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Cheer up, Disney, there are still plenty of things besides the Navy SEALS to cash in on

Updated on May 28, 2011

Three days following the announcement that the US Navy Seals Team 6 had killed Usama Bin Laden the Disney Corp. made an application for copyrighting the term Seal Team 6. After much media debate over this the Navy Seals turned the tables on Disney by applying for a trademark on "Navy Seals" and "SEAL Team". Disney smartly decided to drop their bid on their application. A Disney spokesperson said the withdrawal for application was "out of deference for the Navy".

It doesn't take a Ludwig Von Drake to figure out that Disney realized they'd gone too far with this latest act of callous greed-gone-wild. I imagine Walt Disney is probably rolling over his grave that the corp gave in under pressure (or at least his head is banging itself against the walls of the cryonic bin). But there needs not be a pall hanging over the Magic Kingdom. Business is still going on, and hey, that newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie is sure to bring in enough money to keep Disney's CEO and board from starving any time soon.

But before the time comes that Uncle Scrooge has to declare bankruptcy and Minnie and Daisy start turning tricks in order to pay the rent Disney could get those creative juices flowing on new subjects to cash in on via the ole trademark. And since there was no compunction about using Seal Team 6 idea when it was first mentioned -who was the genius who thought that up anyway?- you gotta know there are plenty of deep, sobering social expressions or terms they could capitalize on. While socially conscious watchdogs might force Disney to lay low for now on toy and movie capitalistic ventures, there are still plenty of things that could be trademarked, plastered tee-shirts or bumper stickers and sold to fans worldwide. Here's a few suggestions right up the callous alley the industrious at Disney could consider:

"Serial Killer"

"Cereal Killer"

"Killer Cereal"

"God is my co-pilot but he forgot to bring the helicopter out of Pakistan."

"Life's a bitch but Grimsvotn is one bitch'n volcano!"

"My parents vacationed in Fukushima and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt and a two-headed baby brother."



"Jesus is coming, tell Camping to look surprised."

"Oil Slick"

"Tornado Watch"

"Governmental Oversight"

"The Pelosi Cheer"

"Gulf War"

"Thumb War"

"Pull My Finger"

"The Tornado may have taken my home but nothing blows me off the Mad Hatter teacups!"

"Flu Epidemic"

"Border Wars"

"Border Collie Wars"


"Flood Warning"

"Flood of Biblical Proportions"


"Illegal Immigration"


"Nuclear Disaster"

"Atomic Fall-out"

"Call the exterminator, I saw a Snooki crawling over the mattress."



"Usama Bin Shark-Bait"

"Bieber Fever"

"Mortgage Crisis"

"Wall Street Bailout"

"Sesame Street Bailout"

"Money can't buy you love, but a week's stay in beautiful Orlando is worth the cost of penicillin."

"If elected I promise.."

"No new taxes"

"Moral Dilemma"


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  • stars439 profile image

    stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

    Your hub is fantastic, brilliant, witty, and a joy to read. Intellectually refreshing , and stimulating. GBY.