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Charmed: Where Are They Now?

Updated on December 4, 2014

Charmed ran for eight seasons, from 1998 to 2006. The first three seasons followed Prue, Phoebe, and Piper, three sisters who were witches fighting evil. After Prue died, their half-sister, Paige, joined them in their fight.

Piper Halliwell

The middle sister, Piper, was played by Holly Marie Combs. She was married to Leo Wyatt, her whitelighter, and had two children with him, Wyatt and Chris.

Before the show, Combs was seen on several movies, including Born on the Fourth of July, Simple Men, Dr. Giggles, and A Reason to Believe, among others. During the show, she appeared in a few tv movies and shows. She wasn't seen much after the show, except in two tv movies, Point of Entry and Mistresses. That is, until she joined the cast of ABC Family's hit show, Pretty Little Liars, as Ella Montgomery, Aria's mom.

Phoebe Halliwell

The youngest sister, Phoebe, was played by Alyssa Milano. She eventually became an advice columnist, with her column titled, "Ask Phoebe."

Milano was already a popular actress before Charmed started. She had several roles in movies and tv movies, including Old Enough, Commando, Crash Course, Where the Day Takes You, Little Sisters, Glory Daze, Deadly Sins, Fear, Below Utopia, and more. Additionally, she played in 8 seasons of the popular show "Who's the Boss?" and 2 seasons of Melrose Pace.

Since the show, she has continued to see success with many roles in movies and tv movies, and television shows. She has been in The Blue Hour, Reinventing the Wheelers, Patholgy, My Name is Earl, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, Hall Pass, Romantically Challenged, New Year's Eve, and Breaking In. Her most recent role is on the television show Mistresses.

You can also see her in the Wen hair commercials.

Paige Matthews

The girls' half-sister, Paige, was played by Rose McGowan. She came into the series in the 4th season. She was half-witch and half-whitelighter, since their mother had an affair with her whitelighter. The sisters didn't know Paige existed until they met her.

McGowan had some success before the show, appearing in several movies. She was in Encino Man, Bio-Dome, Scream, Going All the Way, Nowhere, Kiss & Tell, Jawbreaker, Ready to Rumble, and The Last Stop. During the show, she continued to appear in movies, such as The Killing Yard, Strange Hearts, Vacuums, and Elvis.

After the show, McGowan appeared in The Black Dahlia, Grindhouse, Death Proof, Planet Terror, Fifty Dead Men Walking, Dead Awake, Conan the Barbarian, and Rosewood Lane. She was also on the shows Nip/Tuck, Once Upon a Time, and Chosen, and has two movies scheduled for 2014.

Prue Halliwell

The oldest sister, Prue, was played by Shannen Doherty. It was unsure whether her and Piper would make it after the season 3 finale, and the season 4 premier revealed that Leo had time to save Piper, but not both of them. In reality, it was a rival between Doherty and Milano that led to her being let go from the show.

Doherty had established success before the show, appearing in the shows Father Murphy, Little House on the Prairie, Our House, and most importantly, Beverly Hills, 90210. She was also in several movies and tv movies, such as The Secret of NIMH, Night Shift, Little House, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Heathers, Almost Dead, Mallrats, and Nowhere.

Since the show, she has appeared in the movies Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Another Day, The Rendering, Christmas Caper, Kiss Me Deadly, Burning Palms, Growing the Big One, and Witchslayer Gretl. She was also in the shows North Shore, Mari-Kari, and 90210 where she reprised her role. She was also on Dancing With the Stars and had a reality show called "Shannen Says" that focused on her wedding planning.

Doherty has several movies scheduled for 2014 and 2015.

Leo Wyatt

Piper's husband, and the sisters' whitelighter, Leo, was played by Brian Krause.

Krause was successful in movies before the show, appearing in Match Point, Return to the Blue Lagoon, December, An American Summer, Sleepwalkers, The Liars' Club, Bandit, Breaking Free, Naked Souls, and Mind Games. During the show, he was in Get a Job, Dreamers, Trash, 919 Fifth Avenue, and In the Blink of An Eye. After the show, he appeared in Protecting the King, Devil's Diary, Triloquist, Desertion, The Gods of Circumstances, Nowhere to Hide, You're So Cupid!, Growth, Cyrus, Ashes, Rain From Stars, Actors Anonymous, Snitch, Abeo Pharisee, Gabe the Cupid Dog, Plan 9, Coffin Baby, Poseidon Rex, and Christmas for a Dollar.

He has a ton of movies scheduled for 2014 and 2015.

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