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Celtic Woman - Behind the Smiles

Updated on May 30, 2012

PR vs. The Truth?

I suppose only CW fans would click to read this, which is fine. If you aren't admirers of the group, this would be of little interest.

Some time back I left a disgruntled posting on Amazon, complaining how CW had turned into a revolving door. A few weeks later I received an email reply from someone "inside the group." The content of the email can be summarized as follows. The young women who "left" CW were not doing so for the publicized reasons, rather, the the hiring and dismissal of singers stemmed back to an old, unsettled lawsuit filed by one of the original members of CW (not Lisa, Chloe or Mariread). The lawsuit claims that CW had no legal basis for dismissing this particular member, and she sought monetary compensation for having her career truncated. The attorneys for CW countered that this individual was not part of the core group of three but had been hired on a contractual basis. The case has not been resolved, but ever since, each "new" member of CW has had to sign a contract that explicitly designates them as temporary agents of CW. The mess hit the fan (again) when Haley Westenra was brought on as a third "temporary agent." Following Her unexpected year-long departure, the group brought in Lynn and Alex, but this too proved to be in violation of the pending litigation still being pushed by the group's original "member."

What burns my butt is the cover stories submitted to the media -- that the girls who "left" wanted to pursue their individual careers, that they wanted to spend more time with family, or couldn't contend with the grueling tour schedule. Hell, Lisa Kelly managed to endure a long tour while pregnant, so this excuse is really suspect.

The girls who got canned are obviously silent due to some clause in their contracts.

Most CW fans felt saddened at the loss of Orla, Meave, Haley, Lisa and Alex, but (according to CW PR agents), they resigned themselves to the "fact" that they individually wanted to seek out another course for their careers.

This is total BS.

CW, for the benefit of their fans and everyone else involved, should just adjudicate the pending lawsuit, i.e., pay-off the bitch who was looking for a lump sum dismissal. Once that was accomplished CW could enlarge their group to whatever size they wanted. If everyone who had temporarily been connected to CW and was still part of the team, the group would have collected the best Irish talent available and had even greater success in selling CDs or knocking the socks off of audiences in their tours.

The primary complaint is for the managers of CW to give up this prolonged snow-job of individual members "wishing" to leave CW." This cover story is totally bogus and insults the group's fans.

Unless the the "departed" are restricted (by contract) from doing so, my wish is for them to form a group known as X-Celtic Woman. I think such an ensemble could give CW a run for their money -- because so much incredible talent has been simply tossed aside, like sheets from a roll of toilet paper. CW has to maintain a joyful facade for the audience, but beneath it is something indisputably ugly and unresolved. As long as the matter goes unresolved, we can expect to see a revolving door policy for CW, which is akin to an ongoing vomiting into the faces of their most dedicated fans.

Lynn Hilary Singing Carolina Rua


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