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Chaka Khan and Numerology

Updated on March 12, 2012

Chaka Khan born 23rd March 1953

Chaka Khan - Born to be Brilliant

As a Master of Cartomancy I have always been engrossed in the strong power of divination by the power of playing cards. However, recently I have been studying the noteworthy power of numerology. I have decided to take a closer look into its very power and ability. I have been particularly fascinated with the dynamic numerology interpreted by the Chaldean method. So in this piece of writing I am giving a full numerology reading of the wonderful Woman and Spirit known as Chaka Khan, born Yvette Marie Stevens on the 23rd March 1953 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Before I look at the implication of both her names I want to look at the vibration and influences beginning from her date of birth.
Birth name Importance.
On calculating of her date of birth I confirm that this date 23rd March allows her the be affected by the single number 5 which vibrates to Mercury. Notice that this represents communication, movement, and flexibility 5 is the number of the intellect and both written and oral expression. As Chaka was born under the stars sign of Aries, I can conclude that the 5 vibration, due to its peculiar mingling force will either harmonizes with or be in sharp contrast with her Sun Sign characteristics, reliant on the atmosphere of the instant. The attributes of the 5 is continuously fluctuating and adaptable, bringing a bizarre tendency to be in symmetry with one's self when one wishes, and at odds with one's self at other times. It's never easy to know a 5 person. The dreams change like quicksilver. So lets look deeper into the explanation of the 5 vibration; This number suggests that Chaka possess a huge deal of candid charm, and, as a general rule is innately gracious. She is fast to detect mistakes and flaws, and will not hold back to point them out when they see them. The 5 vibration shows that she is supercritical and incapable of ignoring mistakes (their own, as well as those of others) and it's associated with a love for journeying and travel. Change is a never-ending need for her. Change of backdrop, change in relationships, habitation, religious and political beliefs and so on. There's a strong tendency for her to over analyse humankind and situations. It's complex for her to submit to her feelings and intuition; her mentality is bent on to find clear answers. This preoccupation with dissection can sometimes ruin personal relationships if she allows herself to be controlled by the 5 vibration. Even love can wear out under such enduring (and usually not required) investigation. Love is made of instinct and feelings, not science of reasoning. 5 people tend to "talk love to destruction" rather than of just granting it be, allowing it to become part of them, without asking its whys and wherefores. Love has nothing to do with science of reasoning. Most people take pleasure in being in the company of a 5 person, since the outward character is abundantly delightful and consoling. Because 5 is the vibration of the intellect, those under its influence are exceptionally bright, of higher than normal aptitude, and intellectually active. Nothing escapes their observation. They give the impression to be fine-tuned to the smallest detail. When economic or other circumstances don't permit the frequent travel all 5 people need, they'll journey in their minds, and since their minds are so deeply perceptive, their "daydreams" are vivid enough to satisfy the restless urges within them for a time, at least. According to the ancients, the number 5 has an association with what is called "earth-magic." Curiously, the number 5 brings a longing to believe in magic, elves, faeries, and mysteries of Nature, along with a need to pin each thing down and examine it under a microscope, two qualities which are in immediate polarity to one another, causing those under the force of 5 to find it challenging to accept themselves. 5 people are at times highly strung; they live on their nerves, and crave adventure. They're quick in contemplation and decisions, and again and again quick in their conduct. They have an eager perception of new ideas and inventions, are inclined to take risks, and are born speculators. Writing, advertising, public relations, and publishing are favorable 5 occupations. 5 people carry an keen fluidity of viewpoint, and the skillfulness to return to form swiftly from blows of future, which seem to leave no drawn-out lasting effect on them.

Now when we look at the compound number of her Birth date we see that it is the number 23 which is classified as "The Royal Star of the Lion." This is a karmic reward number. 23 bestows, not only assurance of triumph in personal and career endeavours, it guarantees help from superiors and protection from those in distinguished places. It's a most favorable number, and considerably blesses with bountiful grace the person or entity represented by it. As always, the 23 must be considered along with other single and compound numbers making up the full numerological investigation, which may not be quite so advantageous. But other numbers don't have much of a chance to bring about serious tribulation when the Royal Star of the Lion is present during difficult times. No number can challenge the Lion's strength and win. So we can already see that even by allowed to be incarnated and dispensed to earth on the 23rd March this was dividend for bygone life experiences. This gave her great footing to bring her blessings onto planet Earth.

It would be wise for her to keep in mind that if the 23 is abused in the current life, it could change to an 18 or some other extremely difficult birth number in the next. So she is warned not to fail to appreciate the rewards of the 23 and the 24 compound numbers, and not to allow such good fate to cause selfishness or a careless attitude toward spiritual values. The attractiveness to indulge in promiscuity must be avoided; likewise a readiness to debauchery of all kinds.
Birth name Influences.
Now I wish to look closely at the influences and vibrations brought on by her Birth name of Yvette Marie Stevens. This name has a single number vibration of the number 6 and it vibrates to Venus which is represented by The feminine essence, benevolence, and money. No one can doubt that Chaka certainly encompasses great female essence; in many ways she is the archetypical female, quite literally outpouring femininity. It also comes as no surprise that she has become so financially successful. 6 is the number of love and passion. Under Chaka's Sun Sign of Aries this vibration sometimes opposes the Sun Sign motives, but, with effort, can be used to balance the Sun Sign nature. As I read into the importance of of the 6 Vibration, I see that under the power of the number 6 Chaka seems to strangely attract others to her. She is genuinely loved by her friends and followers - and when they become absorbed themselves, they're committed to the adored ones. There's more idealism and affection, than sensualism; in the love of nature. She is a born romantic with a strong sentimental streak, no matter how much she would try to hide it. The 6 vibration brings a love of art and a deep affinity for music. These people love nice homes and beautiful furnishings, pastel colours, and balance in their environment.
They love to please their friends and to make people pleased, and they cannot abide discord, arguments, unpleasantness, or resentment - although they can display intense jealousy themselves if they're threatened with the possible loss of someone (or something) they love. The 6 vibration makes friends easily, and they tend to enjoy settling disputes between their friends, business companions, and kin, at which times they appear to be as gentle and docile as lambs - until their unyielding side surfaces; then they don't seem quite so sweet!

Again we see that money comes to her without effort, through her own talents and abilities,and in her case it is undoubtedly through her exceptional talent but for others under this vibration it can come through inheritance or through wealthy friends or kin. But they're warned to watch for a tendency regarding the extremes of outrageousness and stinginess. There's seldom an impartial perspective toward finances. It's either one or the other. The adoration of beauty of all kinds in each area of life is definite. Most 6 people are intensely attached to nature in some way, and love spending time in the country, near the silent woods and singing streams, which has a tranquillizing influence on their spirit. A fondness for extravagance marks the 6 vibration. Ugliness is extremely disagreeable to them. They cherish the beautiful and shrink from loudness and vulgarity. Their conduct are, as a general rule, flawless, and in their associations with others they are more often than not polite. However, when they feel strongly about anything, they won't hesitate to make their opinions known. They're fond of discussing and debating government policy and other affairs, and they generally win, because of their argumentation and their irresistible smiles.

Now as we look at the compound number derived from the name Yvette Marie Stevens we calculate it as the number 15; The Magician! 15 is the number of deep esoteric meaning, the alchemy vibration through which all magic ispersonified. It's terrifically advantageous and carries the essence of enchantment with it. 15 is associated with "exceptional talkers", eloquence of expression, and the gifts of music, art, and acting. So again we can accredit the influence of this compound number in helping assist her deliver her genius of great musical and artistic abilities. The number bestows upon the person or entity represented by it a powerful spirit and steadfast personal magnetism; a remarkably compelling charisma. The 15 vibration is especially advantageous for obtaining money, gifts, and favours from others, because of its persuasive appeal to the altruistic makeup of people. However, there are no roses without thorns, and the ancients warn that the 15 rules the lower levels of occultism when it is associated with the single numbers 4 or 8. Such people will use every art and magic - even black magic, hypnosis, and telepathic thought to carry out their intentions.

New name Influence.

Now in 1973 Yvette Marie Stevens changed her name to "Chaka Khan" so I want to look at the influences that were then brought on via that number. I calculate that this gives her

a vibration of the single number The number 7 and vibrates to Neptune, which is represented by spirituality, sensitivity, compassion, and mystery. 7 is the number of illusion and delusion, sometimes deceitfulness - but also the number of healing and miracles, faith - and dreams that come true. As Chaka's Sun Sign is Aries, this vibration is in sharp contrast with her basic Sun Sign instinct. When it surfaces on occasion in the personality, the behaviour is so different, relative to regular or natural Sun Sign attitude, it startles others, and often surprises themselves as well. When I look deeper into the meaning of the 7 vibration I can immediately recognise that she will probably have remarkable dreams. Sometimes she will talk about them and sometimes they keep to herself. But she will dream more than most. Secretly, she will have an profound curiosity in the esoteric mysteries, mythology, spacecraft or UFOs and the entire forest of the unknown. Chaka will quite possibly possess the gifts of intuition and clairvoyance and a certain quieting, calming magnetism which has a great command over others. Often, her pure and simple presence has a soothing impression on a distressed person. The 7 vibration is associated with unusual ideas about religion, a dislike of following the beaten path, and an inclination to adopt political beliefs which are unprecedented and somewhat non-orthodox. It's not unusual for a 7 person to conceive, initiate, or believe in a new religious concept.

The 7 person will either travel extensively at some time in the life or else read avidly books about foreign people and faraway lands. We know that this is something she unquestionably has done under the persona of Chaka Khan. Many people influenced by the 7 vibration are strongly attracted to the sea and at some time are associated with sailing and water sports. There's a leaning to be anxious about the future, which is why 7 people need to know they have a cornerstone of financial security somewhere in the background, lest the waters of fate sweep them away. Yet, they care little about material possessions or accumulating great wealth. 7 people can earn large sums of money through their avant garde ideas, but they're likely to make substantial contributions to charities or institutions. Most interesting to read is that when they precipitate toward the arts, they make fine dancers, singers, poets, writers, actors, or actresses.

In their own peaceful, laid-back way, people influenced by the number 7 have ambitions they don't discuss with others, and these are always tinged with a philosophical outlook. They bestow others with the benevolence of their sympathetic understanding of pain and hardship, which is why friends, relatives, and business associates unburden their troubles to the 7 person. There's a determined leaning toward privacy in the 7 vibration, and these people prefer to keep their own problems to themselves. They shrink from prying questions, and have a loathing of "big brother" or anything they consider to be an attack on their privacy.

Refined manners, an artistic temperament, something there can be no denying about her. Also of a delicate character this is what make up the 7 essence, but do not let these her delude you with their sometimes taciturn nature you would be astonished if you knew all the strange thoughts that swim through their minds when they're communing with themselves. If you could persuade her to talk about what she was thinking, you would not only be surprised, you would be delighted when you learn the secrets of her Neptunian world. But the 7 person must find you reliable before she shares these inner streams of deep thought and you'll have to win that trust by proving you're not judgemental or prejudiced; 7 people are rarely either.

Now if we finally study the compound name vibration of Chaka Khan we calculate it as number 25, which represents perception and dissection. 25 bestows spiritual astuteness gained through careful observation of people and things, and worldly success by learning through experience. Its strength comes from overcoming disappointments in the early life and possessing the rare endowment of learning from earlier mistakes. The judgement is excellent, but it's not a material number; therefore, financial benefits of a substantial nature must be gained through other compound numbers in the full birth and name numerological analysis.

So in conclusion it is very interesting to be able to see the vibrations that effected her starting from her birth date, along with her birth name and then the additional vibrations that her later name Chaka Khan brought to her. There can be no denying that by electing to be born on the 23rd of March she was already blessed with considerable communication, movement and flexibility. Her intuition and her oral expression were inbred within this vibration. She was to become through this vibration mentally switched on, coherent and terribly analytical; a perfectionist with a strong desire to travel. She also was born to have an immensely imaginative slant. Chaka would always need to travel extensively. I think no one can question that Chaka has an most irresistible and beautiful smile; this most certainly was born from the domination of her name vibration. We also note that all this "birth vibration" is magnified and given even greater power due to the dynamic force of her compound number that is attributed as a direct reward of her own Karma in other lives before bestowing upon her, not only promise of accomplishment in personal and career endeavours, but guarantees her much help from superiors and care from those in high places. It is in fact a preordained right of passage.

So then I look at what marked vibrations and influences her birth name gave her. Standing out from the analysis of her single number of 6 we can without any doubt identify her feminine essence, in her case delivered in abundance. She encompasses so many decidedly feminine qualities. She is as I expressed early quite completely femininity personified. She draws on the powerful vibration of charisma and that of having a strong affinity of music and a love of everything exquisite. It also suggest that money will come very easy as a reward of her marvelous talents. The compound numerical vibration is one of supernatural power and assures her of gifts within music and drama and a natural potentiality to earn money.

As I move finally onto see what vibrations her new name Chaka Khan brought into her life I can clearly see they brought her in line to experience dreams coming true and in many instances miracles.This vibration also amplified her need to tour extensively and assured her once again of tremendous financial security, via talents such as dancing, singing, writing and acting. With this vibration her sensitivity in all areas of her life would have been amplified. The added vibration of the compound number of her new name was to give her great spirituality and savoir faire. This will most certainly have allowed her to evolve spirituality and perceive that there was indeed a force, more all-seeing and more loving working with her each and every day.

I trust that this of been somewhat thought provoking and interesting for you. If by any chance Chaka you are reading this - well Thanks for the delight and fun your music has brought us!

Blessings to you
Count Marco

If you wish to try the Power of Numerology for yourself feel free to enjoy a Free numerology reading I am always happy to hear from readers so please come visit me at Count Marco's Blog


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