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Chance Chancellor Returns to Genoa City on Friday, November 8. Donny Boaz Replaces John Driscoll

Updated on November 6, 2019
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Cheryl has been writing spoilers, breaking news, and recaps for soaps for several years. She has been a daytime drama fan for five decades.

Donny Boaz will replace  John Driscoll  as Chance on The Young and the Restless.
Donny Boaz will replace John Driscoll as Chance on The Young and the Restless.

Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV returns to The Young and the Restless

Those who watch The Young and the Restless have become weary with all the talk about Phillip Chancellor IV in recent months. He was supposed to have been involved with Adam Newman while in Los Vegas but nothing ever came of it. Both Cane and Phyllis went to "Sin City" to look for him without any luck. Jill and Devon have been calling, leaving messages, and texting but still, he did not materialize. Amanda Sinclair insists he is behind the revelation of the new pages in Katherine's will but has no poof. Now, according to Soap Hub, Jill's grandson is about to make an appearance in Genoa City.

Some fans of The Young and the Restless believed that John Driscoll would reprise the role, but this did not work out. Instead, actor Donny Boaz will begin portraying Nina's son Chance. Viewers are eager for the saga of Katherine's will to be finalized as many have been disgusted by this storyline. Jill suspects that it is a hoax and her ex-husband Colin is behind the mess. Now that Chance is coming to Genoa City, perhaps there will be some answers. Sadly for fans of Daniel Goddard, all of this is leading to his last scenes and Cane leaving town for good.

Jill believes Colin is behind trying to take Devon's inheritance from Katherine.
Jill believes Colin is behind trying to take Devon's inheritance from Katherine.

Chance returns from deep undecover

It was being reported that Chance had gone deep undercover working for the government and this is why he has not been able to be reached. Last week Jill shared her suspicions with Cane that his father, Colin, knew that both Chance and Tucker McCall were out of touch and this is why he blamed his scheme on them. There has been no sign of Colin, but Soaps She Knows says this week on The Young and the Restless, Cane will attempt to prove his innocence. It sounds like Chance will explain that he had nothing to do with this scam, so all eyes will be on Cane and his dad.

Someone lured Cane to Los Vegas, then knocked him on the head. When he woke the will pages were beside him. The perpetrator obviously wanted to remain anonymous, which makes Colin the likely suspect. Amanda said she spoke with an "old guy" on the telephone and the only other older man on The Young and the Restless is Victor Newman. Everything seems to be pointing to Jill's ex but that has yet to be proven. Soaps She Knows says that this week Amanda's past will be revealed so things may be wrapped up pretty quickly.

Cane will try to clear his name.Perhaps Chance can help.
Cane will try to clear his name.Perhaps Chance can help.

Chase return may bring Nina back to Genoa City

Tricia Cast who has portrayed Nina Webster on The Young and the Restless recently announced the death of her husband Bat Mcgrath. Some fans have begun wondering if she might return to Genoa City now that her television son will soon be on screen again. The last time mother and son interacted, was when she disagreed with his decision to work for the Pentagon. Shortly after, Nina and Paul's blossoming romance cooled when she realized it was Christine he truly loves.

Tucker McCall has also been mentioned lately and accused of changing the will to benefit his son. Like Phillip IV, he has also been unavailable. Nothing has been said about Devon's father or even Colin returning to town but it's always a possibility. What fans of The Young and the Restless know for certain is that Chance will show up on Friday and Cane will try to clear his name and also soon make his exit from Genoa City. Viewers will be happy to put this bizarre storyline to rest.

If Stephen Nichols, Trisha Cast, and or Tristan Rogers were to reprise their roles as Tucker, Nina, and Colin, this would be a bonus. Fans of The Young and the Restless should be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to keep up with what is coming next. Continue watching the number one CBS daytime drama each weekday afternoon at 12:30 PM EST. Some exciting episodes are coming up and you don't want to miss them.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston


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