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How to Buy Cheap Gibson Guitars

Updated on March 21, 2011

How To Find A Guitar Online For Cheap

Here is an overview of how to spot a fake Gibson guitar and how to not get ripped off. I’ve also included a few pictures at the end to let you have a visual idea of what to look for.

If possible check the dimensions of the guitar most fakes are undersized. Buy from the United States, a Gibson guitar is only produced in the U.S.A. and are rare to find outside of the states.

The truss rod cover will have two screws no matter what Gibson guitar you are looking at. If there is three screws holding the cover on it is a fake. The nut underneath the cover will always be made of metal. The head of a Gibson guitar should be more straight then bent. The cavity on a true Gibson guitar will never be painted black. All Gibson’s are checked for quality before leaving the warehouse and will not have any messy wiring.

For the low prices on Gibson guitars I suggest shopping online at or eBay.

What Should I expect To Pay For A Guitar?

These are the prices you should expect to pay. These prices do not reflect custom or vintage Gibson’s unless noted.

  • Les Pauls: special $550-900
  • Les Pauls: studio $500-$1200
  • Les Pauls: standard/classic/delux $1000-$2550
  • Les Pauls: custom $1350-$3,500
  • SG’s: special $450-900
  • SG’s: standard $850-1250
  • SG’s: customs $1250-2500
  • SG’s: ‘61 re-issue $1500-2000

These numbers are just to give you an idea of what you are going to expect to pay for a cheap Gibson Guitar. Remember these prices are for only the line models, usually customs are more expensive

gibson guitar
gibson guitar


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