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Celebrity fascination? Royals.

Updated on August 23, 2013

TV lives

Why are so many people consumed with celebrities? The celebrity fascination trend is at an all time high. Generating a frenzy among the general public. People, who don't show the same pleasure or fascination for their own lives.

The salaciousness in which paparazzi and gossip journalists hound people who are merely doing a job is something for the psychologist's chair.

Why have we allowed ourselves to become voyeurs?

Living through the media and someone else's life. Someone we don't know and someone who has no wish to know us. Someone who lives their lives in front of a camera allowing others to 'edit' it for media consumption.

Well not really. Take the new royals for example. The only reason you see people like the royals touring the country, the world or doing anything is too promote their place in the good graces of the public. When they feel like it.

What are they doing with their lives? Other than playing the ham and hating it if they feel you have 'invaded' their privacy.

Yet when they choose to or they feel they haven't been solicited enough they show up on the scene or do something where the world and the media stop to turn all eyes on them.

What a disgrace. To live your life selectively open when and if it profits you!

To us who spend our time and money catering to people who don't care anything for us other than keeping their popularity going.


What a crock? What makes them better than others? Nothing. They hold a crown and a position of no power or real influence, yet they take all the perks and adulation of other's that are really doing things with their lives.

What is the use of Queen Elizabeth and her crown or her family heritage or status for that matter?

Answer, they are the British version of Disney World.

An amusement park, tourist trap that people are fascinated with because they don't know what really goes on behind closed doors.

What a laughable state to find ourselves in, that in the 22nd century so called 'royalty', still holds a fascination for the so called 'common' person.

Like Kind Edward VIII, who abdicated for love of a woman he couldn't marry because of his father and the state at that time in history asked, ' What is the use of such?'

Royalty has no political influence. They don't run countries. What are they good for, ambassadors, maybe?

Yet who pays for them when they visit the countries that they visit?

Coming from the Bahamas i hold no fascination with or for the royal family. They are a useless monarchy that has continued to grow in popularity and wealth doing nothing but costing others money.

They swallow up valuable time, playing at concern for others while they reap the wealth and contribute nothing back other than once again being the tourist trap for the country.

Who owns the castles they live in? Who pays for the properties they own? Who pays for all the pomp and circumstance that comes to these people of privilege because they happen to be born and married into what has been labeled 'royal' blood.

The royal fascination is as always more hype than real. Like great publicists all over the world they have been built into something they are not and never will be.

Prince Charles and Diana proved that. Prince Andrew and Fergie proved that, and just recently Prince Harry proved that, they are people with money. Who when it is convenient to them play up the media because they know if they are popular, people will not begin once again to question their existence.

Their existence or their role?


Signs and indications that you are to involved in watching someone else's life!

  • Discussing them like intimate friends
  • Buying everything the media publishes
  • Following on social networks
  • watching them on TV
  • purchasing their product
  • defending their lives
  • okay with their behavior
  • investing your time and energy in following them

If you are not paying this much attention to your own life, something is definitely wrong!


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