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Photographing Sidewalk Chalk Art

Updated on July 7, 2014
Used by permission from the artist
Used by permission from the artist | Source

Here is a photographic idea that is as much fun as almost any photographic project you can think off and on to top that, it can result in very creative and innovative ways of doing yet another photography project.

The best thing about the entire project is that all you need is some chalk, either plain white or colored ones , a black or dark gray pavement surface, a model or models and maybe some other props although everything should be made from chalk.

Off course you will need to get your creative juices flowing and learn to draw with chalk or better yet have your kids do it.

How can simple chalk drawings , a pavement and a model result in a creative photographic project you may be asking at this point? Simply use your chalk to draw some designs on the pavement and lay your model(s) flat against the drawing as if they were interacting with them.

For example, lets say you drew some "skyscrapers", now you have a model lay flat as if she or he were hovering aloft on top of these "buildings" and maybe have her hold some real balloons that appear to be lifting her up into the sky. If you are somewhat of an artist then your drawings can be more elaborate as in the enclosed photographs from Nithin Rao Kumblekar.

In fact there are barely any restrictions and your imagination can be the engine that runs the project. You do not have to limit the images to buildings or one single theme. Paint wings and have your models become 'butterflies" or angels. Have kids fend off fierce "dinosaurs" or fight off "space aliens" in their "space craft". have couples show how much they love each other by painting little "fluttering hearts" "emanating" from their bodies, riding a bike and so on.

And after everything is done and you have taken your fill of photographs a simple hose will get rid of the "evidence".

Used by permission from the artist
Used by permission from the artist | Source

A good staring point is to make some rough drawings on paper to sort of see how your finished product will appear and how to set up the poses and what, if any, additional props you may wish to include.

Make sure to use chalk that is easy to handle and does not break off easily. The large ones much like what toddlers use in school for just this sort of thing (painting on the sidewalk) work much better than the ones typically used to draw or write on chalkboards.

Go one step further, draw designs around inanimate objects such as placing an empty shirt on the pavement and "filling" it with a "being" of your creation.

Have a model ,preferably a cute kid, ride on top of chalk sea "creatures" while in the midst on a calm "chalk ocean".

Ever wanted to be a Superhero ? Dress in your favorite superhero costume and "stop" the monster from destroying the chalk city.

How about visiting an exotic location on a budget? Just draw your favorite locale and stand or lay next to it and just like that you're in "a chalk France or China" or any other exotic location.

Let your imagination run wild and there is no telling what sorts of imaginative drawings you can fathom, all in the name of photography.

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© 2012 Luis E Gonzalez


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    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 5 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Richard-Murray; Thank you

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      This is fun, i have seen some great work by street artists who work in chalk