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"Chasing Life" Poor Sick April!!!

Updated on June 17, 2014

April Our Young Protagonist

This young protagonist in her early 20s is looking forward to all the things life will have to offer. Will she ever get to experience all her dreams come true? That is one thing we will have to watch and find out!
This young protagonist in her early 20s is looking forward to all the things life will have to offer. Will she ever get to experience all her dreams come true? That is one thing we will have to watch and find out!

'April' Young And Full Of Life!

When we first see April on the screen we are introduced to a young woman full of life. We see that she is eager to get an interview with a baseball star that no one else at her work seems to be able to get. We can also see that April is a smart and determined woman. She tries many different ways to get into the blood drive that the young baseball star will be at but seems to be unsuccessful. At the end of this ordeal we see her try with all her will to get into the blood drive and she succeeds. April was able to get into the blood drive by the help of her distant uncle whom works for the hospital at which the blood drive is being hosted. Through the first few minutes of this show we see that she is lively, full of live, and excited at the prospect of getting the interview with the young athletic star.

When the baseball star arrives at the blood drive April bats her eyelashes and tries to get some information out of the star. Once the baseball star realizes that she is a reporter he asks security to remove our dear April. However, she passes out on the blood drive floor before they were able to remove her. She then wakes up in a hospital bed with her uncle checking her pulse. Through her ordeal; however, she was able to land the interview with the baseball star.

Once we have finished our main introduction of the character we then see her arrive at a job meeting which she is a little late for. We see that her boss is a very strong headed and spoken man. We see that she is just a floater in the company and trying to work her way up. We see that even though she landed the interview she will not be allowed to write up the interview that she wanted and worked so hard to get.

We also see that she has a huge crush on one of her coworkers. He finally asks her to go out with him one night to "help review" a musical act at a local bar. At the bar we learn that he was not actually there to review the show but to spend some time with April. We see that April is at ease and is extremely happy about how this is progressing. However, after her "date" we see that April's Uncle George is waiting for her outside of her house with some big news.

At this time we learn that after April passed out her Uncle George tested her blood to see if anything was possibly wrong with her. Unfortunately, there is a huge problem that April will have to learn to deal with. We learn that she has "leukemia."

The next day at work we learn that the journalist that was suppose to write up April's interview was not able to and she was finally able to write up the story. However, with writing up the story she was unable to keep her appointment with her Uncle. Due to this he shows up at her work to try and get through her head the seriousness of the disease she has. They are talking in the stairway when the man she went on a date with hears them talking and believes that they are in a secret relationship.

When April gets home from work she tries to tell her mother about her problem, but was unable to tell her because her mother was so excited about a date that she was going on late that evening. She then tries to tell her best friend at a bar but was unsuccessful also. However, at that bar she was able to talk to the man she went on a date and was able to explain that George was her uncle and her family and him had a falling out which is why she was unable to let anyone know she was seeing him.

However, while she was spending time with her new beau her younger sister calls her because she needs help, she is passing out at a house party. Not a very safe place for her to be at. April goes and gets her younger sister and takes her home. Once home she took the time to help situate her sister and get her comfortable.

At the end of the pilot, we see April at the cemetery visiting her fathers grave. At the grave we see April talking to her father and letting his grave know about the issues she is facing. She then proceeded to tell her fathers grave that she is not giving up and is not ready to die. As she is walking away she sees a young girl who is going to visit her fathers grave. A few seconds later we see that the young girl is visiting the same grave that April was visiting.

Could April have a long lost sister that she did not know about?

"Giving Up Is Not An Option"

When Life Give You Lemons, Make Lemonade!
When Life Give You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

Symptoms Of Leukemia

Many of us will be lucky to never experience this disease in our life. However, to some people this disease hits close to home. These people may know someone with Leukemia, a loved one may have Leukemia, or they themselves may have this disease. In case you are someone who has never had to experience this in your life (which I hope is most of you whom are reading this) her is a list of some common symptoms that may occur to patients that are experiencing this disease.

  • A new lump or swollen gland in your neck, under your arm, or in your groin
  • Frequent nosebleeds, bleeding from the nose and rectum
  • Bruising more easily
  • Frequent fevers
  • Night sweats
  • Bone Pain
  • Appetite loss
  • Weight loss
  • Feeling tired
  • Swelling and pain on the left side of the stomach

These are just a few symptoms that April might have to face in the coming episodes of "Chasing Life."

April's Health Decreasing

A nosebleed a common symptom of Leukemia.
A nosebleed a common symptom of Leukemia.

Chasing Life "Pilot" Preview 01x01

"Pilot" 01x01!

As seen in the preview of this episode, which I posted above, we can all see that April has everything to fight for. I believe that this video shows everyone just how strong this young woman truly is. I do not believe that this woman will be giving up anytime soon. I am definitely not saying that this is going to be an easy road for her but I have faith in her that she will be able to come out on top of this disease. I can foresee that there will be many ups and downs that will occur for April this season. I am also looking forward to getting more information on the supporting characters in this show. I believe that she will have a very strong support system with friends and family once she starts telling people about this issue.

Make sure to vote in the poll below is you think April will make it or not! Can't wait to hear everyone's view on this!

Outlook For April

Do You Think April Will Survive Through The Season?

See results

April And Her New Boy!

One more thing in her life worth fighting for!
One more thing in her life worth fighting for!

Why Is A Support System Going To Be Important For April?

If anyone has gone through a trying time in their life then they understand the importance of having a strong support system. I believe that April will have a very strong support system. It may be hard for her friends and family to accept at first, but in the end I believe they will be one of the strongest support system one can ask for.

So, why is it important to have a strong support system?

This is an important thing to have while you are going through a trying time like this because they can help you stay grounded. They will be there to help remind you what and why you are fighting. They give you some semblance of a normal life and can help make you feel comfortable and loved while you are going through treatment and trying to get better.

April Won't Give Up!

April is too strong and determined to give up without putting up a real fight for her life! Life is something precious and worth fighting for!
April is too strong and determined to give up without putting up a real fight for her life! Life is something precious and worth fighting for!

Should We All Give "Chasing Life" A Chance?

I believe that we all should give this show a chance. I believe that the pilot was a home run. This show has the possibility of being a heart felt show which will be able to show you the greater meaning of life. I think it will also come to show us that sometimes our life shouldn't be all work. I think it will show everyone that we need to appreciate everything was have a little bit more and not take so many things for granted. This show will show us struggles but it will most likely show us that through struggles come strength.

I will definitely be tuning into this show from now on! Make sure to check back for more articles on this show!


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