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Celebrity Role Models

Updated on August 27, 2012

Why We Need Role Models

I think it is an innate characteristic of human beings to look up to others and make them their role models. As children, we tend to put the people closest to us on pedestals. Our moms - or dads, for that matter - take on superhuman aspects and, usually, become our first role models.

As we grow older, our elder siblings may become the ones we look up to. If that doesn't happen, there is always the cousin who seems to have it all together. Or there is the cool kid in the neighborhood.

Of course, there is also the celebrity that seems to have a god-like status, especially for teenagers. And with the way media is consumed these days, even adults have their own celebrity role models.

Why do we have this seemingly innate need for role models?

I am no psychologist, but it is rather understandable that every person has this need to make himself a better person. There are a lot of different aspects that one may want some improvement on, but the bottom line is the same: we want to be better. And what better way to get to our goals than to find people who embody the traits and characteristics that we want for ourselves?

Good Celebrity Role Models Exist!

Going back to celebrities and role models. I would have to admit that having a celebrity as a role model may not be the best idea. After all, don't celebrities have so many negative things going for them?

Think diva attitude. Think rock star lifestyle. Think loose morals.

These are common labels attributed to many celebrities, and in some cases, they are justified. However, we have to remember that these celebrities are people as well. While some of them are definitely not fit to be role models - for children, teenagers, and adults alike - there ARE celebrities who fit the bill perfectly!

This hub takes a look at a handful of celebrities who make good role models. Yes, they do exist!


Tom Hanks

There is no doubt about it - Tom Hanks is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. He may not be the hottest hunk in town, but not a lot of actors can say they have achieved what this guy has done over the years.

In this day and age where couples - non-celebrities even - are divorcing left and right, it is no mean feat to stay married for about 20 years. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been together as husband and wife since 1988, and that alone is a good reason to see them as role models.

Additionally, Tom Hanks is known to be one of the nicest actors in Tinseltown, and nice is not something you find a lot these days!


Natalie Portman

I think anyone will agree that, with her looks alone, Natalie Portman is a shoo-in for being a celebrity role model. That is, if that's the kind of thing you look up to.

This hub goes more than physical attributes though, so what is it that makes Natalie Portman a prime candidate for the ultimate celebrity role model? Her brains. They say that smart is the new sexy, and if that is true, then this actress may very well take home the cake.

The fact that she has a degree in psychology - from Harvard College, no less - has been covered by practically all celeb show biz news outlets, and even though that is old news, there is no doubt that there is a lesson to be learned here: the value of education.



Born Paul David Hewson, the frontman of U2 has more than his fair share of fans. Naturally, that also means that he has more than his fair share of detractors.

I may be biased, but I think that Bono is one of the best celebrity role models out there. Not only is he talented, but he is involved in more activities that give back to mankind than most of us do. He is probably the most popular philanthropic celebrities today, with his reach crossing geographic boundaries. We could say that his reach also crosses idealogical boundaries, although that may be arguable.

The bottom line: You can do worse than Bono for a celebrity role model.


Jennifer Hudson

The youngest of this bunch, and someone I honestly don't follow a lot, Jennifer Hudson is a great role model for young (and youngish) children. She became popular largely thanks to Americon Idol. She did not win, but she did go on to build herself a career.

Think a Grammy Award for her debut album. Think performing at the same awards night, as well as the Super Bowl. Oh, and she has sold more than a million albums as of early this year!

More than her success in her career, though, Jennifer Hudson has shown her strong side to the world when she suffered from the tragic murder of family members. She has also been a vocal proponent of positive self-image for girls.

With society being obsessed with being skinny, celebrities who stand for what may not be "in" is not exactly common. Jennifer Hudson is one of them.

Who's Your Role Model?

No doubt, there are more celebrities who deserve to be put on a pedestal as a role model. These are only some of the most notable in my book. The list is obviously biased, so why don't you share your own celebrity role model?


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