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Updated on December 28, 2011


Do you remember experiences from your childhood? When reality meets fantasy is there such a place, or now that we have grown did we suppress memories because they were inconceivable with our now realitities?

I am attempting to recall my dreams, my visions and put them on paper or e-paper as it is. I hope you find them both entertaining and thought provoking.

The Beginning

He pointed to the base of the tree saying 'there it is'; "there is what I asked?" The gateway to the other side of the earth" he spoke, "I know it may only look like a hollowed spot in the ground, but trust me, that is the way.

"What is on the other side?" I asked. "China" he replied. China I thought to myself, yeah right, and on the other side do we end up in Australia? My imagination began to run wild, I actually could imagine myself in China. I would be coming forth from the ground next to a small brook and from a rocky outcropping at the base of an enormous willow.

There were others with us now and we and they were not who we once were, not exactly, somehow the journey had transformed us.
We were more animal now than human, at least in appearance, we even had fur! I'm not talking extra hairs on our bodies; I'm saying fur bearing mammals like minks or something.

Why in the world was there such a passage and what purpose did it serve? Why did we change into these new creatures? I tried to remember what I had been doing prior to becoming a patch for a fur coat. We were just goofing around, walking through the woods

Change is going to come

What is going on?

I'm sorry, all this I and we; that would refer to Don and I; I being Leo-not so unlike a lion now with the fur and all-as I was saying walking through the woods and we spied a hole at the base of a tree. As we thought about that hole, we knew that creatures lived in such places and we began poking a stick into it.

That's it! We poked a stick into the hole and pulled out something golden and gooey on the end of it. Now us being of the curious sort; we had to touch that stuff. I thought it might be honey and so, I tasted it. "What does it taste like?” Don asked. "Ummm, not sure", was all I could say before he grabbed the stick and wiped some on his finger and put it in his mouth."Kinda taste likes melon no not that, more like cucumber “;” Well what do you think it is?” I asked.

"Maybe its tree sap", I answered of my own question. As I watched Don, he just kind of stood there; he glanced toward me with glassy eyes and mouthed some inaudible words and fell forward to the ground.

I saw first his body shrinking and lengthening at the same time, then came the fur, just splotches at first and then entire patches. "Oh my God, what is happening here?" I screamed aloud.

Then it started on me, this change; I felt it begin and then...emerging from a hole at the base of a willow. Don and I and others too, we were numbered in the hundreds and columns formed moving towards a cliff, towards the base of it.

Atop this rocky cliff was perched a creature; it had four faces and a three sets of very large wings. When it spoke, its voice was like thunder and it said "Do not be afraid children of the Earth, you are here for your own protection" then it continued "Your appearance has been changed to protect you from him who steals light and life, this is only temporary, but necessary to keep you alive" it spoke.

Don and I marveled at this creature as well as our surreal surroundings; "Who do you suppose he is speaking of?" I was able to say to Don. Don just shrugged his shoulders and we were interrupted by more speech from the creature. "My name is Azreal" it spoke, "I am sorry we must meet like this and at this time, but we have always known this day would arrive." "What day" I shouted and was soon shhhhhh'd by many around me. The creature heard my inquiry and answered

"We are assembled here by His order and through His grace, the time is ripe for harvesting and His select are being gathered from amongst the many." After the creature had spoken, a buzz of speaking could be heard in the ranks among us. The repeated comment was "Who is this one we must be protected from?"

"Children of Earth" Azrael said in its booming voice "this one you are wondering about was once a being like myself, but he now desires to be more than I; in fact his desire is to become greater than He who made him."

When he finished speaking I began wondering is Azrael speaking of the devil? I became afraid and did my best to think of happier thoughts, I thought about home, about Providence and I longed to be there. "Leo...Leeeee Ohhhhh, Leo get up." I heard my name and it echoed in my head as I sat shaking my head of its cobweb contents. "Leo" I heard once more and it sounded like Don's voice; "You just gonna sit there all day?" "What?" I spoke, not really recognizing my own voice. "Are you just going to sit there or are you coming along?" "Huh?" I replied. "Are we going to stay here in these woods all day, or do we go home? I'm kinda getting hungry you know Leo." 'No, I mean yes I understand being hungry, I'm also feeling that way.' "What just happened Don?" "What do you mean, what just happened? We are in the woods; we found a hole in a tree and poked around it a bit. 'And then?' "Then what, here we are and now I'm hungry."

"OK Don, let's go to our homes and get something to eat and then afterward maybe we can hang out some more." "Sure, man I'm so hungry."

I ended up over Don’s house; it seemed when he had called on his i-phone his mother informed him she was making pizza for dinner. Not to be ungrateful, but when I had called home I was informed we were having leftover chicken. Hmmm… chicken or pizza, yeah you know it, pizza every time ☺

I told my mother I was going to Don’s and she said “Even though it’s a weekend don’t stay too late, be home about 10pm.” “Yes mom, I’ll be home on time, OK love you too.” “It’s on” I said to Don, “My mom said I have till 10.” “Good let’s go eat, I’m starving now!”

As I sat with Don and his mom, I couldn’t help shake a feeling something important happened today, but I just couldn’t remember exactly what.

Don’s mom was a single parent, his dad had passed away fighting in the Afghan war on terrorism. She was a stay at home mom turned entrepreneur, her passion had spawned a business, doggie cookies and it had expanded to include toys to pamper pooches as well. Her name was Lisa and she was full of energy and just enjoyed people as well as life. I suppose this is why she did not succumb to her bout with depression after losing her husband. We were having a blast eating our pizza; Don made a funny face on his slice and held it up for us to see. Then Lisa took two pepperonis and covered her eyes with them, it was hilarious!

At about the time all these faces were being made. I remembered briefly a creature with several faces. One was like a calf, another like an eagle, then a man and finally a lion. What did it mean? I dismissed it after all we were getting ready to watch a movie and that meant more good times and popcorn.


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