaking part is that she didn't get enough attention until it was too late. A huge loss for everyone. :(

In Conclusion

I would like to say that i only again used those two as examples but there was many more meltdowns. Chris brown, Michael Jackson (r.i.p), Whitney Houston (r.i.p), that didn't get the type of help they needed. The point is that while these Celebrities have many great talents to share with the world we as the average person need to remember they have problems just like everyone else. They want love just like everyone else. Most of them had a horrible or not good upbringing. They express love different because of who they are. They are followed every second by a camera. Image never having a private moment to yourself? They are to be admired but not to be copied as they make mistakes too. Use them as examples and learn from their life lessons. :) thank you be safe everyone.


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    • Mistressoflove profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Rhode Island

      Thank you for the support eddy :)

    • Eiddwen profile image


      6 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting and I now look forward to reading many more by you.

      Take care;



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