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Charlie Sheen -- Crazy or Crazy Like A Fox

Updated on April 7, 2011

Taking Reality TV To The Next Level

When this whole thing began I thought maybe the man was having a mental breakdown. All the weird stuff he was saying made it sound like there was something more going on than drugs. I mean, describing himself as having tiger's blood with Adonis DNA? And naming his two blonde companions The Goddesses. But as he continues on his Violent Torpedo Of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option tour, I'm beginning to think he's crazy like a fox.

I can just picture Sheen at home wondering what he's going to do now his partying and bad boy ways have crashed and burned his career. He's just mindlessly surfing all the channels and runs across one reality show after another. "Oh, Dionne, sweetie, no one is going to join your Psychic Network after this." Denise did this. I could do this, but I'd have to be really crazy to make it work. It could be my greatest performance.

So he starts doing all these interviews where he's saying a lot of weirds stuff, like he's a warlock. That gets some real warlocks in a tizzy. That Dr. Drew is going on about how Charlie is bipolar and needs help. It doesn't take much to get his ex-wives in a lather. Brooke Mueller says Charlie has threatened to cut her head off or something and she gets a restraining order against him. The police even are called by a concerned neighbor claiming Charlie's got a gun, and while they search Charlie's chilling eating cheeseburgers with some friends. Question is could Charlie have been the concerned neighbor? "Hey, man, I'm a neighbor of Charlie Sheen. He's got a lot of guns in his house and he's acting really crazy. I'm worried what he might do with them." There was even rumors there was a 5150 order out on him like they had on Britney.

There was rumors that he was in talks with Fox for a show. To get a reality show on TV it would take time, and he needed money now, especially if he was going to sue CBS. If he cut the network out of it he wouldn't have to share the profits, too. Why couldn't he do this on his own? So, he takes to Twitter. He even does a show on the Internet to test the waters to see if there was an interested audience interested in watching the Charlie Sheen reality show. If memory serves, people had to pay to watch it, and they did. Okay, let's take this dog and pony show on the road to an even bigger audience. There's a lot of people that aren't on the Internet. Taking it live I can really make money. But what can I call it. I know. My Violent Torpedo Of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option Tour. Winning!

Charlie even showed up on the Jimmy Kimmel Show where he laid a big wet one of Jimmy and passed out T-Shirts with some of his catch phrases on them. He went out and had T-shirts made.

Tickets for his live shows sold out quickly. Now the question was could he pull this off? People just waiting for him to fail watched with eager anticipation to see if he'd crash and burn. His first show in Detroit was a disaster. The audience even walked out on him. However, his next two shows were a complete success. He figured out what he did wrong in Detroit and turned it around. He rescued his live reality show from the jaws of defeat and brought it to the heights of victory. A crazy or drug-addled brain can't do something like that, but a clever person can.

Charlie is appealing to the very worst in human nature. The part of us that can't stop gathering when an ambulance pulls up at our neighbors place and we all gather to get a glimpse at who is taken out on a stretcher. It's why a show like Jersey Shore is popular and someone like Snooki is considered a celebrity. It's like watching an accident happening without having to leave your home. You don't have to stand and wait, just sit in front of your TV in your comfortable chair. Or in the case of Charlie Sheen, you have to go to a club and sit in a nice chair and have a drink while you watch him self-destruct. Only he isn't really, he's just pretending to.

What Charlie's doing is no different than Bachelor Brad sitting there talking about how he's falling in love with 25 different girls at the same time. Instead, Charlie's got the two hated ex-wives and his two current loves, The Goddesses. Not to mention a whole lot of other stuff he can play on to keep his audience entertained. He's taken reality TV to the next level. He's made it live and in-person. Don't be surprised if the Jersey Shore tour isn't announced next. Come and see the Situation and Snooki live and in person at a stage near you.


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