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Chat Show Hosts And Their Guests.

Updated on December 21, 2015
Graham Norton.
Graham Norton. | Source
Jonathon Ross.
Jonathon Ross. | Source
Michael Parkinson.
Michael Parkinson. | Source
Alan Carr.
Alan Carr. | Source

The Motives Of Guests.

Time was back in the day that guests from all arenas of the entertainment industry and those not from the entertainment industry would come on chat shows just to talk about themselves and their careers whether they be musicians, actors, explorers, business people whatever.

Back in the days of Michael Parkinson during the 70s, 80s and into the 90s whose show was broadcast from the BBC and then later on ITV guests would come on and the conversation between Parkinson and his guests was in depth. Yes there were funny moments but these were serious proper interviews with these people as only a trained journalist like Michael Parkinson could engage in.

It was good to see these guests on the Parkinson Show come on and speak without coming on to plug their latest film, book or recording or tv prog or dvd release. Now with the likes of Alan Carr, Graham Norton and Jonathon Ross all that has gone out of the window as the most of the banter on these shows is light weight, sometimes down right vulgar and banal at the best of times.

Unlike Parkinson or 'Parky' as he came to be known these chat show hosts today are not journalists but they are comedians and most of their show is conducted in this manner. Now dont me wrong Im not saying I dont watch these shows and that I dont find them funny or entertaining but I miss the days of Parkinson when guests came on with out plugging something and just chatted for chattings sake.

But today we live in a different world to Parkinson's day where celebrity worship is king as is money so the quality of chat shows in my eyes at least reflects that and the chat show of today sadly is poorer for it.


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