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Chaya Singh in Solli Adippen

Updated on July 6, 2011

Solli Adippen Chaya singh

Sexy  Chaya Singh looks so sexy in the Tamil movie Solli Adippen. The movie also stars Comedian Vivek in dual role and another heroine who is known for her item song numbers. Chaya Singh has given a stiff competition for the glamor actress by acting well and also showing enough skin to keep the audience interested. Chaya Singh is intelligent and a smart business woman. She knows her strength and realized that she can do better behind the screen  than on screen as an actress. She is going to direct a movie called Gandhi Bazaar. But Chaya Singh is disappointed as she could not find a suitable producer who is willing to take such a huge risk. Chaya singh has acted in a Bengali movie and a Malayalam movie and a few Kannada movies also. She may not have time to direct the movie as she planned. Chaya singh is heavily relying on the upcoming movie ‘Anandapurathu Veedu’ produced by director Shankar. The outcome of the Tamil movie will decide Chaya singh's future moves and her contributions to the Indian movie industry.

Solli Adippen picture gallery

sexy Chaya singh
sexy Chaya singh

Solli Adippen trailer


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