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Check Out Art Mann Presents on AXS (formally HDNet)!

Updated on November 13, 2012
The Art Mann Presents show logo
The Art Mann Presents show logo | Source

Art Mann Presents

Art Mann Presents (or A.M.P. for short) is a “travel show” that airs on the AXS cable channel (formally Mark Cuban’s cable channel HDNet). The show is hosted by Art Mann, who is also the former host of the E! Channel’s travel show, “Wild On.” Mann serves as the “straight-shooting” interviewer and reporter from various events around North America. The events can range from the mainstream entertainment found surrounding various holidays or sporting events, or they can be quite off-beat and only known to local people. The people featured and interviewed on A.M.P can often be best described as “colorful,” and are at most times very happy to personally declare that they are “drunk.” The show has aired since 2005.

Art reporting from the Kentucky Derby.
Art reporting from the Kentucky Derby. | Source

Events that have been featured in the past include the Indy 500, Pittsburgh Steelers tailgating, Bike Week in Daytona, New Years Eve in Las Vegas, the Adult Expo in Las Vegas, Mardi Gras in both New Orleans and St. Louis, and many other events around the United States and Canada. Mann’s claim on the show is that they take you places where the other TV sports/entertainment/travel shows won’t. One particular episode features the in-field campground at Texas Motor Speedway, and the party that goes on there after dark on race weekends. After you watch it, you will see why the other shows don’t show it. Often times the episodes contain nudity and ample alcohol. Some of the characters are a bit gross at times, and there usually an instance of someone vomiting. It is entertaining never-the less.

When the show was on HDNet, there were actually two different versions of the show: “Art Mann Presents,” and “Art Mann Presents – Unrated.” The latter was often shown in the early morning hours and was more-or-less uncensored. They did not censor swearing, and showed nudity from the waist up. It goes without saying that the show would be best watched in the “uncensored” format to truly get the full entertainment value of the program.

The show’s production is “bare bones” compared to other shows of this nature. It usually consists of Mann on camera, producer “Glenn” (who sometimes appears on camera), producer “Spencer” (Spence), and a cameraman that often goes unnamed. Mann often carries on brief conversations with the off-camera personnel, thus showing how informal and bare-bones the production is.

A nominee for "Best Comedic Performance."
A nominee for "Best Comedic Performance." | Source

One of the highlights of the show is the “annual” award shows they have. It is presented with Art sitting at a table with a laptop, a large video monitor behind him, and back dropped by a red curtain. They often joke about their locale, which is apparently “Spencer’s garage.” The awards show usually hosts categories such as “Best Drunken Male,” “Best Catch-Phrase,” “Best Use of Profanity,” and “Best Costume.” The winners are usually just arbitrarily selected by the staff, and even though they have an “award” displayed, no one physically wins anything. The winners of various categories have become fan-favorites and have received their own celebrity status on the show called “The Hall of Justice.”

The Hall of Justice logo
The Hall of Justice logo

The A.M.P. Hall of Justice

The A.M.P. Hall of Justice is comprised of people that have been interviewed on Art Mann Presents, and have brought something unique to the show that has made them stand out. The list of current members in the Hall of Justice is as such:

"Show Me Some T*ts" Guy
"Show Me Some T*ts" Guy | Source
The return of Badger Guy!
The return of Badger Guy!
Shabazz just after putting up .40 on the breathalyzer.
Shabazz just after putting up .40 on the breathalyzer. | Source

* Show Me Some T*ts Guy - A guy who also is referred to as "Chunk," appears shirtless (and inebriated) in one episode with the phrase "Show me some t*ts" painted on his chest. His back says "Now G*d D*mnit!" Art and his viewers took a liking to this character, and he was asked to "guest-host" an episode of A.M.P. as well. There he created another catchphrase, "Hell yeah."

* Sh*t Show - This gal was first seen on A.M.P. at an event in Las Vegas saying funny vulgar things to Art Mann. She was from then on referred to as"Sh*t Show." Like the previous Hall member, Sh*t Show has also "guest hosted" an episode of A.M.P. She is also famous for using the catchphrase "High five a**-f**k!"

* Badger Guy - This gentleman was first seen being interviewed at Summerfest in Wisconsin. When he and his friends were asked why people in Wisconsin drink so much, Badger Guy went on an eccentric rant about Wisconsin's drinking ability. He also provided a rather accurate history of Summerfest, and how it is a "good thing." He is an A.M.P. favorite, and made another surprise appearance in 2011 during an event in Milwaukee.

* Shabazz - During an interview with Art, this gentleman was asked what his favorite kind of dance was, to which he drunkenly uttered "Shabazz." Art quickly surmized that this individual was intoxicated, and inquired if he would like to take a breathalyzer to see how drunk he was. Shabazz agreed, and registered a .40 on the breathalyzer. Art and Shabazz burst out in laughter and Art said that Shabazz "should be dead." Shabazz's response was that he was Italian.

* I Don’t See a Screen girl - During her interview with Art, he asked her to help wrap up the show, and "plug" the website Due to her inebriation she misunderstood Art and had no idea what he was talking about. He told her that the viewers would see it on the screen at home. Still confused, she yells out "I don't see a f**king screen!" Art and the viewers were highly amused by this lady.

* The Big Panty Slayer - Also referred to as "B.P.S" for short, is a recent addition to the A.M.P. Hall of Justice. In his appearance on the show, he provided a rap about how he loves the full-figured ladies. His commentary is rather hilarious.

and “Special Junior Friend”

* The Human Vibrator - This is also a recent addition to the Hall of Justice, and was named for her inate ability to seemingly vibrate another person's apendages with parts of her body. It appears she was selected due to the A.M.P staff's discretion in these matters.

This guy is "TV Gold."
This guy is "TV Gold." | Source

TV Gold

A final honor that Art occaisionally bestows on those he interviews is a t-shirt that says "TV Gold." It is usually given to someone that exudes either utter hilarity or just pure stupidity. These shirts can also be purchased on his website.

One of the typical things Art will ask when interviewing an event goer, is to “list” what someone should bring if they were to come to the featured event. Popular suggestions are alcohol, beer, and condoms. Most people often list alcohol at least once or twice due to their inebriation.

Another humorous feature that they do on the show is that when Art is interviewing someone in a large crowd, he often has the cameraman do the “A.M.P. 360.” The cameraman raises the camera up and slowly rotates it a full 360 degrees as to show the viewer the entire seen. Art always claims “No one else is doing this," and that phrase is displayed below the "A.M.P 360 Cam" logo.

So, if you are up for some utterly mindless entertainment I encourage you to check out Art Mann Presents. Again, its on the AXS cable channel so you will have to check your local listings. It is often on during the "prime-time" hours, or if you are a night owl, it is often showing around 2:30AM. Check it out!



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