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How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

Updated on September 3, 2014

How to change acoustic guitar strings

So, you just got a brand new acoustic guitar for Christmas, your birthday, or some other event in your life.

A few months have passed since you first laid hands on your new acoustic guitar and you notice it does not sound as good as it once did. This is most likely because the strings on your acoustic guitar are old and need to be changed

Depending on how much you play your guitar, your acoustic guitar strings should last anywhere from one month to three months with acceptable quality. Before we get into re-stringing we must first make sure we have the proper equipment and guitar supplies.


1. The first step is to loosen the tension on the old strings. This should be done gradually on all strings as to ease the tension off the neck.

2. Once the strings are loose, simply use the wire cutter to cut each string in half.

3. The bridge-pins must be removed from your guitar to detach the string from the guitar. If you have a string winder, then there is a nub at the end that is used for removing the bridge-pin. If you don't have a string winder, get leverage with any object to pop the pins out. Be careful not to damage the body of the guitar. The bridge-pins can break and crack very easily so don't be alarmed if this happens your first time. A few dollars at the music store can get you a new matching set.

4. The old strings are still attached to the tuning pegs. The old strings can be unwound and removed from the tuning pegs by hand. Now the guitar is ready for polish.

5. Clean the guitar. Use the polish and shammy cloth to clean the entire guitar.

6. Place your new strings in the bridge pin cavities. Place the bridge pins on top of the string and secure tightly.

7. Wrap each string one at a time through the tuning pegs at the head of the guitar. Make sure to leave enough slack so four fingers could fit between the fretboard and the string (i.e. like your hand is about to karate chop the fret board)

8. Gradually wind each string making sure the string is sitting properly in both the nut and the bridge.

9. Get that guitar tuner out and make sure you are tuned properly EADGBe.


New acoustic strings - Medium or light strings usually. Make sure they are the same gauge as the prior strings. Some have a coating such as Elixer brand.

guitar polish

wire cutters

string winder

shammy cloth | Source


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