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Celeste and Jesse Forever movie

Updated on February 6, 2014

celeste and jesse

movie review

This movie is a 2012 romantic comedy-drama about a separated couple on the verge to divorce trying to stay friends like the way they were before. Celeste and Jesse (played by Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg) have been best friends for a long time. Best friends become high school sweetheart then get married after college. They have been married for six years and you would think that this is a happy couple. They are but not when it comes to their careers. She works at a media company as a trend analyzer and he is an unemployed artist not wanting a job. Celeste kind of grows tired of it and they separate, he lives in the garage and she still lives in the house. They have been separated for six months but still stay best friends by hanging out and Jesse driving her to work, but their other best friends Beth and Tucker (Ari Graynor and Eric Christian Olsen) see that it is weird that these two are separated but still have inside jokes and say ‘I love you’ to each other. Beth tells Celeste that she hasn't divorced him yet and she lets Jesse stay in the garage because she can’t let go of him. Celeste denies it and says that she has moved on but is waiting for Jesse to move on from her. Jesse actually had a one night stand with a woman three months ago but hasn’t told Celeste because he still wants her back. One night she calls Jesse to help fix a drawer while he is out and he is gladly to help but his friend Skillz (Will McCormack) tells him not to go. He goes anyway but both of them get drunk being frustrated that they can’t fix the drawer. They flirt with each other and have sex. Celeste wakes up hung over and feeling regret with what they did. Jesse doesn’t and he tells her that he loves her but she says it was a mistake. Jesse gets mad and tells her that she can’t call him for him to be there when she needs him. He just wants to be with her but she says no so he leaves to stay with Skillz. A month later Celeste and Jesse meet up and she tells Jesse that she is content with her situation. Jesse tells her that he hooked up with someone named Veronica (Rebecca Dayan) three months ago and she is pregnant. He wants to make it work with Veronica by dating her and being a father. Celeste is glad at first but she now feels regret at the fact she let him go. She starts to date other people finally but they don’t work out. She meets someone in yoga named Paul (Chris Messina) he likes her but she is not ready yet. I watched this movie two weeks ago and it was one of my favorite indie films to date. It is very endearing, funny and heartbreaking. Andy Samberg plays a comedic but sensitive role when his marriage falls apart and wants to start a new life. Rashida Jones’ role kind of made me mad because she was kind of selfish in her relationship and thought that Jesse would always be there for her. Jesse couldn’t take it anymore trying to be her best friend while not being with her. I liked their inside jokes with each other and despite they were separated they didn’t want to make it weird. However I think Celeste and Jesse were adorable together through it all.

Celeste and Jesse

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