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Chapter 10, Rough Draft - Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma™

Updated on April 12, 2015

Hide In Plain Sight

Chapter 10 - Rough Draft

The “Right” Human Characteristics

Curtis had not made any progress the first week to stop Daemon. He needed more information to know what Daemon considered the “right” human characteristics were. Curtis speaks to the unseen hologram monitor/computer in his office and requests that Daemon meet him in his office. Daemon agrees via the just appeared hologram.

Curtis asked Daemon, What are the right human characteristics that he is looking for?” Daemon pouring a cup of coffee pauses and says, “I am looking for humans to become more than human. I want to develop humans using technologies to become trans-human. I am creating libraries of interchangeable DNA parts and assembling them inside microbes to create programmable, living machines.”

Daemon summarized the traits that he wanted:

  • Focused
  • Persistent
  • Take orders (follows only his direction), Not rational
  • Risk takers
  • Obsessed with success
  • Determined to make a difference
  • Possess Artificial Intelligence Integrated with their own intelligence
  • Brain-computer bio interface (able to be updated)
  • Augmented reality
  • Incorporate bionics
  • Capability to be Cloned
  • Mind uploading and transferring information (E-update)
  • Virtual retina display
  • Programmable Electronic Broadcast Receive Dissolution of Memory (PEDOM)
  • Expanded vision – infrared to ultraviolet

Curtis was concerned about the notion of a human e-brain. The ability to “adjust memory” and human behaviors was disturbing. Daemon told Curtis that he supports the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities. His project has been an evolutionary process where he has created a highly intelligent species by way of cognitive enhancement and attributes. He not only wanted altered soldiers, but he wanted to improve the world population with his desired attributes and characteristics.

“A genetic breakthrough or eugenics? You want to rewired human brains so that cultural memes, or symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another?” Dallas asked. Daemon walking to the middle of the office, cleared his throat and said, “The impact on society will be the new division between what I call ‘the good naturals’ and genetically enhanced. I will control the enhanced.”

Curtis interrupted with, “You are going to create a new life cycle of memes, where both their cultural and psychological behavior properties are evolutionary conditioned and ultimately they seek to promote their replication. Something like establishing a new religion?” Daemon cleared his throat and replied, “Well an example is the slogan, ‘Kilroy was here.’ It started when he inspected crates and stamped, ‘Kilroy was here’ as his approval. GI saw it and started to scrawl ‘Kilroy was here’ everywhere. It became a unit of cultural transmission, or unit of imitation. An example is when genes propagate in the gene pool via a process, which in a broad sense could be called imitation. It is a process of natural selection. The bad human genes would over time be eliminated.”

Pacing in front of Curtis, Daemon said, “Here is the bottom line: Through research experimentation, I have concluded that gene engineering and vaccination are the most cost effective and timely process. I have focused on Genetics in developing a vaccine that I can inject into a human that will produce my desired behaviors and attributes.”

Daemon was being animated. “In the biotech labs, however, the recombinant possibilities are near limitless. The new genetic technologies allow us to combine genetic material across natural boundaries, reducing all of life to manipulative chemical materials.”

It was clear Daemon had a plan to genetically alter his humans by vaccinations. Through observations, and cause and effect applications he was perfecting his required DNA.

Daemon revealed his madness when he told Curtis that he had engineered his first-generation humans to self-destruct when he sends a worldwide communication alert. He was going to send the alert next week.

The first generation altered T. gondii vaccine that changed human behaviors and attributes were outdated and had served their purpose. He said that the event would go unnoticed. It would be a natural phenomenon. There are not that many and they would self-eliminate with no discernible patterns.

In addition, his second-generation DNA altered humans would a signal programmed to have them self-destruct. Each iteration or generation was a significant advancement.

Curtis, wanting to learn as much as he could to stop Daemon, asked, “Are you going to clone your associates in the future, or inoculate humans with the altered DNA? Daemon replied, “Both, I want to experiment.”

Curiously, Curtis asked Daemon, “If he had considered stem cells to alter human behaviors where human blood stem cells can be engineered into cells?”

Daemon was warming up to the subject. “Stem cells are defined by their ability to self-renew and to differentiate into one or more mature lineages, and they reside within natural niches in many types of adult and embryonic tissues that present them with complex signals to regulate these two hallmark properties.”

Curtis interrupted, “OK, I see why at the present, you use vaccine. Stem cells renew, or differentiate into something else. You want that something to be predetermined.”

Daemon in his professor voice, “In due time, I will be able to use Stem cells. At the moment protein synthesis altering with plasmid DNA encoding and vaccinations are the best method.”

The third generation he suspected would meet his expectations. They would add to the prior generation’s positive attributes and characteristics. They would incorporate bionics, capable of mind uploading, and transferring information. It was an evolutionary process.

Daemon spoke to the unseen 3D hologram, “Display most recent DNA alterations vaccine results.” Graphs and charts immediately appeared and Daemon walked toward the 3D holograph, adjusting the sizes of his charts and graphs with a wave of his hands.

Curtis could see obvious alarming progress that Daemon had achieved. Daemon had a baseline of reference for the existing DNA protein and the quantum computer projected results for each DNA possibility considered. It was like magic.

The computing iterations speed was almost instantaneous. Curtis knew it would have taken more than a month using NSA 100 plus-networked CRAY computers to produce. He had not conceived the possibilities of conducting research through a 3D quantum computer computer with results immediately available. Gone were the years it took for experimentation, trial and errors. It could immediately show the results. You had to know what variables to present. Asking the quantum computer the correct question was important.

Curtis knew that he did not have much time to stop Daemon. What was Daemon’s need for him after he had produced his desired altered DNA vaccine and, “Save the world?”

Daemon’s slate cell phone glowed red. He had a call. He left the room telling Curtis to, “Ask the computer questions, and get started in research. He would figure it out.”

There were literally billions of possibilities in DNA modifications. Curtis had to devise a process to narrow down the possible DNA alterations that would produce the desire outcomes. It was back to the Scientific Problem Process.

  • Define the Problem: Develop DNA that had desired human outcomes
  • Observation: Run the quantum computer for projected outcome
  • Hypothesis: The hypothesis is formed by examining the observations carefully and making a/an educated guess as to what the outcome might be.
  • Experiment: to do an experiment that tests the hypothesis.
  • Conclusion: Examining the data from the experiment, two possible outcomes,
  • Regard as true
  • Regarded as false, Adjust hypothesis, review observations, Flaws?

Daemon came by the office twice a day to chat without meaningful interrogations. Friday they reviewed the progress. What progress did Curtis make?

Curtis wearily told Daemon, “He had narrowed the search process to only a billion variables. He needed to narrow down his scope in his hypotheses. Was there a program that he could use that would automatically suggest DNA alterations to have the quantum computer project the outcomes?”

Daemon approached the 3D quantum computer area and requested results of his latest study for the 15 desired human DNA traits request. Immediately many charts and graphs were displayed. Speaking to the computer as if it were a human, Daemon chided the computer with the admonition, “Now, I want simple answers to complex issues.”

Immediately an indicated 500,000 possible combinations with 500,000 pairs of combinations appeared. Irritated, Daemon chided, ‘That is one quarter of a billion possibilities. Narrow the possibilities to 100.” The computer went silent…. Two minutes later, it requested more time; it was upgrading itself and connecting to a network.

Daemon shrugged his shoulders and said if it were easy, he would have done it already. Go back and review your hypothesis. Narrow done your choices, think out of-the-box.

Daemon said he thinks I have met Mary Sue; I turned around thinking, “What is he talking about?” Mary Sue walked in. Curtis was surprised. Obviously, she had a security clearance. How much did she know? Daemon must be reading his mind, because he was saying to Curtis, “When Mary Sue is present, you cannot perform your assigned task. She has a pass that is granted on a case-by-case process. You are aware of the need-to-know security process. Mary Sue knows and understands this. She will not be allowed inside of the Facility unless I approve her entrance.

I asked her to come here to facilitate her Top Secret messenger service that she provides for me. She is an approved carrier for me. She facilitates work that I do here at the Facility and at my office at Mojave Air and Space Port.

Curtis looked around his office. He now understood why it was always empty. There was nothing classified that you could see. The computer was the only thing that was Top Secret and it required a bio pass. Mary Sue did not have clearance. If she walked in while the computer was working, it would go blank.

Daemon’s cell phone glowed red; he took the call and left the office. Mary Sue and Curtis were alone. Did Daemon plan this? Why did Daemon do this? Why did Daemon leave him alone with Mary Sue? Was this a test?

Curtis took advantage and asked Mary Sue if she was, “Seeing anyone?” Mary Sue replied, “She sees everyone, she is not blind.” This broke the ice. Curtis responded with, “You know what I mean? I would like to invite you to go wine tasting this weekend.”

Mary Sue looked puzzled, and then smiled. “Of course I would love to taste wine. I have heard about the wine here, but I have not tasted any.” Curtis said, “How about tomorrow…it is Saturday isn’t it?” Mary Sue says, “What time, 9 am OK?” Curtis feeling like a moth being drawn to a fire at night, say OK, it is a date, 9 am tomorrow.”

Mary Sue said she had to go and to tell Daemon that she was leaving. The thought crossed Curtis’ mind Daemon had brought Mary Sue to see Curtis. Was this a “set-up?” Curtis was going to enjoy the process.

Wow. Curtis rationalized that if you are going to hunt with the big dogs, you have to act like a big dog. He would be careful. Daemon would know.

Sitting at his desk thinking, Curtis reviewed his first week at The Facility. He had learned that time was of the essence. Daemon was ready to implement his grand scheme to save the world from itself, killing who knows how many people in the process.

Curtis was aware he could not overtly conduct research on T. gondii to find a process to eliminate the infections, thus the behavior of Daemon and his associates.

Curtis reviewed what he knew about T. gondii. He knew that it was a species of parasitic protozoa and was a causative agent that is usually minor and self-limiting but can have serious or even fatal effects. In addition, there are many similarities between the T. gondii parasites and the parasites that cause malaria.

Curtis had a plan of action. He would review the effectiveness of anti-malarial drugs against T. gondii in humans.” Was this going to be practical? How could he inoculate Daemon and all his clones?

A back-up plan would be to pursue the unique resonating frequency of T. gondii. Perhaps a huge excitation pulse of the exact frequency could be propagated over the entire world at the same time. It would create a piezoelectric explosion inside each pathogen. T. gondii infections would be eliminated. The behavior modifying parasitic pathogen would be eradicated. The Daemon and his associates would be “normalized.”

There was work to be done. Daemon would never know. It would accomplished using his facilities and his equipment. Hidden in plain sight. It was Curt’s own “eyes wide shut.”

On the way home, Curtis noticed the two MPs following him. Was that a coincidence? Curtis did not care. Daemon was demonstrating he was in charge.


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    • dallas93444 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dallas W Thompson 

      8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Curtis is the man. He wants to do the right things..

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      9 years ago from TEXAS

      um hum! well . . . bully for Curtis!


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