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Charlie Hebdo, Luz Magazine, Islam: Is Love Stronger Than Hate?

Updated on September 19, 2012
La Luz magazine cover
La Luz magazine cover
A scene from the Mohammed video
A scene from the Mohammed video

Well, leave to the French to create more of the same. They love freedom of the press and speech, even if offensive. French magazines have gone ahead and printed photos take of Kate Middleton topless. Now, Charlie Hebdo, a french cartoonist for La Luz magazine, which publishes satirical articles and cartoons on weekly topics. They have a circulation of 75,000.

There newest issue has already sold out completely by the publication of cartoons about Islam's overly sacred, Mohammed, a man not unlike Jesus to Islam. It is a bold move after a week of murder and destruction in the Middle East over the American-Egyptian 15 minute film depicting Mohammed in cheesy, lame, situations that for most border on simply stupid. How could any viewer take it seriously?

Well, only millions of Muslims in a part of the world the West has little in common with when it comes to religion.

The theme of the Luz magazine is, "Is love stronger than hate"? In view of what has happened and what will happen now, the answer for Muslims seems to be hate is way stronger. The next wave of hate and intolerance of those that criticize Islam will only provide more evidence.

The cartoon in the French magazine to most Westerners is satirical. Something, Muslims need to understand and accept.


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