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Charles Spencer Chaplin, the legend of comedy

Updated on June 12, 2016


He is attributed with being the greatest comedian that ever existed.He was born in London, England on the 16th of April 1889. In 1908 at a very tender age he joined Fred Karno's touring stage company accompanied by his brother Sydney. They performed a number of times in England, where he gained a lot of on stage experience. In 1912 the troupe made a performing tour of the United States of America where Chaplin decided to make a home. Little did he know that this would be the turning point of his career. The following year he came face to face with producer Mack Sennett ,who had already developed an interest in him and he was quickly enrolled to take a position within the Keystone Studio.The Keystone Studio already had seasoned names in the arena of performing so Chaplin made his debut in style here and within no time, he had made strides that permanently left his footprints.

Chaplin was not swayed by what he met at the Keystone Studio in terms of the household names that were there, he calmed himself and moved on to become an even reputable star than any of the household names that he found which were ahead of him by far. He went on to start making a very impressive 35 pictures in a year without any tangible assistance from his side.

His first ever movie was ‘Making a Living’which he staged in the year 1914.It took the industry by storm and he thought that this was it, however he didn’t relax. He went on to produce the next movie which was the ‘Kid Auto Races at Venice’ in the year 1914 and this was it. Little did he know that this movie was destined to change his career completely. Things started happening from here and his name by this time had already become a household one across America.

From 1915, Chaplin took a number of roles which he excelled in tremendously. He wrote, directed, produced and starred in as many movies as the mind can remember. His fame continued and he never stopped. He received a number of awards, among them,the award of a knight from the Queen of England in the year 1975. The career of this legendary figure culminated with his death peacefully in his sleep on Christmas Day in 1977.


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